My Wicked Virgin

Page 69

As they took their seat at the head table with Mrs. DelRay, Mr. and Mrs. Florentine, and Dove and Jesse, she was starting to feel a little tired and gratefully collapsed into her seat.
Hawk sat right next to her, then pulled her into his side as everyone got seated and servers handed out glasses of wine and champagne.
With as lightheaded as she was feeling, she wasn’t sure champagne was a good idea, but she was also thirsty as crap.
Leaning her head on Hawk’s shoulder, she closed her eyes and tried to will the pain away. She’d obviously overdone it and was paying the price. After they gave their little thank you for coming speech, she’d send someone for her purse and hope one of the meds inside would help her head. Dr. Muller was here, maybe she should ask her which meds to take. She forced herself to stand and smile next to Hawk as the pounding grew worse, and her vision started to get fuzzy on the edges. The lights took on a weird, gleaming quality as if the rays of light coming from the chandeliers had become solid. She blinked, trying to clear her blurry vision as her heart pounded in her chest.
Right before things went black, she clutched onto Hawk’s arm in an effort to keep herself in this world.
Chapter 18
Hawk gave Sunny’s waist a squeeze as he said, “Thank you, again, for coming out on such short notice. Sunny and I are thrilled to be here today with all of you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this wonderful day possible.”
He smiled out at the crowd, trying to ignore his mother sitting next to him holding her cell phone in his direction. He loved his mom, but she could get on his nerves with that damn phone of hers. One year, for Christmas, he made the mistake of getting her a scrapbook starter kit and now the woman was scrapbooking mad. She even turned one of the bedrooms at her house into a scrapbooking room.
Giving her a glance, his heart softened at her beaming smile. She was genuinely happy for him and she loved Sunny, so he could forgive her for holding up that damn phone all the time. His mom didn’t realize how intrusive she was being, and he was grateful that Sunny humored her. Looking back out at the glittering crowd, he held Sunny closer to his side, so many good memories rushing through his head as he took in his friends and family.
“I’d also like to—”
His words were cut off by the sharp pain of Sunny suddenly digging her nails into his arm.
Her weight fell into his side, and the crowd let out a gasp all at the same time in a way that would have been comical in other circumstances.
Turning quickly, he managed to cradle her as she went to the floor, then twitched—hard.
Chairs were shoved to the side as he laid Sunny down, and someone shoved a bundled-up jacket beneath her head. Her eyes rolled back in a terrifying manner, and her whole body began to seize up and jerk. Terror filled him as his confused, shocked mind struggled to understand what was happening.
“Sunny!” he screamed, “Sunny!”
“Move,” Dr. Muller said from his elbow as Jesse and Isaac each grabbed an arm and pulled him away.
“No!” he shouted, struggling against them while his mother began to cry. “Sunny!”
“She’s having a seizure,” Dr. Muller said into her phone, “I need an ambulance here right away. Call Dr. Vanti, let him know that we’re on our way in and what’s going on.”
Forcing himself to take a deep breath, Hawk ignored the wedding coordinator and security pushing people back and out of the room as he shook off Jesse and Isaac. His wife, his beautiful, beautiful wife, still jerked on the ground like a marionette in a wedding dress being electrocuted. Dropping to his knees at her side, he held his shaking hands over her, wanting to help but unsure of what to do.
“It’s okay, Hawk,” Dr. Muller said as she held Sunny’s hand in her own, the awful twitching finally winding down, “This was not unexpected. We’ll get her to the hospital as quickly as possible.”
He began to shake, overwhelmed by the fear ravaging him. “Please, help her.”
His vision blurred with tears as he held her hand in his own, the heartbeat of his world unconscious before him.
Hours later, Sunny woke up with a groan. “Owww. Too bright.”
“Sunny!” He practically fell over himself rushing to her side. “Hold on, I’ll dim the lights.”
She grunted and threw an arm over her eyes as one of the nurses looked in, then briskly walked out of the room. “What…where are we? What day is it?”
“At the hospital and it’s Sunday afternoon. You…you had a seizure.”