Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Chapter 09

I went outside the house to go to the bank so I want deposit the cheque that was given to me. I didn’t
drive because Paint used the car but I asked her to go home early.

“I want to deposit this to my account.” I said the male accountant. “I’m terrified that the cheque will stay
longer inside my wallet.” I joked on.

He smiled at me. “It’s really terrifying when you have cheque inside the wallet, Rackie.” He replied.

I stare him. I don’t know if my eyes are just bad or maybe because I’m not wearing my eyeglasses
today? He smiled and pointed at his nameplate. I read his name, Sapience... Oh! I remember, he is the
one they call Sapie when I was still a rider. “Sapie...” I said and he chuckled.

“It’s okay, you can check your account.” He said then smiles again.

His dimples showed. “Don’t smile too much, the girls here might fall in love with you.” I joked on.

“Including you?” he asked. I looked at him and smiled then gestured no. “Why? You’re also a girl,

“Sapie the happy, we’re not match.” I said and the laughed.

You know my phone number, right?" he suddenly asked.

I nod. “It’s zero, nine, one...” I stated his number aloud and when I was with the last two digits he
looked at me firmly. I chuckled. “Oh, your eyes might fall.” I joked on.

He smiled. “You are stating my number out loud.”

I’ll message you later.” I said then left. Now, I’m a bit confused, why do I have a lot of guy friends
though I have few girl friends but we seldom meet because we are busy on our career. I decided to
withdraw just in case I saw something to eat at least I can buy and while I was walking I did the right
thing. When I got home, there’s no one in the house so I arrange the food I bought, I taste it before
putting it in the refrigerator. I locked myself inside the room and change, well not totally change but
more on just removing the clothes I wore.

‘Guys, we don’t have update for this coming weekdays, I’ll try on weekends. Sorry, got loads of school
works.’ I read Sketch’s post on his social media.

I look for a while on my newsfeeds until my eyes caught the post of Doodle. ‘We don’t have update for
today because I’m not finish yet but maybe tomorrow however that’s not sure.’ I stare blankly at the
comment box.

I suddenly lost from thinking not because there will be no update from the two stories I’m reading but
because it seems like I read it before. I suddenly jumped on my bed. “Is this true?” I asked myself, I
can’t believe what I have read. I remember the last scene I wrote on Cataclysm, same words, same
scenarios and same comments. I doubt at first but it’s really amazing which really I can’t understand. I
get my laptop on the table near my bed, open it and lie down on my stomach. I read the last scene I
wrote in Cataclysm and really, it made me more feel surreal... I can’t believe when I read the posts of
Sketch and Doodle. It is so coincidental from the things that happen from real life and my story. I want
to set it aside but it seems like I have to see for myself what’s going on.

It’s sad, Sketch mylove but I’ll wait.

- Chief H.

This comment made me more suspicious which I can’t just let it aside. I looked at the last live video of
Doodle with his best friend. I stare blankly, I felt that someone pour an icy water. I close my eyes. “It
seems like my guts is saying the truth. The stories I’m writing were coming true whenever there are real
people involved.” I said to myself. I sigh. “I need to see this for myself.” I said with determination. I

suddenly stood up when I remember the characters of Cataclysm. I put on my clothes hurriedly. “It
seems like the house I bought will have guests.” I said with excitement.

I am in a hurry going to Heart Medical Centre since I don’t have car when I finally reached the hospital,
i run to reach the rooftop to see Lunar. He was confused when he saw me and his eyes was asking
what am I doing in the hospital.

“Key.” I said while gasping some air to breath. He was just staring at me as if he didn’t heard me. Then
I realized that he doesn’t understand me so I sign to wait, I take that time to catch my breath. When I
finally get to refine my breathing and to calm my heart from racing, I took the bottled water that he was
holding to ease the thirst from my throat. He was surprised when he saw that I drunk half of the water. I
breathe again and look straight to his eyes. “Key.” That’s the only word came out from my mouth once

He crooked his forehead. “Rackie, it was just the key that you need, why do you have to drink half of
my water?” he asked. He get something on his bag and give the key. The key looks so old like it was
from the old castles from the vampire movies. “Don’t be confused, it is customized for your house.” He
said then he was about to eat his burger when I suddenly get his bag and pull him. We went straight to
Director Art’s office. Director Art was stunned when the door opened and saw us.

"Director Art, I need him to have an under time. We need a lot to talk to." I said with one breath, pulled
Lunar out of the place, and went straight to the Radiology Department to say the same thing to the

head department wherein he could only nod.

I get the burger on Lunar’s hand and put it on his table with his bottled water. I removed his lab gown,
put his messenger’s bag unto him, tidy his hair and clothes. Obviously his stunned from what I’ve done,
I get his burger and bottled water from his table and pulled him out until we reached the parking lot.
“Hold these.” I said as I pass the burger and bottled water. I opened his bag and search for the key of
his car. I open the door for him on the passenger’s seat, he was confused but still sat there. I drove his
car and went straight to the Wisdom’s shop to get the car that he said I can claim anytime.

“Lunz, while we are on the way you can eat your meal.” I said while my eyes are on the road. “I’m
bothered by the sound of your growling stomach.” I commented. “And please, stop staring at me.” I

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