My Wicked Virgin

Page 55

Anya, dressed up like and adorable and obviously pregnant calico cat, said from Jesse’s lap, “Master Hawk, she’s okay. Rhiannon, I mean Goddess is back there with her as well as Kira. If something went wrong, they’d tell you right away.”
Rory, Liam’s partner in all ways and a fellow Dom, nodded. “Rhiannon likes Sunny and considers her a friend. We told her what was going on, but she’ll keep the information to herself until Sunny is ready to share. Rhiannon understands what it’s like to want—no, to need—to pretend everything is okay. She’ll take care of your woman.”
Everything they said was true, but he found it hard to be away from Sunny for even a minute. He struggled to deal with how real the idea of her surgery was becoming. Going to the doctors today, listening to them once again going over the risks with her, had sent his imagination into overdrive. So many bad things could happen. He loved her so fucking much, the idea of losing her tore him apart.
“Hey,” Anya said from right next to him as she looped her arm through his. “Whatever terrible thing you’re thinking about, let it go. I just saw Sunny walk in.”
He stood so fast, he almost knocked a giggling Anya over. Thankfully, Jesse was there to catch her as he growled at Hawk to be more careful. Absently, Hawk apologized, but his gaze was locked on his woman. She looked too adorable for words as she huddled between Rhiannon and Kira. Her eyes were wide behind her mask while she took in the sea of humanity, over half of which pretended to be an animal of one kind or another.
His group reserved the area to the back of the room, near the currently empty stage where Master Rory and Liam would do a scene a little bit later with Rhiannon. He didn’t know if his little voyeur would want to stay and watch, but he had a feeling she would. He’d been in the Ivy Bar with Sunny the night the two former trainers and their submissive had done a demonstration. And he hadn’t missed how much it had turned Sunny on. He wasn’t surprised, either, because the trio had an undeniable chemistry. Even though Hawk didn’t swing that way, he could admit all three were good looking people.
As the women approached their table, pausing now and again so they could point something out to Sunny, a tingling warmth filled him. Though still too skinny for his peace of mind, Sunny was the most bewitchingly beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Her cat costume suited her well. She reminded him of a cat in many ways, independent to a fault, but a complete love bug with her chosen people.
Anya scooted around him, her long fluffy tail swishing behind her baby doll calico print dress. The women all did that feminine squeal of happiness when they saw her and quickly added her to the fold. When Anya pointed to Hawk, Sunny looked up at him and smiled so bright, his entire world seemed to glow. Fuck, just looking at her made him happy.
She had no idea the power that she had over him.
The women strolled up, turning the heads of pretty much everyone around them.
Pride filled Hawk as he held his hand out and Sunny willingly took it.
Pulling her into his arms, he gave her a good, solid kiss that left her sagging into him.
“Well,” she murmured, “I’m happy to see you too, Master.”
“Here,” he said, pulling a length of diamonds that sparkled like stars out of his pocket. “Your collar.”
“Whoah,” she whispered as she took the chain, pausing to examine the little filigree silver tag at the front. “Property of Master Hawk. Wow, this is…it’s so pretty. I love it.”
“Here, let me put it on.”
Sunny had a long, elegant neck that also happened to be very sensitive. After he fastened the diamond chain around her neck, he adjusted it slowly, so the tag sat in the hollow of her throat. Unable to help himself, he leaned over and slowly tasted the skin over her throbbing pulse, delighting in the feeling of her heartbeat against his lips. Her quivering sigh made his dick hard, and he had to resist the urge to grab her like a hungry beast.
“We’ll be right back,” he told their group.
He led her to an unoccupied, quiet loveseat away from the action, then drew her onto his lap and slowly ran his hands down her furry belly, enjoying the way she squirmed.
“Soft,” he murmured. She arched into his touch as he grew closer to her sex.
“Mmmm,” she said with a smile, her eyes going half-lidded. “I’m soft all over.”
“Are you now?” He continued to stroke her, liking the way she grew limp in his lap.
He was in no hurry, savoring the feeling of having her in his arms, of knowing she was experiencing nothing but happiness. If he had the power, he’d keep her content and safe, pampered and adored, at all times. She deserved nothing less.