My Wicked Virgin

Page 44

Closing her eyes, she sucked in a quick breath of air as the humming increased, stronger vibrations tickling her. The warmth between her legs spread, flushing her entire body as she let more of the bindings hold her, giving into the oddly comforting sensation of being bound. It was like…someone hugged her, held and supported her. A long moan escaped as he turned the power higher, the orgasm catching her out of nowhere. One minute she was in that lovely, hypersensitive moment right before her release, then she hurtled over the edge with a scream.
“That’s it,” Hawk groaned. “Come for me.”
He ramped up the power even more, and her lungs refused to work as sensation blasted through her pussy. The contractions from her previous orgasm picked up speed again, and she arched, trying to get away from the sensation. It was too much; she couldn’t take it.
The vibrations slowed, and she sagged forward, sweating and panting like she’d just climbed fifty stories.
“Trying to run away from my toy already, beloved?” Hawk asked from right next to her.
When she opened her eyes, she found he stood over her. His hard, delicious erection throbbed inches from her mouth.
Without him having to say a word, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his engorged head, sucking at the tiny bit of precum wetting the tip.
“Greedy,” he said with a grunt. “Let’s see how much you can handle.”
The toy between her legs revved to life, and she let out a muffled scream around his cock.
“Keep sucking.” He fisted her hair and used her mouth, sliding in and out. “Use your tongue. That’s it. Fuck, you’ve got an amazing mouth. Work my cock…yeah, like that.”
His commanding tone made her relax, loving that she pleased him. Her nipples ached as he leaned down so he could play with them, twisting and pulling the sensitive tips. As he plucked and played, she started to rock on the Sybian, chasing her next orgasm. To her disappointment, every time she started to get close, he turned the power down, leaving her throbbing with need.
She had no idea how much time passed, her world reduced to his cock in her mouth and his hands on her body. He made her frantic for him, the almost painful desire to be filled with his cock the only thing on her mind. Sucking him hard and fast, she tried urge him to fuck her or to let her cum.
Anything other than the endless edging pleasure.
“Please,” she murmured as she pulled back and licked him. “Please fuck me.”
He’d lost his pants at some point during their play, and she obediently licked his smooth testicles as he leaned further over her. She’d discovered that his balls were very sensitive, and if she licked him just right, his thighs would shake. Each time that happened, a responding quiver would run through her body as if his desire was her own.
“In a minute.” The vibrations beneath her stopped all together. “Slide back but don’t fall off.”
He helped her so the nubby part of the Sybian was exposed, embarrassingly slick with her pussy juice.
To her shock, Hawk leaned forward and ran his finger through her release, then lifted it to his mouth and licked it off, savoring it like her cum was a treat.
“Hawk,” she whimpered, “Please.”
His dark eyebrows went up, and a cold, stern look came over his face that she found hot as hell. “Is that how you address me?”
Realizing she’d screwed up, she shook her head. “No, no, I’m sorry. Master.”
“I don’t think you’re quite ready for my cock yet.”
“Noooo,” she cried out, leaning forward in her bonds in an attempt to reach him. “Please.”
“Quiet,” he barked. “Sit there like a good girl and keep your mouth shut.”
She pouted, but did as he asked, wondering why the hell she found it so sexy when he ordered her around. As in control as she was of every aspect of her life, she thought she’d be turned off by a man telling her what to do. But right then and there with Hawk, she loved it.
He turned away for a moment, and she admired his deliciously round ass and thick thighs.
Hawk didn’t skip leg day, that was for sure.
When he turned back around, she frowned at what looked like a small, skin colored dildo.
He met her confusion with a smile, and she watched as he removed the nubby attachment from the Sybian and fastened the dildo into place. It was around six inches long and much thinner than any sex toy she owned.
When he brought out a bottle of lube and began to pour it over the dildo, she blurted out, “I don’t need any lube. I’m really wet from all those orgasms.”
“I know,” he said, before leaning forward and placing a kiss on her lips. “It’s not for your pussy.”