Chapter 21

I decided to wait for more hours before I call Attorney Amative that I just knew from Wit that Wolf and
Attorney Amative is one person.

"I'll fetch you right now. Wait me." he said on the line.

“That is what I said, right? One more thing, go to my room I’m having difficulty when walking.” I irritably

He chuckled. “What is this? Are we Romeo and Juliet? It seems like your tone is like that.” he joked on.

"Stop kidding, not funny.” I replied.

“Oh… I was just trying to make it light… I’m near.” He said. “What if someone saw us?” he asked.

“What? Did I say we’re going to exit from the door?” I ask as an answer. The door suddenly open and I
saw him standing then walk towards me.

"You're not serious." He told me.

“When did I crack a joke to you?” I asked.

"We can't. I mean, I can’t properly put you down and worst you might fall, Race!”

"Do you have acrophobia?" I ask.

"What is that?" he confusedly asks.

"I mean, are you afraid of heights?" I ask. I shook his head continuously. “You want me to come with
you but now it seems like you want to back out.” I challenged him. “Wisdom was able to escape with
me using the window the last time I got accident from my last race.”

He clicked his tongue. “I’m not going to escape with you using the window as an exit, it’s dangerous!”
he said.

He really didn’t use the window to use an escape to exit, we exit the door normally as if nothing. We
weren’t being noticed that’s why were able to get out of the hospital.

'I'm sorry everyone.' I whispered.

“Race, do you have a boyfriend?” he suddenly asks.

“What is it to you if I have or I don’t have?”

“If you don’t have at least I’m not going to think of a way how will I make him out of your life.” He
seriously said wherein he looks straight to the road.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t answer wrongly. “Wolf, why are you doing this?” I ask.

“You’re attention is so hard to get. You are like a sun that was difficult to reach and you make me burn.”

“Eh?! Why do you want to reach the sun if you knew that you’ll be burn?”

“Because you are beautiful, you’re kind and what I like the most is your one of a kind! You oppressed
me first.”

“Oh, so you were challenged? Or you are just competing with Wisdom and for you to torture him; you’re
taking me away from him.” I said. “Let me tell you this, it’s been so long since I work with them after the
accident from our last competition.”

“That’s not it…” he said with sadness in his tone”

“Then what?”

"I just want you, I just simply want you."


“I want to experience what you have… from Abstract Wrightwood which everyone was proud of.” He
replied. “And maybe… I want to know how soft your lips is, how you kiss, are you lovely when you
laugh, are you happy to be with, are you good at…” he look at me first. “Ouch!” he moaned while
caressing his head to ease the pain.

“Behave Wolf Amative!” I warn him.

“What? What’s wrong with being good with the kitchen, doing the household chores?”

Whoa! Excuses, excuses… I admit it his handsome but it makes me want to repair his mouth using my
fist. “Behave! I might kill the person beside me right now.” I irritably warned.

“I’m sorry… but that is what I really want to say.” He said. “We’re here.”

I observe the place, its familiar. “Wait!” I look around and when I realize where I am, my eyes widen…
it’s near the house of Wisdom. I punch him on his arm. “You should have said that we’re going to live
wit Wisdom.” I joked on.

He caresses his arm that I punched. ‘I’m not prepared to be a punching bag.’ He whispers.

“What are you whispering for?”

‘Whoa! So fierce!’ he whispers. He turns to look at me. “Come in.” he commands.

“What if I don’t want to?” I asked with annoyance.

‘Stubborn! This will be a headache. Why am I attracted to this girl?’ he whispers again. “If you didn’t
come in, I’ll imprison you here.” He warns.

“Your neighbor is Wisdom, can you hear me?” I said then walk slowly.

“What can I do, this is the house I inherit.” He said like a child.

When I finally went in and saw the interior, I admit that I like it, simple but you’ll know that the person
who’s living is a bachelor.

“Hmm… I’ve prepare your room.” He pointed the room that was in the corner. “I can’t prepare the room
upstairs for you.” He said then glanced at my casted foot.

“Before I’ll go to that room, I want us to have a boundaries.” I said. “Do you have marker?” I asked.

He thinks for a while. “Okay.” He replied then looked for a marker in the drawers. “But why maker?” he
asked then waved the black marker he found.

“So you can write the things I’m going to say.” I said then slightly raised my casted arm.

I’m going to do all of the things Abstract that will say today. (27th day 9th month 20XX)

“What the?!”

“Do you have objection?” he shook his head. “You’ll know later, I’ll sleep first.” I said then went in the
room and locked it.

He knocked. “Even if you lock this, I can still enter; you knew that I have the keys.”

I just ignore him then lie down. I look around, he really prepared this room then I felt my phone vibrates
on my pocket.

I’ll just allow you to have us boundaries if we both have benefits. He messaged me.

Duh! As if I’ll take all the benefits! I replied.

Whoa! I thought you’re asleep hehe

That’s what you thought…

Whoa! Even in text message, you’re also rugged?

You better sleep!

I just can’t believe that you’re with me, can’t get over it. Can I share the bed with you?

Of course… NOT! What are you, a kid?

Why Wise can and I can’t? ;(

Wow! You even used a sad emoticon. Are we close?

Ouch! Anyway, sleep so we can talk about the boundaries you are talking about but I also want to
include rules. Good night :*

I was awake by the soft caress on my cheeks. I open my eyes and saw Wolf who’s looking at me and
caressing my face.

"Good Morning, beautiful…" he greets with all smile in his face.

I am not shocked that he’s here that is at least I know that I’m in his house so I decided to ignore him.

“I already cooked, get ready then get out so we can eat.” He said then went out of the room.

We’re quiet while we eat then he suddenly look at me. “I’m just curious, how can you wear your
underwear? I mean, it’s impossible that it won’t get broken with that cast on your leg.” He said while
looking at my casted leg.