My Wicked Virgin

Page 56

“Tell me…” He paused to circle slowly around her chest with his fingertip, knowing he was almost touching her hard nipple as it pressed against the tight fabric. “Do you wish to be a kitty who can talk, or only meow?”
“Talk,” she said right away.
“Why am I not surprised?” He ignored her glare and brushed the tip of her breast, making her breath catch. “Leash?”
She glanced over at the crowded room, her gaze pensive before she answered. “I think I like the idea of a leash.”
Always seeking to learn how to please her, he prodded for more information. “What appeals to you about it?”
“Well, the people who are using leashes seem…proud, somehow? It’s hard to explain, but like—that woman and her Mistress. See how sub is walking behind her, head held high and strutting like she’s a runway model? She’s obviously showing off, proud to be on that woman’s leash. And the Mistress, even though she has that cold Dom look going on that most Tops have, you can tell she’s pleased as punch to have her beautiful puppy girl following faithfully behind her. Sure, there are a couple people using a leash in more of a…restraint manner, but I like the idea of everyone knowing that you’re proud to be with me. Because I’m proud to be with you. To know that I’m the one wearing your collar.”
“Beloved,” he murmured as he ran the backs of his knuckles down her cheeks. “I am so unworthy of you.”
She blinked rapidly behind her mask, the smacked his chest. “Stop being so sweet, you’re going to make me cry. Nobody wants to wear a soggy mask.”
He chuckled, then gave her a smile that probably looked as savage as it felt. “Did you just strike your Master?”
Her eyes went wide, and her feet kicked a little. “Uh…”
“Bad kitty,” he growled with a grin. “Don’t make me declaw you.”
She lifted her paws and snickered. “Please do.”
“Not a fan?”
“Oh, I like the claws, but the big fluffy paws?” She looked at her hands with a frown as she wiggled her fingers. “And I can’t feel you as well with them on. If I gave you a hand job, it would look like you were being jerked off by a stuffed animal.”
He tugged the gloves off with a grimace. “And now I won’t be able to get that mental image out of my head.”
“Sorry to ruin your Muppet sex fantasy.”
“Better shut that mouth before I find something more productive for it to do.”
She slowly, ever so slowly licked her full lips, and he had a vivid flashback of what it felt like to have her talented tongue licking his cock. “Is that supposed to be a threat?”
He had to remind himself that she was new to all of this, that she didn’t know how hard she was pushing him to punish her. It would be a fun punishment, but he knew she wasn’t ready for being spanked in public. And he had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to stop at spanking her, he’d want to fuck her little red ass, and that wasn’t going to happen in front of the entire club. A small group of friends, maybe, someday when she was ready, but not the general public.
The music stopped for a moment, then the sound of bells ringing poured from the speakers before new music started, slow and sensual. The lights turned down even lower and an excited murmur went through the crowd. Sunny shifted on his lap, her perky butt rubbing against his hard cock in an exquisite form of torture.
He looked down at Sunny as he played with the tag on her diamond chain. “Want to watch the show?”
She looked away, no doubt blushing in the dark as she nodded. “If you don’t mind.”
He tucked his finger beneath her chin and forced her to look up. “Anything you want, beloved, I’m more than happy to give you. Anything.”
She blinked at him, then smiled. “I know you will. Thank you, Master.”
He escorted her to their seats on the big couches that had been turned to face the stage. They shared a large pale blue couch with Jesse and Anya. To his amusement, he saw that they’d placed a couple thick, plush blankets on the sofa between them. Members used those kinds of blankets when they wanted to play in a public area, but not have everyone see exactly what they were doing. Sunny obviously knew this little fact as well, because she blushed when she snuggled into his side and glanced at the blanket.
“Do you feel chilly?” he asked with a no doubt dirty smile.
“Not yet,” she nestled into him like a cat in truth as they faced the stage. “I wonder what kind of show they’re going to do?”
“No idea, but they’re all really into roleplay, so I’m sure it will be…interesting.”