My Wicked Virgin

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Anya giggled from next to them, “Oh yeah, I find Master Rory and Master Liam very…interesting.”
Jesse pulled Anya onto his lap with a growl, then tickled her neck with his beard. “Interesting, huh?”
She whispered something in his ear that had him laughing before he palmed her breast and gave it a light squeeze. “You liked that, didn’t you? Naughty girl.”
Chapter 15
“I think the show is starting,” Sunny said in a low voice as the lights around them dimmed further and the conversation in their part of the bar quieted.
Her entire body seemed to hum with anticipation as she watched the stage.
Two big glass and chrome desks with chairs faced each other from the center of the stage. Masters Rory and Liam strode into the space like they owned it. Both men wore suits that fit them to a T, highlighting their strong bodies. While Master Rory was blond and gorgeous, Master Liam had deep brown skin and pale hazel eyes, along with a well-trimmed beard. Separate, both men were enough to make any woman tingle. Together and they became irresistible. Goddess was a lucky, lucky girl.
Sunny exchanged a glance with Anya, who made show of fanning herself while mouthing the word ‘wow’.
Sunny giggled and nodded, biting back a little squeal as Hawk gently pinched her butt and gave her a stern look.
Trying to appear innocent, she fluttered her lashes at him which made him roll his eyes.
The crowd laughed and she looked up to see Goddess crawling on her hands and knees across the stage. Kneepads that match her spotted dog outfit protected her while she chased a ball across the hard floor.
It rolled beneath the desks, where the men were busy working.
Goddess sat back on her heels, giving an adorable confused look at her toy.
For the next few minutes, the trio acted out a hilarious routine of the puppy trying to get to her ball without making her Masters angry.
They, of course, got tired of her antics and decided to give their puppy the attention she was asking for.
The music changed to something a little more sensual as both men picked up a yelping Goddess and set her on the table on all fours. Master Liam caressed her, his dark tone an erotic contrast to her golden skinned beauty. Master Rory walked over to a bag Sunny hadn’t noticed next to the desk. First came out some kind of bottle, then there was a flash of metal and a cute, black and white dog tail.
Sunny’s breath caught, and her heart began to beat harder as she realized that tail was actually a butt plug.
She swallowed hard as a low pulse beat between her legs.
Watching the Masters work Goddess over was hot.
The other woman shivered as Mast Rory pulled her bikini bottoms over to the side. Sunny couldn’t see anything because of how Goddess was positioned, but she knew Master Rory was teasing the other woman’s bottom. The memory of what it felt like when Hawk touched her there had Sunny squirming against him.
Then Master Liam coaxed Goddess’ shoulders down onto the desk while he began to work his fly.
She only had a glimpse of his big, dark uncircumcised cock before Goddess began to suck on him like he was her favorite treat.
Hawk leaned over and grabbed a blanket, tossing it over them as she wiggled, trying to at once get the pressure off her clit and get more. Her pussy was so wet, and the need for relief grew by the second. Especially when Hawk’s hand pinned one of her shifting legs in place, then began to skim upwards.
She took a quick glance around, but nobody was really paying any attention to them. Everyone was either wrapped up in the show—where Master Rory inserted a good sized plug into Rhiannon’s bubble butt—or their own partner. Still, she pulled the blanket up to her chin, ignoring Hawk’s quiet chuckle.
When his fingers brushed her pussy, still trapped behind her soaked panties and leotard, she let out a little whimper.
“You’re so wet,” Hawk growled into her ear.
She couldn’t answer, watching as Master Liam rubbed his hands between Goddess’ spread thighs, how the other woman trembled as the biggest part of the plug breeched her bottom.
Hawk slipped his fingers beneath her panties, making a small noise of pleasure as she spread wide for him. She tried to keep her expression calm, but it was next to impossible as Hawk moved aside her clothes then shoved two of his fingers inside of her. The pulse of her inner muscles squeezed him tight as he slowly slid in and out, setting her on fire.
“Watch,” Hawk whispered, licking the shell of her ear. “Watch her cum. See how much her orgasm turns her Masters on.”
She could barely keep her eyes open as Hawk continued to finger fuck her, then rubbed his slick fingers hard and fast on her clit.