My Wicked Virgin

Page 59

Her next orgasm rolled through her as he pinched at her clit, the pleasure drowning her further, pushing her deeper.
When he began to push and twist the anal plug while he fucked her, everything inside of her curled up tight. Even her toes were bunched up. Grunts left her as he swelled and grew larger, filling her to the brim. To her surprise, he pulled out, and she rose from the hazy depths of her mind just enough to be surprised when he removed the anal plug as well. A moment later, when the hot tip of his cock touched her asshole, she rolled her head back with an aching moan.
“Yes, fuck my ass.”
“Not yet,” he panted, “but I am going to come in it.”
He flipped her over so she was on her back, then growled, “Hold your legs up for me.”
A pillow went under her ass, and she had the mind numbingly erotic sense of Hawk rubbing his dick against her tight rear entrance.
“Play with your clit,” he ordered, and she watched herself do as he commanded, turned on beyond belief as he began to breech her bottom. “That’s it. I can feel how close you are. Rub your clit harder. Good girl.”
Little noises of pain escaped her as he pushed further in her bottom, jerking the exposed length of his cock as his tip pulled in and out of that tight ring of muscle. The constant burn turned into a painfully good sensation and she began to rock herself on him, working the tip of his dick deeper. His groan spurned her on, and soon she had a good deal of his cock in her butt.
It burned, it hurt, but she was about to come so hard she didn’t care. Chasing her orgasm, she worked herself as best she could, her bleary eyes almost blind to the sight of Hawk, misted with sweat, throwing his head back as he worked his dick harder. Her body clenched down, and she screamed as he removed his hand and pushed deeper into her, fucking her with shallow thrusts as she came and came.
His roar joined her raspy screams, and she could feel his release stinging slightly against her abused inner passage.
With a thick moan, he shivered above her for a few moments before pulling out.
Once again, she was left limp and boneless as he cleaned her up.
Pulling her into his arms, he gently removed her no doubt skewed cat ears, before he cuddled her body against his own.
After resting safe in his arms for a few minutes, she began to come back to herself. “That was amazing.”
“You say that a lot around me.”
She smiled against his chest, brushing some stray strands of his braid over his shoulder. “I’m just drunk on hormones.”
“Hmmm.” He bent so he could kiss her shoulder. “So, did you enjoy pet play?”
“I did—well, kind of. I don’t think it’ll be an all the time thing for me. More like a once in a while. Something I have to be in the mood for.”
“What about the show?”
A little tingle ran through her. “It was nice.”
He laughed, his chest rumbling against her cheek. “Right. Your panties were so soaked, you might have left a wet spot on the couch.”
“Shut up,” she grumbled as she tried to pull away, not that he let her move an inch.
“Just teasing you. I love that watching them turned you on. I love that you wanted to share that experience with me. I love that you’re my dirty little voyeur. Makes me hard when I watch you blush and try and figure out if you should be embarrassed that you like watching. And I loved controlling your orgasm. Loved watching you struggle to keep your pleasure contained. And I think that maybe, just a little bit, you like being watched.”
His words, whispered with rough desire filling his voice, sent a tingle through her belly that settled into her clit. “I don’t know if I liked people watching me, but I liked being part of the energy exchange. There’s…ugh, how do I describe it?”
“I know what you mean.” He traced his fingers over her chest, skimming her breasts as his eyes followed his movements. “It’s a connection, a high that can only be experienced while you’re with a large group of people. When you go to a stadium to a sporting event, there is an energy that you hook into with the crowd as your team soars of fails. And when we go to the theater, there’s once again a feeling of kinship with others in the audience as you all gasp and applaud at the same time, experiencing the same emotions. Except, when you’re enjoying yourself sexually with a large group of people doing the same, the energy feels even more intense.”
“Yes, exactly,” she smiled up at him. “You get me.”