My Wicked Virgin

Page 70

Now that it was as dark as he could get it and still see, she lowered her arm with a frown, looking at the IV taped to her hand. “I did?”
“What’s the last thing you remember?”
He held his breath waiting for the answer, hoping that the seizure hadn’t scrambled her brain like the doctors warned him could happen. Well, they didn’t use those exact words, but that was pretty much the message he’d gotten. The last few hours had been some of the scariest of his life, and while he was relieved that she was awake and talking, he was still fearful some permanent damage had been done.
Her eyelashes fluttered as she frowned hard. “I remember…I remember my sparkling dress. I remember walking down the aisle to you. I remember how beautiful the chapel was, and how handsome you looked. And I remember crossing a street and almost falling…but nothing after that. Like literally nothing until I woke up here, in the hospital.”
“Susanna,” Dr. Muller’s relieved voice came from the doorway.
“Hey,” Sunny croaked as Hawk pulled up a chair next to her bed so he could be as close to her as possible. “What’s going on?”
Dr. Muller looked as tired as he felt. She’d been at the hospital all night just like he had, working with Dr. Vanti’s team and going over the results of the latest round of tests they’d conducted while Sunny was unconscious. Dark circles ringed her red rimmed eyes, but he didn’t know if that was from exhaustion or tears. They’d all been pretty shaken up by Sunny’s sudden turn for the worse.
“You had a seizure,” Dr. Muller said as she came to Sunny’s bedside with a few medical personnel trailing behind her.
“A seizure?” Sunny turned her fearful face to him. “Am I okay?”
“For now,” Dr. Muller said as she patted Sunny’s shoulder. “But we’re going to have to move your surgery up to tomorrow afternoon. The tumor has grown, and due to the way it is pressing on your blood vessels, we can’t wait any longer. Dr. Vanti is going over the new scans with his team right now. After they’re done, everyone is going home for the night to get some rest. First thing in the morning, we’ll start the procedure.”
Tears filled Sunny’s eyes and his heart broke as she asked, “Am I going to die?”
“No,” Dr. Muller said in a fierce voice, startling some of the medical personnel around her. “No, you’re not. I won’t allow it.”
That made Sunny give a small smile. “Gonna fight the grim reaper for me, doc?”
“Absolutely.” She reached out and took Sunny’s hand in her own. “I’ll drag you back kicking and screaming from the pearly gates of heaven myself, if I have to.”
They talked for a little while longer about what to expect for tomorrow before Sunny yawned again. “I’m so tired.”
“That’s to be expected,” Dr. Muller said as she typed something on her tablet. “You haven’t eaten anything in almost eighteen hours. I can order something for you, but it will have to be quick. Your food and drink cut off point is coming up in two hours. What would you like?”
Sunny gave a soft laugh. “I’m so hungry, even hospital food sounds good right now.”
“They’re in between meals right now. It might be faster for Hawk to go downstairs and grab some food.”
“I’m not leaving her alone,” he said right away, an almost feral anger turning his voice harsh.
“Easy,” Dr. Muller said as she held one hand up. “She won’t be alone. Don’t forget Jesse and Anya are in the waiting room.”
“They are?” He rubbed his face, the lack of sleep getting to him. “How long have they been there?”
“At least one of your friends have been out there since we got here. They’ve been trading off so they could go home and change.” She gave his rumpled white tuxedo shirt and pants a pointed look. “Something you might consider doing. If you don’t want to leave, the gift shop downstairs has a bunch of different sweatshirts and pants, and its right next door to a great bistro. Their roast beef sandwiches and broccoli and cheese soup in a bread bowl are to die for. They even have a huge dessert case.”
“Ohhhh,” Sunny said as she mimed wiping away drool. “I could totally go for some of that soup right now.”
Dr. Muller looked down at her tablet as she said, “Then its settled. Hawk will go get some food, and a change of clothes, and I’ll have Jesse and Anya stay with you, Sunny.”
“Great idea,” Sunny said as she gave him a stern frown. “No offense, husband, but you’re looking kind of rough. Like a gigolo after a long night at work.”
Hanging his head in defeat, he allowed her humor to sooth his ragged heart. “Fine, fine, wife, I’ll go get your soup. Do you want a cookie with that?”