My Wicked Virgin

Page 53

“Remember how I told you about the anal plug tail? Master Liam likes to put that in himself…with everyone watching.” She grinned at Sunny’s blush. “Girl, you better gird your loins, because you’re going to see some crazy shit tonight. The pet play lovers do enjoy their kink and my Masters love to show off how good they are at making me scream.”
As Sunny fixed her garter belt so it fell on her hips better, she gave her tail an experimental wiggle by swishing her hips. “Anything I should know? Protocol or anything?”
Goddess paused as she started to rub on some kind of delicious smelling lotion. “Master Hawk will let you know any rules you need to follow, but in general, the subs and Doms that are dressed up like animals prefer to be treated like animals.”
“What do you mean? And I thought subs were pets?”
“They are, but there are also Doms and Dominas who enjoy playing the role of an alpha animal. Primal domination and all that.”
“Huh, I guess that makes sense.”
“Don’t worry, Anya will take care of you. She’s really into pet play. With as cuddly and touchy-feely as she is, she loves the freedom of not having to be human. It’s one of her favorite kinks. In fact, she won first prize during last year’s pet show in the kitten category.”
Feeling slightly out of the loop because Anya had never shared that with her, Sunny admitted, “Huh, I never knew that. I mean, I know she and Jesse are super kinky and exhibitionists and all that, but I just never imagined her getting into pet play.”
“You’re right, Anya and Master Jesse are exhibitionists.” Goddess made a little humming sound as she studied Sunny. “Speaking of which…has anyone had the ‘watching your friends fuck’ talk with you yet?”
She couldn’t help but giggle. “Uh, no.”
Goddess dug around in her makeup bag, then brought out a big brush and a compact holding gold highlighter. “Does the thought of watching your friends playing turn you on or give you the willies?”
She frowned, “I don’t think it turns me on, but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve seen Lord Bryan and Kira do a couple scenes in the de Sade bar. It was hot.”
“Oh yeah.” Goddess practically purred, “They put on a great show. Lord Bryan is so yummy in a deliciously evil way.”
“He is, isn’t he?” came Kira’s familiar voice from over her shoulder.
“Hey!” Sunny said with a big smile as she turned around, then she whistled. “Look at you, tiger lady. Meow.”
Kira was dressed up in a cat suit that looked exactly like a tiger’s orange and black marks, complete with a white belly. She grabbed the tail and gave it a twirl, turning in a slow circle as the other two women admired Kira’s kick ass black latex boots and spiked collar. Sunny had to admit, dressing Kira like a tigress instead of a kitten fit her personality much better. Though she was a sub to her husband, Lord Bryan, on occasion Kira liked to Top pretty girls. Sunny had to admit, the other woman was drop dead sexy. A redheaded siren with curves for days, she just had a presence about her that drew the eye.
Goddess let out a low whistle. “Lookin’ hot tonight, pretty Mama.”
Kira smiled, then threw an arm over Sunny’s shoulder. “Thanks. You ladies ready? Your Masters sent me to find out what’s taking so long.”
Goddess gave Kira a crooked grin. “I was having the ‘watching your friends fuck’ talk with Sunny.”
“Damn.” Kira dropped her arm from Sunny’s shoulders. “I didn’t even think about that.”
Goddess nodded. “With her going to the Pet Shop, and with Anya all horned up on pregnancy hormones…”
“Right,” Kira snickered. “Do you want us to give you, like, a secret hand signal when we think Anya and Jesse are going to do some public play so you can look away? Or are you cool with it?”
Sunny worried her lower lip. “I think I’ll just…go with the flow. I mean, I’ve worked here for three years. I’ve seen more people have sex than your average porn addict.”
“Don’t worry.” Kira smiled at her as she rubbed Sunny’s furry leotard covered shoulder, “it’s not like they’re going to pork on your lap.”
“Lovely visual,” Goddess murmured while Sunny giggled. “I wouldn’t worry too much. Anya wants you to have fun, so she won’t do anything that’ll make you uncomfortable. She’s super excited to finally be able to share this part of herself with her best friend.”
A pulse of warmth went through her heart as some of her anxiety about going to the Pet Shop faded.
“Plus,” Kira added, “Master Hawk will no doubt be…pardon the pun, watching you like a hawk.”
Laughing, Sunny slipped on her sexy black heels and shifted around to get comfortable in them. “Terrible. I’m ready if you are.”