My Wicked Virgin

Page 60

“I do.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “And I love watching you find pleasure. You looked like you would enjoy playing with Goddess.”
She flushed, looking down at his chest as she toyed with his nipple ring. “Maybe.”
“Is that something you want to try? Another woman?”
Shocked, she looked up at him. “I’d never cheat on you.”
Shaking his head, he gave her still sore butt a little spank. “I know you wouldn’t. But I’m not talking about cheating. I’m talking about me watching you get serviced by some eager little sub. You know that there are at least a hundred submissives dying to get between your pretty legs. You have quite the fan club at Club Wicked.”
Laughing, but still feeling slightly uncomfortable and vulnerable, she shrugged. “I won’t lie and say I haven’t thought about it.”
“With who?”
“I’m not telling you that.” She wiggled her hips against his growing erection. “I take it you like the idea of watching me with another woman?”
“Very much,” he growled, moving them so his hard thigh pressed against her heated sex.
Her eyelids fluttered as he ground against her clit. “I shouldn’t be surprised. Your buddies seem to love watching their wives with other women.”
“And their wives love being watched.” He toyed with her pierced nipple, making her squirm.
Her arousal cooled off a bit as she said, “But only watch. If we did something like this—I want to be upfront—I couldn’t deal with you touching another woman. I mean, I’m cool with you still being a service Top to friends that need it, but the idea of you touching someone else sexually makes me feel ill.”
“I don’t want anyone else. If I were to order another woman to bring you to orgasm, she would simply be an extension of my will. A toy to use on you. A friend for you to play with. Women are soft, smooth, and the sight of you wrapped up in another woman’s arms makes me hard as fuck. The idea of seeing you cum all over her face, knowing how good she’s making you feel at my order…that’s the stuff wet dreams are made of. But only if you want it, and only if you enjoy it. There’s no rush, we have all the…” He swallowed hard and continued in a firmer voice, “We have all the time in the world.”
The warm feelings in her middle grew chilled as she tried to keep her mind in the moment.
“Right.” He made a pained noise, and she forced a cheerful smile. “I’m getting a little sleepy, and we have another long day tomorrow. I don’t have to meet the girls at the bridal shop until one, so that’ll give us lots of time to cuddle and sleep in.”
He was quiet for a moment, then he slowly stroked her back as he said, “Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll be leaving for Wicked after lunch, so Anya and Jesse are going to give you a ride after you catch an early dinner with the girls. They’re taking you shopping.”
“Oh? Why are you going in so early?”
“Because I’m setting up a surprise for you. Since you decided that you didn’t want a bachelorette party, and I sure as shit have no desire to go to a strip club without you, I’ve arranged for what I hope will be a…memorable evening.”
She gave a happy sigh as they hugged each other, his body so warm and big. “I love you.”
“Always and forever.”
Chapter 16
All the women in the posh viewing room at the couture bridal shop let out a long, cooing oh of delight as Sunny stepped onto the little platform before the enormous three-sided mirrors. Normally, the wait for a private fitting at this downtown D.C. bridal salon was months long, but the owner was a personal friend of Mrs. Florentine and member of Club Wicked. They’d gotten the VIP treatment complete with fabulous hors d’oeuvres and various fancy cocktails. She had to admit, having the staff fawn all over her and make her feel like a bride was really nice.
A muted, white light shone down from above Sunny, catching all the little pink sparkly beaded cherry blossoms decorating the bottom of the dress.
On the top, the gown looked like a traditional sweetheart wedding dress. Delicate lace-capped sleeves gave it a classic feminine feel, but the scattering of the pink flowers along the hem added a modern edge to the gown. Her heart pounded as she took in her image, trying to pretend that her collarbone didn’t stick out as much as it did, and that her arms didn’t look like sticks. Then again, she should be thankful she could stand on her own two feet.
This time, next week, she might be stuck in a bed for the rest of her life.
Pressing a hand to her stomach, she willed the BLT she’d eaten for lunch to stay down.