My Wicked Virgin

Page 52

She’d been in this room before briefly, but she’d usually got dressed for work in the employee rooms.
Being at her job as a guest was still a little surreal.
“Hey,” a familiar woman’s voice came from over her shoulder. “Anya and Kira are already waiting for you, and Lucia had an event she had to do tonight. Anya sent me over to the costume lady for your outfit.”
Sunny turned around to see Goddess smiling at her. The other woman wore street clothes consisting of cute jean shorts and a silky purple top. One slender hand held out a long black garment bag. After their fight, a tentative-at-first friendship had grown between them. Since Sunny learned the truth about the other woman, she’d found she really liked her. Any lingering worry she might have had about Goddess still having a thing for Hawk had been put to solid rest by Goddess’ relationship with her Masters, Rory and Liam.
She was in love with both of them. L.O.V.E. Like tiny hearts floating from her eyes whenever she looked at her men in love.
“Hey, Goddess.” Sunny smiled as she stood to hug the other woman. “How are you?”
“Fantastic, and I heard you have some news to share?”
With a smile, Sunny held up her ring finger, unable to help her laughter as Goddess lost her usual cool and squealed with happiness. “No way!”
“Yes way.”
“Oh, I am so, so happy for you guys. You really are so good together.” She looked at the ring and smiled brightly. “It’s perfect. Have you set a date yet?”
“Not yet,” Sunny lied, not wanting to get into the details of her shotgun wedding right then. “So, what kind of outfit is did Anya get for me? She wouldn’t tell me.”
The other woman’s elegantly arched black eyebrows flew up. “You don’t know? Hawk didn’t tell you?”
“No. Hawk just said we were going to do some fun roleplay tonight and the girls were going to bring an outfit. Something to fit tonight’s ‘theme.’” She rolled her eyes. “Hawk loves to tease me, and he knows I hate a mystery.”
Goddess’s smile grew. “Here, let me hang this up. It’s easier if I show you.”
She led her from the marbled lounge area, past a massive bank of vanity mirrors surrounded by golden sconces which dripped with cut crystals. They stopped in the spacious locker room that was currently empty. Instead of metal, these lockers were all carved wood, and the room smelled like cedar. Sunny took a seat on the padded bench, her gaze locked on the bag Goddess hung from one of the brass hooks on the inside of her closet sized locker.
“So,” Goddess said with a teasing smile as she lowered the zipper. “I never really pegged you as someone who’d enjoy pet play.”
Sunny quickly moved to Goddess’ side as she displayed the pieces of Sunny’s outfit for the night—a furry leotard with long sleeves, and a pair of black thigh high stockings with fur along the top. When Goddess tossed a pair of black furry things that almost looked like small stuffed animals at Sunny, she instinctively caught them. Confused, Sunny picked them up and realized they were furry paws, complete with silver two-inch nails and pink pads.
“Yikes.” Sunny touched the pointy tip of one glove. “I have to be careful scratching my face or I’ll put an eye out.”
Goddess laughed then handed her a pair cat ears and a long black fluffy tail that looked like it would belong on a panther. “Here you go. You’re lucky he gave you a tail that attaches to your garter belt instead of an anal plug one.”
Heat flamed her cheeks as she understood what Goddess meant. “Uh, wow. I mentioned pet play to him, but I didn’t know we’d just dive right in.”
Laughing, Goddess gave her arms a brisk rub. “Easy there, don’t pass out on me. I promised the girls I’d get you to Master Hawk in the Pet Shop in one piece.”
A shiver of anticipation mixed with Sunny’s nervousness, making her feel nervous, but alive. “I’ve never bartended in there. What’s it like?”
Goddess began to remove her sandals as she said, “Fun is a good way to describe it without ruining it for you. There is a lot to look at, that’s for sure.”
Together, the women gossiped about the bar and got dressed, Sunny in her black cat outfit and Goddess as a puppy, complete with floppy black and white ears.
Goddess stuck her tongue out as she adjusted the headband holding her ears in place while Sunny watched with a grin.
“Shut up,” Goddess growled.
“Awww,” Sunny teased as she helped arrange Goddess’ hair in the back. “You’re an adorable puppy.”
Goddess rolled her eyes. “Rory seems to think so. He loves that I find the ears embarrassing.”
“Well, the rest of you looks hot as hell.” And she did. The woman was built like a porn star, and sexy even dressed up like a puppy. “No tail?”