My Wicked Virgin

Page 45

“What—oh….ohhhhh.” Her bottom clenched while her pussy throbbed at the thought.
“Lean forward.” He pressed between her shoulders. “More. Present that sweet little ass to me.”
She swallowed hard, dangling in the restraint while he traced the edges of her garters before palming her ass.
“Such a sweet little peach.” He gave her right buttock a slap. “I want to eat it up.”
His long, skilled fingers slipped between her legs, pinching her clit and tugging.
She moaned, tilting her butt into the air to give him better access.
He moved away from her clit, now rimming the entrance to her pussy with two of his fingers. “The heat coming off you is incredible. It will feel so fucking good to shove my cock inside of you. I can feel how much you want me. Your pussy is trying to suck on my fingers.”
“Yes, yes,” she murmured without shame, dying for anything to penetrate her.
He pressed briefly in, lighting her nerves on fire before gliding his fingers up to her bottom. She was no stranger to things in her butt—a little anal play during her masturbation sessions always made her cum hard—so she pushed back as his fingers breeched the ring of muscle.
“Good girl,” he praised her as she relaxed and let him push further. “You like things in your ass, don’t you?”
“Yes, Master,” she breathed as he stretched her, the feeling indescribable. “Oh yes.”
“I’m tempted to fuck you here,” he growled.
“Oh, please, please fuck my ass,” she begged as his fingers slid in and out, her hips chasing him as best she could.
“Stop trying to tempt me.” He withdrew his fingers all together while he kissed her shoulder.
“Nooooo,” she cried out, then sucked in a breath as he maneuvered her over the dildo.
She spread her legs as far as she could, sinking the small object deep into her bottom. The moment it filled her completely, Hawk turned on the vibrator.
“Oh shit,” she gasped and arched, shuddering when Hawk pinched her nipple hard.
Kneeling before her, he looked between her legs at her exposed pussy. “Lean back, I want to watch your cunt when you cum.”
She didn’t lean as much as collapse into her silky bonds, her legs spread wide as the dildo sent erotic tingles racing through her body. At that angle, the rubber dick seemed to press through her ass and into her pussy, somehow rubbing against her clit from the inside. The sensation was mind boggling, and she shifted her hips, wanting to cum.
Hawk began to spank her exposed pussy, each slap setting her clit on fire.
“Come for me so I can fuck you,” he said after a particularly hard slap. “My cock is so hard it hurts.”
A grunt seemed to work out from somewhere deep in her chest as she shivered, her thighs shaking as the hard pulses of her release exploded inside of her.
To her shock, Hawk began to shove his dick into her resisting pussy as she came, the feeling of being overly full adding a bit of pain to her release. Her eyes closed of their own accord as he held onto the silk ties wrapped around her and fucked her with hard, savage thrusts. The world became nothing more than bliss, her orgasms rolling one on top of another as he pounded away at her. All the while, the vibrator inside her bottom made her twitch like she was being electrocuted.
Hawk finally came with a roar, shaking between her legs as he emptied himself into her.
The vibrator stopped, and she let out a mew of protest.
Out of breath, Hawk quickly untied her and lifted her off the Sybian.
Instead of moving, he simply lay back beside it and draped her limp form over his body.
During all of this she floated, her mind a happy place absent of thought and worry.
By the time she surfaced from her orgasm-induced bliss, the sweat had cooled on their skin and she gave a little shiver.
With a grunt, Hawk sat up then maneuvered her so she sat next to him.
“You okay?” he asked, his voice rough.
Giving him a bleary smile, she nodded. “You’re amazing, but I’m so tired.”
He smiled at her as she reached up and pulled a hunk of his hair off his face. His braid was completely wrecked, but his dark eyes sparkled with a warm, glowing happiness. He offered her a hand, then helped her down from the table. Her shaky legs wouldn’t hold her, and Hawk laughed as he caught her before she fell.
“Great” She laughed. “You’ve broken me. I’ll never walk right again.”
Tension filled him and a chill seemed to race over her skin. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? Do we need to go to the ER?”
Her heart sank as his worry reminded her of everything she tried to forget. “No, I’m okay. I was just joking.”
“Right.” He grunted. “I forgot to be careful. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”