My Wicked Virgin

Page 63

“Don’t worry, Master Jeremy, you’ll get to participate in the game. But this is more of a warmup to the adult games.” She gave everyone a naughty grin while her husband Bryan smirked. “After all, I would be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of the glory hole room in a rousing game of ‘how quick can you make him cum?’”
Cheers and whistles met her words as Sunny turned to Hawk and whispered, “Glory hole room?”
He gave her a considering look. “Interested?”
“Uh, no, strange dicks aren’t my thing. I’m wondering why a yacht has a glory hole room.”
“Because they get a hell of a lot more use out of it than they would another guest room.” He grinned. “They’ve got all kinds of fun rooms on this boat.”
“Wow,” she whispered. “Who does this belong to again?”
“They’d rather remain anonymous but, trust me, if you did know them, you’d never imagine they’d own a floating pleasure palace like this place.”
Her questions were interrupted by Anya standing and tugging Sunny along with her. “Come on, it’s time to play Spin the Bottle.”
“Um, what?”
Anya merely laughed and led her to the center of the room where blankets and pillows had been laid down on the floor in a rough circle. The men moved to various couches and chairs, their laughter and smiles adding to the energy of the room. As she knelt on a pillow, Sunny snuck a glance at Hawk, who’d commandeered a large tan leather chair nearby. At some point, he’d changed into his leather pants and vest. As she looked around, she found many of the men had done the same. The women still wore their cocktail dresses, but everyone looked a little less perfect than before two hours of drinking and dancing.
Anya sat next to her, and Kira claimed the other side as the women all giggled.
“Okay,” Kira said, her tone as commanding as any Domme’s growl. “Here are the rules. This is traditional spin the bottle. You spin it, and whoever the mouth of the bottle points at, you have to kiss. Your Masters or Dominas will decide on how you kiss each other.”
“What do you mean, how?” a pretty blonde in a mint dress asked.
“As in, do they order you to give the other woman a peck on the lips? On the cheek? Or maybe on her nipple or her clit. Does she get a long, slow kiss with lots of tongue, or only the barest tease of lips? It is up to your Tops to decide what you give or receive.”
Sunny blushed as the surrounding Doms and Domina’s hooted and hollered.
When she glanced over her shoulder at Hawk, she saw him smiling widely.
Oh shit.
A delicious, naughty thrill went through her as the women got comfortable, exchanging shy and heated glances with each other.
“No offense,” Anya whispered to Sunny, “but if I spin and the bottle lands on you, you’re getting a cheek kiss. Making out with you would just be too weird.”
“Ditto,” Sunny whispered back.
“If the bottle lands on either of you,” Kira said in a low voice, “I’m going to lick you until you scream my name and call me the Goddess of a Thousand Tongues.”
They all laughed and Sunny took a long drink of her frozen, fruity alcoholic beverage before setting the glass on a table behind her and returning to her seat.
Nervous energy raced through her, mixing with the mellow high and filling her with anticipation.
Adjusting the sash, she looked at Kira in surprise as she was handed the empty wine bottle.
“Blushing brides first!” Kira laughed as she took in Sunny’s red face.
A glance to the side showed Hawk smiling, so she bucked up her courage and spun the bottle.
She must have given it a really good crank, because it zoomed around in a circle a couple times before gradually slowing down in its spin.
As the mouth of the bottle continued to turn, the women all cheered when it hit them, then booed when it moved away.
As the bottle finally stopped, it pointed at Candi, a beautiful woman with honey blonde hair done in ringlets, big blue eyes, and amazing lips. Sunny had known Candi for years, along with her big ex-football player husband and Master, Nick. They were friends and Candi was one of the women that could be considered part of Sunny’s fan club, according to Hawk. Candi flirted with Sunny all the time and had outright invited her to join them more than once. By the heated look and sultry smile on Candi’s face, she was very happy the bottle landed on her.
Remembering the rules, Sunny looked over to where Hawk and Master Nick were talking quietly to each other.
“Sunny,” Hawk said as Master Nick straightened up and watched them with a small smile, “You will kiss Candi on the lips, slow and deep, then kiss her neck.”