My Wicked Virgin

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Goddess took a deep breath, then said quickly, “Speaking of exhibitionists, my Masters and I are doing a public scene at the Pet Shop tonight. You’re more than welcome to watch. I mean, I have no problem with people looking at us. I’m an exhibitionist. I love the positive feeling of an audience watching what I’m doing and enjoying it. Knowing that I’m turning people on turns me on. And my Masters for sure love an audience, so the more the merrier. But if it makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to watch or anything. Just letting you know.”
By the end of her sentence Goddess’ voice had gone so high pitched with nerves, it became a squeak.
When Sunny gave her a hug, she was as stiff as a statue, but she relaxed when Sunny whispered, “I’ve watched you before.”
“What?” Goddess’ green eyes went wide behind her mask. “When?”
“When you and your Masters taught a class on proper restraint techniques a few weeks ago. In the Ivy Room. I started bartending about midway through, after you were blindfolded.”
Goddess giggled and looked down, a blush turning her upper chest red. “That was a fun night.”
“Sure looked like it.” Sunny gently elbowed Goddess. “You had what? Like nine orgasms? I lost track after a while.”
“I have no idea.” Goddess let out a happy sigh, her gaze distant. “I was so deep in subspace, I was on another planet. When they really start to work me over, it takes me to a whole different level. The only things that exist are me and my Masters.”
“I know what you mean,” Sunny said as she remembered drifting through subspace with Hawk.
Kira gave Sunny a smile that was nothing but trouble. “Come on, this is going to be so much fun.”
Chapter 14
Hawk’s leg kept bouncing as he stared impatiently at the entrance to the Pet Shop. While he knew that it took women a while to get dressed, he was beginning to worry. What if Sunny wasn’t feeling well? Sure, she said she was fine when they left the house, but her headaches came out of nowhere. What if she needed him? What if something was wrong?
“Maybe I should go check on her,” he muttered as he sat up straighter, trying to see across the crowded room to the mirror above the bar.
“Relax,” Bryan growled. He handed Hawk a crystal glass with a couple inches of amber liquid in it. “Here.”
Hawk took the glass from the other man, his leather pants sliding across the pale blue cloth of the couch where he waited. Sipping the smooth whisky, he wondered what Sunny’s reaction would be when she saw this place. The room was two stories and massive. One of the reasons for the impressive size of the Pet Shop bar was the pet jungle gym, a massive carpeted structure that resembled a cat tree but for humans. Another large space was set up as a pet cuddle pit—a pit filled with pillows where pets and their owners could cuddle in big puppy piles. Another wall had been turned into a display case for a pet store. Instead of real animals, it was filled with people dressed up as the pet of their choice. These were occupied by single submissives looking for an ‘owner’ for the night.
A few single Doms and Dominas strolled in front of the cases, inspecting the submissives within who either preened for them, or ignored those looking to purchase a new pet.
Giggles came from and he looked up. One of the suspended cages above them held a woman dressed up in a revealing pink feather bird outfit. She laughed and flirted with her Master as he climbed the sturdy ladder to her gilded, silken pillow-filled cage.
While most of the ‘pets’ were pampered, there was also a space for the alpha animals. A man in that area wore a leather wolf mask as he held court over his entourage of muscular men dressed up in wolf themed bondage gear. Hawk was friends with the alpha wolf, Master Ryan, found the pack dynamic of his harem interesting. They were like a big family, with Master Ryan watching over them all.
Like much of Club Wicked, the lighting was dim, a soft golden glow that made the world seem like a gentler place. The atmosphere in this space was a little less intense than say the de Sade bar, and he hoped that Sunny would enjoy it.
If she ever got here.
Setting his empty glass on the table, he growled, “Where are they?”
“Easy,” Liam chuckled, the Scottish burr in his voice thick. “They’ll be here.”
“What if she’s…?” He lowered his voice, conscious of the crowded club. “Not feeling well?”
Earlier in the day, he’d shared his dark news with his friends and had been grateful for their outpouring of support. It was nice to be able to talk about the situation with them, and it reaffirmed his belief that he had some of the best friends in the world. They loved Sunny as much as their women did and were all devastated by the news. Still, they’d quickly rallied and vowed to help him in any way he needed. When he’d explained Sunny’s desire to experience as much as she could before her surgery, they’d been all on board to help.