Chapter 08

I stood up and went to get some money on my wallet. “Keep the change, it’s yours. Buy something for
yourself not for other things here, for yourself. If you want to buy something for the house, you can tell
me.” I said then put my wallet back in my backpack then went back to the corner. “Ma, before you go
please turn off the lights. Thank you!”

I glance at her before she leaves and her gesture of locking the door before going out made me smile.
She really knows the attitude of each of us her children. “Now, Cataclysm…. I need to go inside your
world and let me finish this current chapter so we can move forward to the next chapter.” I whispered. I
got a bit frustrated because I can’t think straight, it’s already eleven o’clock and I’m sleepy but I only
wrote half of the story. I’m a bit distracted to my phone from receiving a lot of notification and also
because Flood kept on calling me so I put my phone into driving mode so the gadget will stop from
ringing. I’m on leave, right? So, I have the every means to turn off my phone. I got bored from the
storyline of Cataclysm so I need another character that will kill my boredom or else this will be one of
the unfinished stories. “Avalanche and Storm were introduced so I need another disaster to give
another disaster.” I commented to myself.

*Cataclysm Chapter 1.4

"I hate going to school, I don't have friends and they don't want to be my friends, I always end up being
bullied." This is what I always say when I was in grade school, but yeah, I had enough when I entered
high school and now I'm in college, I won't let anyone bully me because of my appearance, the girl with
plain looks, thick glasses with braces like a total nerdy geek but who cares? I like this plain look the
most because I can be me, myself and the real I but I can also be the 'IT GIRL' in my own way. First

day of class is boring and I hate it the most. All of them were looking at me like a loser and a walking
encyclopedia as if I know everything.


"I'm Cyclone Walker." that's all I've said but the professor I have to state why I chose the course. "I
chose B.S. Biology because I want to and nothing else..." I just said it so I won't have another question
to answer however the real reason why I took the course is because I'm tired of being patient and I
want to be a researcher.

I saw Avalanche on the hallway while paying off the books. I saw one of my classmates following him, I
didn't bother to find out why, Avalanche is actually our neighbor but five blocks away, I saw him last
night while I was walking home from my part-time job as a painter when I saw him outside the house
and talking to the phone. I saw my classmate followed Avalanche’s car. I’m observer, once something
took my attention, unconsciously, I follow the term of events.

After the class, my friend Light fetches me from school to art museum where I'm working as a part-time
painter. "Chloe, why don't you make it as a full-time? You can make the museum exhibit full of your
works." Light says while driving.

"You knew I prioritize my studies than being a painter."

"I know, my point is... it'll help you to earn more when you works will have an exhibit. You can stay the
same as right now, being unknown? People will only know your name but not the face, clear?"

The idea made me smile. "I might consider that." I said.

He smiled. "You won't regret if ever you pursue to be a painter."

He parked the car on our parking space. The moment I enter the museum, I saw all of my paintings
hung all over the wall. I let them have my permission to hung some of my works before but I didn't
expect that I'll be able to see all of my works. I'm surprise, I remember the paper I signed last night and
I saw that I put a mark on the paper stating that I allow the organization of the museum to have exhibit
my works. That's a very witty plan to make me say yes, you have my permission to exhibit my works.


I'm looking at the first ever abstract big painting I paint. It’s now on framed and displayed. I saw the
price tag and my eyes made me look at it twice to double check and yes, it’s real. A girl looks at it with
amusement and look at the price and smile. She walk toward the guard and asked something. The

organizer says she can go to the office. I roam around the museum for a while and when I went back to
my abstract painting, it’s not there anymore.

"If you are looking for the painting, it’s sold."

I was stunned after what I've heard. Who would ever buy such an expensive painting where only the
painter knows the meaning? Nevertheless, yeah, someone bought it; twenty-five thousand only for that
painting is expensive. Light gave me a piece of paper and an envelope. I open the envelope, it’s a
cheque. I read the piece of paper.

I really love your works. I hope you'll continue to paint an abstract painting.

- Snowflakes Rull*