Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Chapter 19

"Doodle, trust me. We will make it!" I encourage him. “Now, hold!” when we were near our target place
so we can get out though we knew that it’ll be impossible but we need to gamble. When we were near I
position Doodle feet on the things that should be stepped on the motor. I lean on and put my legs on
Doodle’s hips to get a grip and hold so I won’t fall when I hold up high the thing that I saw as an
opportunity to get an exit. To be honest, I don’t know how did we get out but because Doodle lost the
control from the wheel and he accidentally step on the brake, I got tumbling out in front then I saw
Doodle stumble far away from me. I just don’t know how and where did I found my strength to stand
and went to see Doodle. I’m glad to see that he was awake.

"Stand up, Doodle. Don't ever sleep if you still want to live." I warned him.

I went near the motor which is near Doodle’s head. I’m so thankful that he didn’t get stuck with the
motor. I saw that he was not standing, I immediately ride and went in front of him. “Ride now.” I said
calmly even though I notice that our pursuers were behind us.

“What are we going to do?” Doodle asks.

“What else are we going to do? of course we have to run!” I replied. Wisdom never failed to take care
of this motor. We were just going round and round on the street until I thought to get a visit on Riah’s
house which a friend and an enemy of Wise. We stayed in front of the house of the Archangel.
Honestly, I’m ashamed but I have to stay courageous until we get home. Our pursuers and us were

waiting for each movement and I’m decided that I won’t go anywhere since I know they can’t do
anything here. Who would dare to do some chaos in front of the Archangel’s, no one! There’s a car
went out of the house which made the pursuers go. We stayed for a couple of hours just to be sure.

“Rackie, are we not going yet?” Doodle asks.

I inhaled and exhaled for a while then drive. Then I just noticed that I’m already parking, my hands are
still shaking while assisting Doodle to come in the house. No one is in the living room; we went in until
we reached the sofa and sat there. I get the first aid kit under the sofa, which Lunar, Red and Art
laughed when they saw me putting it under the sofa. They said first aid kit aren’t supposed to be under
furniture. I started to tend the wounds on Doodle from his head until the lower part of his body.

“Rackie, your head is bleeding.” Doodle said while staring on my forehead.

I smiled at him. “Don’t mind it. I’m okay.” I said.

I turned to looked at the receiving area when I heard some noise coming from that way and saw Master
who was looking at us, shocked all over his face.

“Stay there, Master.” I calmly said. “Just stay here, I’m fine.” I said again, when I saw how he looked at
me worried. He nods then looked what I’m doing or he’s looking at me. I wincing when I raise my arms.
I can also feel the dizziness but I shook my head whenever my sight doubles.

I don’t know how did the others come. When I saw Lunar, I asked him to drive Doodle to the hospital. I
sat to look at my wound on my side, I wince when I saw that it was a bit deep, it was located between
my side and V-line, one long horizontal line which I think four inches long. I was able to do the first aid
but still I feel the dizziness and I don’t know what happened after.

They all nod like how the toys in the car nod but the difference is they all touched their chin. I shook my
head, I looked at Wise, he seems to be okay now and it seems he knew Sketch because they are
talking before I told them what happened.

“You said yesterday you were awake but you didn’t open your eyes.” Lunar confusedly asked.


“Oh, yes… when Art was tending my arms.” I replied. I noticed how Red make face and Master turn his

“When are you going to get out of here?” Wit asked.

I look at Allie, Art and Red. “You can’t, not yet.” Allie said. “You’re still under observation, Ackie.” He
added. “Stay here at least a week? When I saw that you have improvements and you’re really okay
then I’ll be the one to sign your release papers right in front of you.”

Everyone laugh except for Allie of course. “Too bad, bro.” Red said to Art. “It seems Rackie doesn’t
need your specialization.”

“For now, bro…” Art replied.

"I'll never allow Rackie to be checked by you." the Go brothers, Master and Flood said simultaneously
with warning tone.

“How about you, are you okay with that?” Art asks Red.

“It’s okay, you’re professional.” Red replied.

I looked at Allie then help me to get up and get near to them. “Ooooouuuuccchhh!” Red said when I
pinched him on the side. “Rackie, it hurts… let go. It hurts!!!”

“You reply confidently as if you are my husband.” I said then pinched him more.

“Rackie, sorry.” He winced. I’ve let go of him, he’s trying to ease the pain with his palms. “You pinched
big but it hurts!” he said while making face.

“You too…” I warn Art.

“Ouch!” Art groan then caress his head after my hand lands on his head. “I told you not to force your
arms!” he said while still caressing his head.

“Wait, did you say black car?” Wisdom asks. I nod as a respond. “Did you see the plate number?” I
think first and trying to remember the other details but I don’t remember any plate number so I shook
my head.

They clicked their tongue. “This will be difficult.” They all said and all I can do is to sigh.

Just one day and I’ll be able to go out of the hospital. I was startled when I heard a knock. “Come in.”

"Can I come in?" a guy ask outside the room after he opened the door. He’s smiling at me while holding
two boxes of pizza.

Everyone were working so there’s no one here in my room. My eyes brightens when I saw the pizza
that he brought but I was a bit taken a back when I finally realized who he is.

"Attorney Amative?" I asked.

"Yup!" he replied while smiling at me.

I suddenly sat when the reality sink in. He was my professor who was super considerate when I was
still a law student. I winced when I felt my wound on my side. “Come in.” I said.

He put the pizza on the center table. “Should I call a doctor?” he asks.

I didn’t look at him because I was busy looking at my wound to see if it was open due to the bleeding
and thankfully it wasn’t. “No need. I’m a doctor, myself.” I replied when I assured that my wound didn’t
open. “Besides, this will be clean later.” I said then looked at him.

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