Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Chapter 07

Dr. Abstract,

Please, accept the small amount we can give you as our way of our gratitude and appreciation for
taking care of our prince, Storm.


Please, don't give it back. Use it for yourself and for your family.

Thank you.

Kindly regards,

Mr. and Mrs. Casper

Wow! Small amount… okay, they were the ones who said it… I’ll accept it then. I put it on my wallet
and thinking of what can I do to treat my family for tomorrow, maybe a lunch and dinner outside, a good
full body massage will be great too. I picked another gift from the box and I saw it was from Flood, his
gift is quite big. “What is this?” I found a note that was attached on the box.

Dr. Rackie,

You have to use this.


Whoa! Even in his note is really demanding. I was surprised when I finally saw what his gift was. It was
the laptop that I’ve been dreaming for which is now mine instantly. “In fairness… he’s good at giving
gifts.” I comments. I remember the gift of Windy, a small box that it seems like a box of phone but quite
smaller than that.

Dr. Rackie,

Congratulations for passing the board exam.



I was a bit stunned when I saw it was a small watch phone. “Are they wasting money?” I questioned
unexpectedly. I put the watched on the bed and get another gift from the box. My eyes noticed the
name Director Art from a gift so I get it and open. A pair of shoes, I can’t help but smile. “He knew my
taste on shoes.” I whispered. A white highcut shoes. “I guess, the shoes that I like are too obvious…” I
stood up to put the shoes on the shoe rack. I lie down on my stomach on the bed and get another gift.
It was from Lunar, there’s no note but I saw that a box full of lipstick. “Seven colors for each day
through the whole week?” I chuckled when I saw the arrangement of the lipstick, from light to dark
colors. I sat down and opened the near cabinet; I put the watch Lunar’s gift. I crawl back to my bed and
just grab a gift it was from Master.

Rackie the top three, congrats! - Master

I’m really stunned, it was the lastest Microsoft phone from Nokia. “Expensive!”I complaint but I have a
smile on my lips. I put it beside the watch. It’s a small box that I got and when I open it… I was
surprised, it’s a car key.

Rackie the Racer

You said before that you like to have a vintage car that has a modern design, so I’m making it come
true. Just go to the shop to claim it when you have time. Congratulations!”


I was touched. “Oh, Wisdom…” I whisper. I put it on the bed and I got a card.


Congratulations! I know you really work hard for it. You deserve a break!


Paint says that her gift is in your studio.

Your eldest sister, Hue

I smile, Hue never failed to send card. I stood up and immediately went to the studio. I was amazed of
what I’ve seen, I saw canvas which I can’t count. I saw two boxes that were on the table near the small



Tatay & Mama

I am so excited to open it and what made me so touched was I saw a camera that I’ve been saving for
to buy, I open the other box and I saw the different kinds of lens for the camera. The overwhelming
feeling makes my heart rejoice. I brought the box that has lens and went inside my room, I noticed the
box near my bed, I thought the box was empty.


You really made us proud. Congratulations!


I looked at the note. I open it and saw a Polaroid and boxes of films. He knew that I like to take
pictures. “You still know how to make me speechless…” I whisper. I put the wrap papers on the trash, I

keep the gifts I receive and arrange it to places in my room then I took some pictures of each then send
a personal message to them with the picture I took.

'I know you will love it.' Master replied. I didn’t reply to his message, I don’t want him to think that
everything is okay and I’m okay with what he did however I can’t change what happened. I admit it, I
also have a part why it happened. I was careless and I forgot that he is a man and I forgot that he is
always in control. I was startled when I heard the weird ringtone and the funny thing here; I was the one
who set that ringtone for me to know that the caller is Radiance.

I inhale first before answering his call. “I knew you’ll love it, babe!” he said with full of excitement
without me saying hello on the line.

"Yeah, I also like the color too." I answered bluntly. “Hey!” I yelled when I heard him chuckles. “Do you
think I forgot what you did? If you don’t have anything important to say don’t call me.” I said with

“Irate? Do you have a visitor today?”

“None of your business!” I irritably replied. I know what he meant about the word visitor, which was his
term whenever I’m having my menstrual period. “Now, if you don’t have anything to say then goodbye.”

“Wait! Babe, you’re my stress reliever here then you’ll just ignore me.”

“Stop wasting each other’s time.” I replied.

“Oh, come on babe…”

"Radiance Wilton!" I warned.

"Yes, babe?" I can see what was his expression and I’m sure his acting cute.

"Dr. Radiance 'Red' Wilton, act like a CEO!"

He laughs. "Oh, she’s now angry..." he comments. "I just miss you."

"I don't miss you, Red. We're done years ago and we will never ever going back together."

He inhale and a long exhale heard from the line. “I was jerk before, I know and I really regret it. I’m
hoping that you’ll give me a ch—” he was interrupt. ‘Dr. Red, the VVIP patient room 02 is looking for
you.’ Someone said to him. ‘Hmm… I’ll go there.’ He replied seriously. “I’ll end this call, a patient is
waiting for me, later.”

“There’s no later.” I replied then I heard him laugh before the line cuts.

My phone rang again because of the notifications I received from one of the social media. The
notifications kept on coming. The door of my room opens while I was typing my special character for
Cataclysm. The light spread out to the entire place, I looked behind me to see my mother who switched
on the light.

“Why didn’t switch on the light?” she asks. “And why are you in the corner?”

I looked again on the screen of my laptop. “Ma, I can think better when I’m in the corner and when it’s
dark.” I replied. “What’s the matter?” I ask.

“Hue said that I’ll get the payment for the connection.”

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