My Wicked Virgin

Page 58

“Yes,” Hawk hissed as she closed her eyes, focused only on the climax about to hit. “Just like that. You look so fucking beautiful. Come for me, beloved.”
Her back arched against her will, and she had a very, very intense orgasm while trying to remain perfectly still.
Beneath the blanket, Hawk slapped her wet pussy, hard. Her clit was so sensitive that the sensation startled a yelp out of her. With her sex still pounding, she reached out of the blanket and pulled him down for a kiss, sucking his tongue into her mouth.
“I need you to fuck me,” she whispered before kissing him again.
He tore his lips from hers, then made sure she was covered up before he tossed the blanket off and stood. Behind them Master Rory was getting ready to fuck Rhiannon and she kind of wished she could stay to watch, but the idea of getting fucked herself was so much better. He took her to one of the nearby private rooms.
Before they went in, he helped her take her shoes off, pausing to kiss her behind her knees.
Her first impression of the space was of a whole lotta pink as he dragged her into a room that was covered in pale pink satin. The floor looked like a giant mattress, piled high with cream and gold pillows. As she stepped out onto the soft surface, she looked up and found mirrors overhead. That made her giggle, but her laugh was cut off as Hawk picked her up and gently slammed her back onto the floor.
“Get that sassy mouth of yours on my cock, now,” he growled.
Licking her lips, she crawled over to him on all fours as he knelt before her, pulling down his leather pants just enough to free himself.
The tip of his thick erection was wet with precum, and he held his shaft out to her. “Clean me, kitty cat. Show your Master how much you love him.”
Putting more slink into her last few strides, she met his gaze and slowly leaned forward, delicately licking the tip of his erection.
“More,” he growled as he squeezed his dick tight.
She obliged, taking him deep into her mouth with a moan of pure pleasure. While she worked him, Hawk kept up a steady stream of encouragement that had her pussy clenching. Her thighs were slick with her previous release, yet she throbbed by the time Hawk pulled out of her mouth.
“Good girl. Now, turn around and present me with that ass.”
He grabbed a couple pillows and placed them beneath her hips, so her knees barely touched the ground. Something cool slid across her bottom before there came a slicing sound. Glancing back, she realized he’d just cut the crotch of her leotard and panties. His gaze was dark and hungry as he pulled away her ruined underclothes and cut away more of the leotard until her butt and sex were totally exposed.
“Cute little tail you have there, kitten,” he said as he unclipped it from her garter belt, “but I have one I think you’ll like better.”
She could only close her eyes in anticipation as he began to play with her ass, awakening that naughty pleasure she enjoyed so much. It didn’t take him long to work the plug in, and she shivered as the soft tail slid over her bottom. When an unexpected slap hit her rear end, she yelped and tried to pull away.
“Uh uh.” Hawk pinned her in place with his hand to the small of her back. “I want to see that pretty ass pink. If you fight me, I’ll make it red.”
“Screw you,” she said as she cast a defiant look over her shoulder.
“Red it is,” he murmured with an evil, evil smile.
At first his slaps were light, little taps that sent sparkles of pleasure pain through her. Then they began to get heavier, more solid, until each spank was a crack in the air. She craned her head, looking up into the mirror, catching a glimpse of her bottom, which was a nice hot pink, but not the red she’d anticipated. The slaps came lighter again, and when he began to alternate spanks with playing with her pussy, she melted for him.
The plug in her ass, the soreness of her skin, the way the tail brushed over her abused flesh all combined to leave her hypersensitive and drowsy. She didn’t protest when he spread her thighs and notched his cock at her entrance. No, she moaned deep in her throat and pushed back with her hips, needing him to mount her.
He ever-so-slowly slid inside of her, the movement an easy glide even with the butt plug. It pressed against her in a way that had her shivering, her overwhelmed nerves not sure how to process all the information. Then he rubbed her clit and all reasoning vanished. All she could do was grip a pillow and allow him to use her body.