Chapter 10

I saw that there are a lot of cars parked on Wisdom’s shop. I clicked my tongue when I saw that I can’t
park and my eyes shine when I saw a slot that I can do and park at however it’ll be difficult to park if
you’ll slowly park so I have to drift to park. I smiled when I succeeded as Lunar’s car get fit with the
space of us getting out of the car.

“Yeah! Rackie the Racer never fails!” I heard someone yelled with joy.

I saw Lunar who was holding tight and pale. I smiled at him and removed his seatbelt then tapped his
shoulder. “Lunar, you can go out.” I said while smiling. He pushed the door immediately and puke

“Nothing can compare to you, Rackie. Who’s with you?” Wise asked.

I smiled. “Co-worker at the hospital, where’s Wisdom?”

“Oh... big bro? There, arguing with Wit.”

“As always....” I commented which Wise smiled. I turn to look at Lunar, he is now leaning on his ca.
“Lunar, you’ll stay there?” he face isn’t good. He nods, I checked on him then tidy his hair and left.

“Witty my witty... what have you done this time?” I said. Wisdom turn to look, Wit immediately stood up
to run and hug me. “Sister-in-law, big bro is mad at me again.” He said. Wow! I’m stunned, Wit is now
taller than I, before his height was just my eye level now it’s the other way around. Wisdom went to
remove the hands of Wit that has been embracing me.

"You're not a kid anymore, Wit to embrace Rackie like that. You’re already twenty!” he said. “Later, we’ll
talk again.” Wit pouts as he go. Wisdom sighs before facing me.

“What happened?” I asked, just to see if he can spill it out.

“He got someone pregnant but he wasn’t sure if he’s the father. He have the guts to be the first father
before us.” He replied problematically.

I’m totally shocked when Wisdom disclosed that information that he will usually kept it on his own. “How
come he isn’t sure?” I curiously asked.

Wisdom suddenly burst into laughter. “I never change, he didn’t get someone pregnant. He failed some
of his major units.” He said. “Are you going to get your Volkswagen?” he asked grinning. I nod. “Follow
me.” So I did. I literally open my mouth when I saw it, it seems like it was just for exhibit. He touch my
chin lightly. “Close your mouth, a bee might come in.” He joked on.

“Whoa! I can’t believe it, amazing!” I praised.

“Wit did that while Wise was the one who modify the engine. That is the Volkswagen that I saw from a
friend’s garage which he said he wants to disposed so I bought it, restore and make it things inside new
and when I paint it gray, Wit said that its too plain for a former racer like you.”

I laugh. “I’ll get it but not going to use it for now.”

“It’s okay; I’ll just send it to your address.”

“Not in the house, I want to get it now because I’ll come and see the house I bought...”

“Uh, okay... Oh, by the way, there’s a bonus! Wise wants to give you the racing car that he made just
for you.”

While we are on the road, I still can’t believe from the things I’ve received from the Go brothers. Lunar
was now the one who’s driving because he doesn’t want to experience the same fate when I was the

one who’s driving and he might not be able to hold it anymore and puke inside the car. I’m amazed
from the nature I see outside.

"Thank you, Wise!" I said when we finally reached the house and he personally parked the cars.

Lunar cleared his throat. “Uh, I’m just curious. How much did you bought that car?” he asked referring
to the racing car.

Wise smiled. “I can’t say.” He shyly replied.


“I want to know because I saw something similar and it’s really costly.” Lunar insists but Wise remain
quiet until he passed his phone to Wise then there’s the sound of a phone ringing. “Just checking.” He
said then went inside the house.

“I’ll leave now, just call me when you need repair.” Wise said.

“You sure, you know the way out?” I asked. He nods.

I saw Lunar arranging the groceries, he stopped doing what he was doing when he saw me plugging
the appliances that needs to be plugged. “Rackie, tell me the truth. You’re friends are rich.” He started.

“Yes because you are also rich.” I shortly replied.

"It’s not time for joke, sweetie." He said seriously.

I looked at him. “What do you want to know?”

He sits on the floor and opens the box that has soap from the groceries. “Are they really your friends or
more than that?” he asks while his attention is on the things from we bought.