My Wicked Virgin

Page 66

“Schtraberi,” she managed to mutter out past the ball gag as he fastened it in place.
“Yes,” he said with a slight smile. “It’s strawberry flavored. Now, hush and appreciate the toy your Master got you.”
When he held up a small black box with four wires attached to white pads, she gave him a confused look.
“It’s a TENs unit,” he explained, “Spread your legs. Ahhhh, look at how wet you are, beloved. I’m going to make that pussy red with orgasms before I fuck you.”
The feeling of the pads was a little chilly as he attached them around her pubic bone and on the sensitive skin between her pussy and thigh.
Sitting back, his dick still rock hard, Hawk studied her pussy with a hungry gaze. “Now, what’s going to happen is this little box is going to send electrical impulses to your sweet cunt. At a low setting it won’t hurt, but at higher settings I can mix the pain and the pleasure. Put your hand on my arm. If it gets to be too much, tap me three times. Understood? Otherwise, I’ll ignore any and all begging and pleading for me to stop.”
Leaning over, he gave her distended nipple a long, slow suck that had her toes curling. The soft brush of his tongue distracted her so, at first, she didn’t even notice he’d turned on the device. It wasn’t until a shiver of pleasure ran through her pussy that she gave a startled grunt. It felt…strangely good. Like someone licked her clit deep inside, new nerves coming to life with each throbbing pulse.
The rhythm of the electrical shocks changed, coming harder and faster as Hawk began to twist and pull at her nipple ring with his teeth.
Out of nowhere, a quick, hard orgasm ripped through her, and she grabbed Hawk’s braid, clenching it in her fists as her orgasm left her shaking.
“Nice,” he murmured against her breast. “Let’s see if you can handle a stronger pulse.”
Already sensitive, the sucking, tingling sensation on her pussy increased until it almost felt like a giant mouth sucked on her entire pussy. Groaning deep in her throat, she lifted her hips, silently begging for more. Hawk continued to play with her nipples until they were sore from his attentions, and she made garbled noises behind her ball gag.
Closing her eyes, she shook and shivered as her next orgasm drew closer and closer.
Something cold and firm nudged at her bottom, and she came hard as Hawk slid what felt like a slender dildo into her body.
“Shit, I’m going to cum just watching you,” Hawk said in a voice like gravel. “I have to fuck you.”
Her screaming affirmative choked off as he thrust inside of her with the TENs unit still pulsing. Placing his hands on the headboard above her, he proceeded to pound her into the mattress, his gasps and groans only spurring her on as she clutched at him and writhed with his movements.
“Your cunt,” he panted as he worked her hard. “Keeps rippling around my dick. Feels…so…fucking good. Keep coming for me, keep massaging my cock with that tight little cunt.”
His dirty talk made her wanton, and she did as he asked, shuddering through a machine and man induced orgasm that had her close to blacking out.
It must have been too much for Hawk, because he grabbed her ass with both hands and slammed into her, tilting her hips so she took him incredibly deep.
There was a mixture of pain and pleasure from his penetration that had her legs shaking, and her clit pulsed over and over from the electricity zapping her nerves.
Slapping weakly at his arm, she shuddered and twitched beneath him as the box coaxed yet another core clenching release from her overtired body.
Hawk quickly pulled off and turned the device off before removing her ball gag.
“Are you all right?”
“Fine,” she squeak-croaked. “Yippee.”
Laughing softly, he grabbed a bottle of some red sports drink from a small fridge at the end of the bed. “Here.”
He helped her up like she was an invalid, then held her close while she drained half the bottle. “Whew, that was a workout. I’m exhausted.”
He played with some switches by the bed and the room went completely dark for a moment before the ceiling lit up like it was covered with a million soft blue stars.
“Wow,” she said as she collapsed back onto the rumpled sheets. “Pretty.”
Hawk maneuvered them beneath the covers. “Are you sure I didn’t break you?”
“Can you answer with more than one word?”
“Love that thing.”
“What thing? The TENs unit? My dick?”
“All of the above.” She flopped on top of him, giving her tattoo a kiss. “You’re amazing.”
They went quiet, just enjoying each other as the boat rocked gently on the water.
“Good night, my soon to be husband,” she slurred out.
“Good night, beloved. I will love you always and forever.”