My Wicked Virgin

Page 64

She nodded, then added a belated, “Yes, Master Hawk.”
Her stomach churned as she kind of shuffled forward into the center of the circle, feeling awkward as fuck.
Candi must have noticed, because her smile wilted a little as she knelt before Sunny.
Leaning forward to speak directly into her ear, Candi whispered, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want. If you’re uncomfortable or just not feeing it, it’s okay.”
A little bit of hurt showed in the other woman’s voice, and Sunny felt bad. “No, no, it’s not that. I just—I’ve never kissed a girl before.”
Candi pulled back, her blue eyes wide. “Never?”
“Never. And I’ve never kissed anyone with so many people watching.”
“Hmmm…” Candi reached out and toyed with the tacky veil Sunny wore attached to her bachelorette crown. “Come closer.”
Puzzled, Sunny scooted forward until they almost touched, the heat between their bodies filled with electricity. Candi reached back, then pulled the veil over their heads so they were semi-hidden from the crowd. Despite the groans of dismay and people protesting, Hawk said he’d allow it.
“Ignore them,” Candi murmured as she slid her arms around Sunny’s waist. Their breasts pressed together and Sunny shivered. “You can touch me, it’s okay.”
Her heart beat so loudly in her ears, she could barely hear their friends’ catcalls and whistles as their lips brushed together. The first impression she got was that kissing another woman was way different than kissing a man. Candi felt so soft, so delicate against her. She pulled back for a moment, her breath catching as an unexpected desire stirred within her. Their lips brushed together again, and Sunny let out a little sigh, her nipples drawing up tight. Candi’s mouth fit perfectly against her own, and it wasn’t long before their lips parted and the kiss turned warm and wet.
Candi gently grasped the back of Sunny’s neck and pressed their bodies closer together. She hesitated for a second, then allowed herself to touch the other woman, to feel her curves and softness. She’d never really realized how good women felt to touch, and now understood why Hawk liked to stroke her so much. Candi’s skin felt like silk beneath her fingers, and she brushed her hands up and down the woman’s body exposed by the plunging back of her dress.
“Her neck,” Hawk said in a voice thick with lust. “Master Nick says his girl has a very sensitive neck, that she can almost cum from neck play alone. Taste her, make her wet for her Master.”
Both women shivered, and Sunny moved back the veil so their Masters could see.
When she looked over at Hawk, the heat in his eyes, the raw lust in his expression, made her pussy clench and quiver. Wanting more of that look, loving the way his desire made her feel, she pretty much ignored the rest of the room as she began to kiss, lick, and nibble Candi’s slender neck. She tasted good, almost sugary like her name, and Sunny loved the way she responded. Her breaths came harsh and fast as Sunny bit down gently then sucked.
Her whispered moans, the way she wiggled, her eager hands caressing Sunny, they all drove her wild.
“And—time,” Kira yelled. “Your Masters’ instructions have been followed, onto the next spinner!”
Sunny pulled away, her touch lingering on Candi’s arms, enjoying the silk of the other woman’s skin as they slowly separated. Candi’s blue eyes were cloudy with lust, and her nipples pressed out clearly against her thin dress. She could practically smell the other woman’s desire, so thick it matched her own.
Strong arms scooped her up, snapping the dazed stare she’d been sharing with Candi.
Hawk held her to his chest, his heart pounding against her ear as he carried her back to his chair. “That was hot as fuck.”
She didn’t want to be anywhere but his arms, but she had to tease him. “Shouldn’t I be in the circle?”
“They’ve got enough players. By the time they get through everyone, it’ll be sunrise.” He shifted her so his erection pressed against her bottom. “So how was it?”
“It was…different. Soft.” She ran her hand over his chest, tracing the letters of her name. “Like your skin is soft, but in a different way. Women are….”
“Soft,” Hawk replied with a grin. “I know. You’re incredibly soft. Every inch of you was made to be touched.”
“Mmmm…” She wrapped her arms around his neck, “Please do.”
Cheering came from behind her, and she twisted in Hawk’s lap so she could see what everyone was yelling about. Two of her friends, Gloria, a gorgeous black woman, and Pearl, a stunning Korean woman, were smiling at their Masters. Wearing a white silk dress, Gloria slowly lowered Pearl to the ground on her back, then slid Pearl’s brown mini skirt up over her hips, revealing that the other woman’s lack of panties.