My Wicked Virgin

Page 80

Breaking away from their kiss, Hawk whispered, “That’s it, come on her face.”
The sparks in the darkness exploded as her pussy contracted, the woman licking her in perfect timing with her contractions. The long, broad strokes of her tongue barely gave Sunny a chance to fully come down.
“Too much,” she hissed as the woman returned her attention to Sunny’s clit beneath her skirts. “I can’t…too much.”
Hawk growled in response. “Never enough. I’ll never get enough of watching you orgasm.” His head shifted and his tone changed, so Sunny knew he must be addressing her mystery lover. “Wench,” he growled, “The lady also likes her back passage attended to.”
She smiled at his wording, but it vanished as a pair of slender fingers, wet with Sunny’s release, toyed with her bottom. The unknown woman would dip them slightly into Sunny, then pull them back out, stretching her bottom and sending shivers up and down her spine. Then she slipped them in to the first knuckle, stretching her fingers apart as she licked Sunny’s clit up one side and down the other before fluttering over the engorged bud.
“Yes,” Sunny hissed, pressing her pelvis down as much as she could onto the other woman’s face. “More.”
Hawk left her side, but a moment later, she felt a pair of much bigger fingers enter her bottom.
Working in tandem, Hawk and the mystery woman built Sunny up together, his fingers and her mouth wreaking havoc on Sunny beneath her long skirt. Her belly tightened and her clit became ultra-sensitive, her whole body shuddering as she began to beg. When the woman thrust three fingers into Sunny’s throbbing pussy, she clenched down hard and climaxed, wonderful feelings of release and pleasure overwhelming her.
Hawk withdrew, making her twitch, and the woman’s mouth left her a moment later after a lingering kiss right on Sunny’s clit.
Her right wrist was unstrapped, then the left, and the ankle cuffs were removed as well. Exhausted by her intense orgasm, and floating on the edges of subspace, she offered no resistance as Hawk scooped her up. The world, still shrouded in darkness by her blindfold, rocked as he carried her somewhere.
When she was sat down on the edge of the bed, she almost fell over before Hawk made her sit up so he could remove her corset. That first deep breath after it was all the way off revived her a little, and she helped him remove the rest of her elaborate outfit until she was nude before him. His satisfied sigh as he took her in his arms made her smile, as did the feeling of his rock-hard erection grinding into her belly.
“That was amazing,” she sighed as he kissed her. “Thank you.”
“We’re not done yet. I got a new toy I think you’ll like.” She started to reach for her blindfold, but he smacked her hands away. “No, greedy girl, it’s a surprise. Now get on your hands and knees and present yourself to your Master.”
She did as ordered, her hard nipples brushing the mattress. “Yes, Master.”
Cool liquid drizzled between her buttocks and her heart sped with anticipation. Hawk had turned her into a complete anal slut, and she got off just as hard from anal play as vaginal. The slight pain that came from a good ass fucking always sent her deep into subspace, and she enjoyed how submissive she felt giving this part of herself to him.
There was a sound of something jingling, then Hawk crawled up onto the bed behind her.
“I saw someone using this the other night and knew you would love it.”
“What is it?”
“A strap on.”
She looked over her shoulder even though she couldn’t see anything. “Why would you want to use a strap on when you have the world’s best cock?”
“Well, I only have one dick. I can only fuck one of your greedy holes at once. This strap on is designed so I can fuck your ass with my cock, and your pussy with a dildo at the same time.”
To emphasize this, he rubbed his dick against her bottom, and a very thick and cool dildo against the entrance to her pussy.
“Oh, ohhhh,” she moaned as he began to tease her back entrance with his erection.
Aching for him, she tilted her back and begged just how he liked. “Please, Master, please fuck me. You can have me any way you want, but I need to be fucked!”
“Greedy, naughty girl,” he grunted as he notched his cock right against her anus. “Open up for me.”
She did as he asked, dying with pleasure at the feeling of being penetrated, of being filled in every way. Her body didn’t know how to handle it, shaking slightly as he began to push and retreat, a slow in and out glide that kept her hovering on the edge of too much. He began to become more aggressive, his thrusts deepening until he was all the way in. She panted like she was running a race, her hands clutching the bedding tight as she pushed back into him, wanting it all, wanting every sensation he could give her.