My Wicked Virgin

Page 62

“Is it a boat? Oh no, I get horribly seasick.”
Hawk froze and his jaw dropped. “You do?”
“No, I’m just messing with you.”
She squealed and laughed as he lunged at her, then he tossed her over his shoulder and gave her butt a spank.
“Hawk!” she giggled as he lowered her back to her feet.
“Keep being a brat,” he growled. “See what it gets you.”
“If it’s more spankings sign me up.”
Anya giggled as they reached the wooden docks leading out to the boats. “Kira’s a bad influence on you. I’m beginning to think you may have a little masochist in you.”
Her reply cut off as Hawk stopped before a massive—and she did mean massive—sleek and modern white yacht. It was three stories high and as big as her entire apartment building. A walkway lined with blue carpet led up to the deck where a smiling attendant awaited them.
“Hawk, is this my surprise?”
“Yes. We’re going to have a combined bachelor and bachelorette booze cruise. You said you always wanted to go on one. A bunch of our friends from the club are waiting for us inside. We’re going to go for a sunset cruise and have some fun.”
The wicked gleam in his eyes made her lick her lips. “What kind of fun?”
“The dirty kind.”
“My favorite.”
Smiling, he led her up the gangplank until they reached the main deck. As they followed the attendant, Hawk explained the boat belonged to one of their mutual friends who offered to host the stag/bachelorette party. When they reached the main salon, she stopped in the doorway, overwhelmed by the sight of so many of her friends all yelling “Surprise!” at the top of their lungs.
The living space was done in shades of gold and brown, with lots of seating and elegant art all over. It reeked of money, but the classy effect was ruined by all the women wearing tacky bachelorette party stuff. A laughing Lucia joined them and draped a ‘Here comes the Bride’ sash over Sunny’s head, but the comes had been crossed out and replaced with cums. Kira appeared a second later with a Mardi Gras style necklace made up of rubber dicks, and a fruity alcoholic beverage with a penis shaped straw.
A cheap sparkly crown was placed on her head, and Sunny could only laugh as she caught sight of Hawk’s horrified look as Anya tried to put a penis necklace on him.
Music began to blast from invisible speakers, and soon a bunch of people danced out on the massive back deck of the boat that connected to the room through huge, open doors.
The gentle motion of the boat coasting deeper into the Bay had most women removing their heels, and there was a real feeling of freedom and celebration as they moved out into the water and away from land. With the sun setting behind them, and the music filling the air, Sunny danced with abandon with her friends, probably getting a contact high from the various joints floating around. She hadn’t partied in what felt like forever, and she soaked in every minute of it.
By the time the sun set, she was more than a little buzzed from doing shots out of dick shaped glasses, and full of giggles as they stumbled back inside. The mood had mellowed some, and everyone was having a good time. So far, the clothes had stayed on, but the dancing had turned a little dirty and she spied more than one couple making out on various couches. Hawk had danced with her for a little bit, but then he gave her space to dance with her girls while he relaxed with the men and watched them.
She collapsed onto the sofa where Anya sat with Jesse and Bryan, her breath coming in little pants. “Hey.”
“Hey,” Anya smiled at her. “You look like you’re having fun. Ready for the games?”
Hawk lifted Sunny up, then sat down on the sofa and draped her over his lap. “Yeah, the girls decided they wanted to do some…what did you call it? Super immature party games?”
Anya crinkled her nose at him as Kira protested. “Super fun party games you mean. You’re just jealous they’re girls only games.”
“Yeah,” Hawk said in a dry voice. “Super jealous I’m missing out on quarter bounce.”
Kira gave everyone an evil smile. “Did Anya mention that they’re grown up versions of kid’s games?”
“No,” Hawk said slowly, his grip on her tightening a little. “What kind of games?”
“Watch and find out.” Kira grinned as she stood and tossed her long red hair back before shouting, “Game time! Ladies only, though the men are more than welcome to watch. This is a game for girls who like girls, so if that’s not your cup of tea, you might want to pass.”
“Awww,” shouted one of their guy friends. “That’s no fun. I like girls who like girls.”