My Wicked Virgin

Page 65

“Holy shit,” Sunny whispered.
Hawk licked her ear. “Gloria’s been ordered to tease Pearl’s clit for five minutes, but not to let her cum.”
Gloria lowered her face between Pearl’s spread thighs and both women gave throaty moans. The crowd cheered as more than one man adjusted himself, and more than one woman squirmed on her heels. Gloria must have been very, very good at eating pussy, because Pearl was soon thrashing and moaning with abandon. The sight of their raw passion was a turn on, and Sunny’s already throbbing sex grew even wetter as Gloria reached up and twisted one of Pearl’s nipples through her shirt.
Sunny began to rock on Hawk’s lap, trying to find some relief.
With a muttered oath, he lifted her up in his arms and carried her off into a hallway then down a short flight of stairs.
The noise from the crowd above faded, and she began to place little kisses on his chest. “Where are we going?”
“Someplace I can fuck you blind.”
She smiled at his words. “Sounds good to me.”
“I’m sorry for taking you away from your friends.”
“No, don’t be. That was hot, but I’d rather spend time alone with you right now.”
He set her down as he opened a door at the end of the hall, leading her into a lovely bedroom that she completely ignored.
She wanted him. Now.
Grabbing Hawk by his vest, he gave her a surprised look when she manhandled him onto the bed and threw him down onto his back.
Well, maybe she more like gave him a gentle push and he went the rest of the way on his own.
Putting his arms behind his head, he grinned at her. “Feisty.”
“I’m so horny, I’m about to combust,” she confessed as she attacked his pants. “I need you.”
“Not yet.”
“Hawk,” she whined, but obeyed. “You said you’d take care of me.”
A flash of heat went through his handsome face. “Go get the bag sitting on the chair by the door.”
Her insides lit up at the sight of his portable toy bag. She hadn’t had a chance to snoop in it yet, but Hawk had told her that he’d filled it with toys he was going to use on her someday. If…if she lived long enough. With the passing of every precious second, she came inevitably closer to the horrible unknown.
“Sunny,” Hawk gave her nipple a pinch. “Come back to me.”
The pain helped her focus, and she smiled gratefully at him for helping anchor her to the now. “What’s in the bag?”
“Something different. A toy I don’t think you’ve played with before. Now go get me the bag, brat.”
“Yes, Master,” she purred, making sure to give her booty a little wiggle as she rolled off the bed.
The bag wasn’t heavy, and she wanted to give it a curious shake like a kid trying to guess what was inside of a Christmas present.
Setting it on the huge circular bed tucked into the bow of the ship, she then knelt behind Hawk, wrapping her arms around his neck so she could watch him open it.
He glanced over his shoulder with a smile. “Go make yourself comfortable, but put a pillow beneath that sweet little ass of yours.”
She never would have guessed she had such a thing for anal, but the moment Hawk mentioned playing with her there she got all keyed up.
“Yes, Master.”
The mood was shifting between them, turning from their usual banter to something a little more serious. A little more sensual. She did as he asked, laying back against the excessive mound of cream and gold pillows. This entire room had a romantic feel to it, and she stretched out on the silk comforter with an internal purr. Right now, this moment with Hawk, was perfect. She tried to freeze it in her mind, so she could remember it forever.
Hawk raised his gaze to hers as he stood, then growled, “Get naked.”
She was only too eager to comply, quickly tossing her pretty dress and soaked panties to the foot of the bed. Hawk’s long braid fell over his shoulder as he bent to remove his shoes then pants. By the time he was naked, she struggled to resist grabbing him. Those smooth, thick muscles, the thin line of black hair leading down from his washboard abs to his thick, solid erection. He was so hard, his dick barely shifted as he crawled up the bed to her, a thousand muscles in his broad shoulders shifting and bunching with each move.
When he knelt next to her and set some things on the bed, she reached for his dick, but he lightly smacked her hand away.
“Not yet.”
He picked up a pink ball gag from the bed and said, “Open.”
She began to argue with him, but he was quick, pressing the ball between her teeth. It was an odd sensation, and she gave the rubbery ball an experimental bite and lick. To her surprise, it was sweet.