My Wicked Virgin

Page 79

She burst into giggles and almost got caught.
Hawk’s hand barely skimmed her back, so she darted to the left, only to find herself tripping on her skirt and almost faceplanting right into a nude woman’s vagina.
The woman was bound to one of the thick stone pillars that were scattered about the room, gaged and blindfolded by her Master. A Master who was presently laughing his ass off at Sunny’s blunder while his blindfolded sub asked what was going on. Struggling with her skirt still stuck under her boots, Sunny felt like she might die of embarrassment.
“Oh shit,” she exclaimed as she stumbled back. “Sorry! I’m so sorry!”
Hawk was laughing so hard, she almost got away before he scooped her up. “Nice.”
“Shut up!” She smacked his arm, so embarrassed about almost going headfirst into some random woman’s pussy.
“Got a feisty one on yer hands,” Master Liam growled as he joined them, wearing his usual kilt and a frilly pirate’s shirt as well as a rather swashbuckling hat.
“Aye, I do,” Hawk leered as he held her close. “What should I do with her?”
Master Liam grinned at Sunny’s scowl, then smacked a nearby empty pillar with chains and leather restraints hanging from it. “A little time in the old irons might improve the Lady’s disposition.”
She gave a little mock struggle as they both bound her facing the smooth stone surface, the fur lined cuffs tight enough to hold her without hurting her.
A blindfold went over her eyes, and she snarled, “You’ll never break me, Dread Pirate Hawk.”
She tried to bite back a smile as Liam laughed while Hawk said in a booming, heroic voice, “Quiet, wench! It’s time you learned who your true Lord and Master is.”
It didn’t surprise her one bit to feel a cloth gag gently slipped between her lips, and she smiled as it was tied tight behind her head. Hawk knew she loved having her senses taken away, loved the way it made her focus on her body, on how she was being touched. What she didn’t expect was another pair of strong, masculine hands spreading her legs wide as they applied a pair of cuffs to her ankles. When she tried to move her legs, she quickly figured out that she’d been strapped up to a spreader bar.
Hawk’s familiar scent filled her as he whispered into her ear, “Snap once for yes, twice for no, and your safeword is three snaps, understood?”
She snapped once.
“Would you like to try something new tonight?”
In the time they’d been together, she’d loved every new thing he’d ever exposed her to and quickly snapped once.
“Is my girl in the mood to have her pussy eaten?”
Another quick snap.
“In front of the crowd?”
She hesitated, drumming her fingers on the stone to show she was thinking.
“Beneath your skirt, without anyone seeing what is happening, but knowing without a doubt that your sweet little pussy is being worshiped.”
One quick, enthusiastic snap.
“Do you trust me?”
“Will you allow me to use whatever tools are available to pleasure you? Perhaps someone…soft?”
Her breath caught in her throat as she realized he meant bringing in a woman to play with her. They’d done it before, in private. And true to his word, Hawk had never touched the other woman, only ordered her to pleasure Sunny how he wanted. It had been incredibly hot, and she wondered what he had in store for her.
She snapped her fingers.
“One of your fan club is here begging to play with you. But I’m not going to tell you who, only that I can’t wait to see what she does with you now that she finally has a chance to fulfill her fantasy.”
With that, Sunny’s skirt lifted up in back and soft, feminine hands began to caress her legs, starting with her ankles and working their way up.
She moaned into her gag as full lips kissed the sensitive skin behind her knees, licking there with tiny, soft brushes of the unknown woman’s tongue.
Sunny’s imagination went crazy as she tried to imagine who touched her with such reverence. Who rubbed her bare breasts against the backs of Sunny’s legs? She could feel the other woman’s stiff nipples brushing over her skin and shivered as chills raced through her. Hawk groaned against her, his lips working the sweet spot where her shoulder and neck met.
The mysterious woman ran her fingers between Sunny’s spread legs, rubbing slow circles on Sunny’s clit until she tilted back, trying to get more. The woman obliged, rubbing faster and harder until Sunny moaned into her gag, bright lights starting to spark behind her blindfold. Then the woman abruptly stopped, leaving Sunny poised on the edge of climax.
She blew a hot breath over Sunny’s drenched folds, and Hawk ripped off Sunny’s gag then took her mouth in a deep kiss.
Clutching the chains, Sunny kissed her beloved husband and Master back, almost biting his tongue as the woman’s hair brushed her thighs a second before her mouth began to lick at Sunny’s pussy. The delicious feel of a talented, feminine mouth sucking on her clit had her toes curling, and she sucked on Hawk’s tongue in return, her moans almost constant now.