Chapter 22

We’re quiet while we eat then he suddenly look at me. “I’m just curious, how can you wear your
underwear? I mean, it’s impossible that it won’t get broken with that cast on your leg.” He said while
looking at my casted leg.

“That’s none of your business.”

“Hmm… that can’t be… because I’m going to buy you clothes that you’ll wear that’s why I’m asking.”

“Why? Can you buy me my undergarments?” I asked.

“Of course, I can! So, tell me.”

I secretly smirked. “My underwear have string on this side.” I replied then pointed my left side.

“Oh… is there a piece of cloth like that?” he asked in disbelief.

“Don’t know, not really sure. I only asked my mother to buy me.” I replied. Honestly, it’s really clear that
he can’t find an ordinary underwear that has string on one side but I’m sure that what he’ll find will be a

swimwear or bikini.

“I’ll wash the dishes.” He said.

“Good because I’m thinking how will I wash the dishes with my hands like this.” I replied.

“You’re so unkind.” He irritably commented. “Do you have a visitor?”

“I don’t have. I’m just annoyed whenever I see you.” I replied. Yes, I’m annoyed whenever I see him. It’s
more favorable to see Master instead of him even though I don’t to see that guy often.


I, Abstract Prowess Wrightwood agree that Wolframite Woorin-Aysel Amative will take care of me while
I'm in progress of healing.

I, Wolframite Woorin-Aysel Amative will take care of Abstract Prowess Wrightwood and won't hurt her
family and friends while she's still on my care.


1. Abstract can still contract her family and friends so they won't get worried but only through calls and
when Wolframite is around.

2. Wolframite won't invade Abstract's privacy (aside from using cellular phone)

3. Wolframite won't hurt anyone under Abstract's protection or else he will receive a punishment that
only Abstract knew.

4. Wolframite will have a tattoo on his left wrist.

Signed by: Dr. Abstract Prowess Wrightwood

Approved by: Wolframite Woorin-Aysel Amative

“What?!” his eyes almost popped out after he read the last rule out loud. “Why didn’t I saw this earlier?”
he asked.

“That’s because you aren’t reading.” I said then gave him the paper that I print earlier.

“What is this?”

“Paper and that would be the picture of your tattoo.”

His jaw dropped. “Wait, why so complicated?”

“That’s the rule number 3.”

“Can we just put in a normal font and stating hashtag rule number three?”



“You have an objection?” I asked. “I can walk to Wisdom’s house from here.”

“That’s not it but…”

“Are you afraid?”

He stood up straight. “Who’s afraid? Come on, where are we going to get my tattoo?” he said with

“We? We don’t have we, okay? One more thing, you’re the only one who will get a tattoo. It’s clear that
your name is the only one that is written in the paper isn’t it? Wolframite. Who’s Wolframite?”

“Me.” he replied pouting then we went out together.


“Dude, wait!” he said to stop the tattoo artist which is my friend. “Race, this won’t hurt right?”

I glance at him then looked back the catalog I’m holding. “I don’t know, I don’t have a tattoo and I’m not
planning to have.” I said matter-of-fact. “Bro, you can proceed now.” I said to my friend. “If you need to
hold him, do it.”

I really can’t help but to laugh while we’re walking in the mall. My stomach and jaw are in pain because
of laughing non-stop. “Go and laugh more.” He said.

“I really can’t help it, who’s afraid you asked hmmm? You stopped them as if there’s no tomorrow.” I
said in between my laughter then tried to get serious. “Wait, dude! Wait! Uh, uhh!” I repeat the same
lines he said while he’s having his tattoo.

“Wow, you even imitate me…” he said while looking at his tattoo.

Honestly, that rules we signed even if it was notarized it’s nothing because if one of us will break one of
those rules, we both know that we have other plans that were ready in our minds.

“Go, answer it.” Wolf said.

I looked who’s calling, it’s Wisdom. “Yo!”

“Don’t yo me! Why are you with that man?” Wisdom asked harshly.


“Look behind you.” He commands.

I slowly turn to look at behind me and saw Wisdom standing a few meters away without any expression
on his face looking at me. I noticed that Master is right behind him and glaring at Wolf. I turn to look at
Wolf who’s right beside me and have his arm over my shoulder. Master walks fast towards us.

"Please, Master not here." I said.

"Abstract, who is he?" Master asks still looking to Wolf.

"I'm Attorney Wolframite Amative, Abstract's boyfriend." Wolf introduce himself confidently.

"Abstract, is it true?” Master asks. I can’t answer because I knew that he’s mad because he called me
with my name. “Is it true, Abstract?” he asked again but this time he raised his voice a bit.

We got some attention to the people in the mall. I felt a soft press over my shoulder for me to close my
eyes because that’s the sign that if my answer is wrong, I knew what will happened. My plan can’t be
destroyed today so I nod to answer Master’s question.

I looked at Master. "Yes, it’s true."

"Rackie, don’t be afraid. Tell us the truth.” Wisdom said.

I shook my head. “No, Wisdom. We were together a long time, I couldn’t just say it to all of you and I
don’t want him to get mad because of my experiment for my story.” I said and I’m thankful that I didn’t

"I want proof." Master said with his voice shaking because of anger.

"No need for proof. Abstract and I were together for a long time. We’ve been together for years.” Wolf

"How about what happened to us, Abstract? That’s nothing?” Master asked full of resentment.

Wolf looked at me while Wisdom is walking towards me. “What happened between the two of you?”
Wolf and Wisdom asked with shocked all over their face.