Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Chapter 20

I didn’t look at him because I was busy looking at my wound to see if it was open due to the bleeding
and thankfully it wasn’t. “No need. I’m a doctor, myself.” I replied when I assured that my wound didn’t
open. “Besides, this will be clean later.” I said then looked at him.

When I turn to look at him, he was right in front of me, sitting on the edge of my bed and staring at my
wound even though my pajama covers it.

“Why did you bring pizza instead of flowers?” I asked.

He smiled at me and stood up, he went to the center table to get the box of pizza and open it for me.
He sat on my bed again. “You told me before, your allergy attacks when you get near with flowers so I
thought of pizza besides the menu in the hospital doesn’t have it.” He replied.

I chuckle and get one slice of pizza, we talked a lot and I was shocked when he said he was one of the
professors of Storm.

“How come you knew that I’m here?” this is the question I really want to ask when I recognized him but
it was rude to ask the moment he got here.

"I have my resources…" he shortly replied.

I just nod and didn’t ask for more yet I’m curious. “What brings you here?”

I smile and get near me. “To visit you.” He said then holds my hand which a good timing for Wit to enter
which seems like he went here straight from school. He’s a bit taken aback before finally coming in. I
saw Attorney Amative grinned at me and get nearer than before. "Listen carefully because I'll just say it
once and won't repeat it." He whispers on my lips while looking at my lips. “Conceal your reactions; I
won’t put any harm to any of your love ones if you’ll come with me.” he said and kissed my forehead. I
suddenly looked at him then he smiled at me again. "Remember this." He whispers on my right ear an
address and told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone if I don’t want anyone to get harmed the people that
was around me especially my family. He stood up and tidy his clothes. “I’ll go now. Next time, be careful
okay?” he said and went straight to the door while Wit was stuck like a statue near the door.

When Wit got back to his senses, he went straight to me. He was pale but what make it more obvious
is he’s so worried. “Are you okay, Rackie?” he asked. I just nod. “What did he said to you?” I look at my
hands. “Rackie!”

I look at him and frown. “He said I have something green on my teeth.” I said as if I’m a child who got
wronged. “Do I have?” I ask and show my teeth. He hugs me and breathes with relief. “Wit, is there any
green on my teeth?” I asked again. I shook his head while still hugging me. “I was teased again. He’ll
pay for fooling me.” I said just to cover up all the fear I feel for all of them.

Allie went in to tell me the results from the last tests and said that I can finally go home tomorrow. He
saw that my wound is bleeding. “How many times do I have to tell you, Ackie! Be thankful that this
wound didn’t got open or else I won’t sign your release papers!” he irritably said.

“Sorry, the pizza was too far.” I said as an excuse.

“Oh, just for the pizza you’ll neglect your wound and let it bleed?” Lunar asks while frowning.

“Stop those sermons, okay?” I said for I know that they all have something to say.

“Rackie will stay in the house.” Wisdom suddenly said.

We look at Wisdom. “How about Doodle?” I ask. “How about Sketch?” I’m starting to panic. “What if
Doodle will be harm again? What if Sketch will be harm?” I won’t be able to protect them. I wasn’t able
to think straight.

'Listen carefully because I'll just say it once and won't repeat it. Conceal your reactions; I won't put any
harm to any of your love ones if you'll come with me. These words were echoing non-stop on my head
which Attorney Amative whispered to me.

"Rackie, are you with us?" they all asked.

"Huh? Sorry, what is it again?” I ask to reply.

"Rackie, I'll go home. My family is asking me why I’m not coming home recently.” Sketch said and I just
nod as an answer.

“I’ll also come home to my apartment.” Doodle said.


"No buts, Rackie. I’m already okay.” Doodle said firmly. “I was able to come back to work three days

They were all decided so I wasn’t able to say anything, “Okay… but there’s a problem or if there’s
anything I can help you, you can call me.” I said.

It’s decided that they would all go home; Master stayed and was sleeping soundly. While I tidy my
pillow because I’ll be able to be release tomorrow I saw a small piece of paper under my pillow.

'Call me if you want me to fetch you.'

That’s written on the paper. I turn to look at Master wherein he suddenly stood up from being asleep.
“Yes sir?” Master ask on the phone. “Oh… uh! Okay, I’ll finish it today. Yes sir.” After the call he look at
me and said he need to go home. “Sorry, heart.” he apologetically said and hug me then

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