My Wicked Virgin

Page 61

“Sunny?” Anya said from the small white sofa circling the viewing platform. “Are you okay?”
Trying to smile brightly, she nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
Kira, wearing a bright purple sweater and distressed skinny jeans, gave a soft wolf whistle. “You sure are. You look amazing in that dress. I love it on you.”
She gave the other woman a grateful look for keeping the tone light. When they’d picked her up that morning in Kira’s Land Rover, she’d asked them to try and help her stay positive while trying on dresses. To keep things light. Something that was a lot easier to do with other people around. It was when she was by herself, when Hawk was off doing something and she was alone, that the weight of the world seemed to crash down around her.
Gesturing to her phone on the little table near the mirrors, she said, “Can someone get a picture of me, please? I need to send it to Hawk’s mom to see what she thinks.”
“Of course.” Anya jumped up while the salon assistant helping Sunny made sure the dress properly flared out around her. “Got it. Send it to Hawk’s mom?”
“Yes. She wanted to come dress shopping with me, but she won’t be able to make it in until later tonight, so I won’t get to see her until tomorrow.”
“Have you met her in person?” Kira asked as she sipped a glass of champagne.
Sunny smiled as the assistant put a pretty crystal crown with tiny pink flowers on her head, then attached the veil. “Yeah. We’ve had dinner a couple times when she was in town to visit Hawk. She’s very nice.”
“Good.” Anya snapped a couple extra pictures with Sunny’s phone. “I love my mother-in-law, and I’m so glad I have her in my life. I’m happy that you get along with Hawk’s mom and that Hawk has her for support.”
Sunny’s ever-present worry nudged to the front of her mind again. In truth, Hawk’s mother was a rather flighty, clueless, almost childish woman who depended on her son to take care of her. She wasn’t using him for money or anything like that, she lived a comfortable middle-class lifestyle, but she wasn’t a very strong woman and avoided conflict. In many ways, Hawk was more of a parent than her, handling her bills and dealing with whatever issues she had. Still, there was no doubt she loved her son deeply. Sunny hoped that, if the worst happened, his mom would step up for him.
Kira joined them, playing with the edges of the lace veil that fell to Sunny’s feet. “What do you think? Is this ‘the one’?”
She turned a little, admiring the way the bottom of the dress sparkled. “Yes, this is it.”
The women all let out a little cheer.
Sunny smiled and let herself get lost in their happiness.
Five hours later, Sunny frowned from the backseat of Jesse’s luxurious Jaguar as they cruised down the freeway.
“Um, this isn’t the way to Wicked,” she said as they passed a familiar monument near the outskirts of the city.
“Nope,” Anya said with a peppy smile as she turned around.
Sunny frowned at Jesse’s laughing eyes in the rearview mirror. “Where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise.”
“Yeah, but I thought the surprise was at Club Wicked.”
“Nope,” Anya said again, her full cheeks pink with excitement.
Sunny glanced down at the shimmery royal blue sheath dress Anya had ordered her to wear with matching, thigh high blue boots with a modest heel. “Um, I’m not really dressed for public consumption.”
“Don’t worry,” Anya turned back around in her seat after Jesse grumped at her about safety. “You’ll be fine.”
“Hush,” Jesse ordered in his Dom voice—which was very effective. “We’re almost there.”
“Oh,” Anya squealed softly, “I can’t wait!”
It was getting near sunset as they pulled into the parking lot of a posh marina on the edges of the Chesapeake Bay. Massive yachts floated in their various berths, and the warm summer air felt good on her skin as she stepped out of the car. The slightly salty, marshy tang of the air filled her as she took a deep breath.
“Sunny,” Hawk’s voice rang across the parking lot.
He wore a pair of black dress slacks that fit him perfectly, along with a black belt with a cool geometric gold clasp and a black button-down shirt. Sunlight highlighted the strong bone structure of his face, and his silver rings flashed as he held his hand out to her. After his dark eyes swept her from top to bottom, he pulled her in for a soft, slow kiss.
“You look beautiful,” he murmured as his thumb stroked her waist beneath her thin dress.
“You look edible.” She ran her hands over his thick shoulders. “But I thought we were going to Wicked tonight?”
“We are, kind of.”
“I’m confused.”
Jesse and Anya joined them as Hawk tugged her hand. “Come on, your surprise awaits.”