Chapter 24

“I can’t watch over you that time because they asked me to come home.” He said sadly.

The hours that we were at the mall, people look at him and I noticed how he’s cautious and conscious
about how people look at him.

“When will you be back to the hospital so they can check that?” he asked while busy arranging the
things he bought.

“You budget is drained, right?” I asked teasingly so I can avoid his question.

He chuckled. “Slight. Wow, it’s so difficult to live with the girl who have this.” He said then pointed his

“Why there? Usually it’s in the heart, right?” I joked on.

He shook his head. “Race, have I told you before that the moment I first saw you, I thought already that
you are the girl for me. I didn’t felt it, Race. My brain told me that moment.”

“Uh, so when you thought that I should be gone in this world, you’ll also do that?”

“No, I have the difficult to get you from the Go’s so I’m very sure that I’ll have this difficulty to what you
said because the moment I knew your name it seems like it was engraved here.” He said then pointed
his chest.

“Hmm… that’s why you got jealous?”

“Yes, even though I don’t have the right but I felt it.”

"Sorry, I don’t understand what you felt because I forgot the feeling itself but I know the definition.” I
said and lie down on the bed and close my eyes.

I felt the bed move so I look at him; he’s lying down and looking at the ceiling. “Why did you allow him?”
he asked. I looked at the ceiling then closed my eyes. “Do you have feelings for him?”

I knew that he’s talking about Master. I didn’t answer his question until I felt that he’s caressing my hair.
When I open my eyes, he’s staring at me. “I’m tired, Wolf. I have check-up tomorrow, I received a
message from my orthopedic.” I said so I can avoid all his questions. I also avoid mentioning the name
of Allie because I can see madness in his eyes.

"Okay, I'll continue to fix those tomorrow. Rest well. Good night." He said and immediately left.

I laugh. “Yes, I love him as a friend…” I whispered. “…but I don’t know now it that’s what I feel

My phone vibrates and I answer the call without looking who’s calling. “Hello?” I whispered.

"Rackie, we need your help." Art said on the line obviously in panic.

I sat on the bed. “What happened?”

“Lunar said when he fetch Doodle in his apartment for his check up, Doodle isn’t there and the house is
in messed and his neighbors doesn’t know anything.”

“Okay, I’ll help to look.”

My phone vibrates again. This time it’s Master. “Rackie!”

"What?" I calmly respond.

"Sketch was kidnapped." He said in the line. “His family said after his school yesterday he didn’t come

I run out from Wolf’s house to the Go brother’s house. It’s midnight so I know that the Go brothers are
still asleep. I went to get the key of Wise’s car inside Wisdom’s office and drive. To be honest, I don’t
know where to go until I noticed that I’m driving to my house, the house I bought where I live with
Doodle and Sketch. I went in from the back because I noticed that there’s someone inside the house
and to be not caught. The moment I hid on the counter in the kitchen, I heard someone shouts.

"Brother please..." a girl begs while crying.

"You think I'll listen to you? He ran away after what he did. He's nowhere to be found then he'll be
here? Inside the house of the girl, I love? Cheating?” he said calmly holding his anger.

"Brother please..."

"Capee, stop begging. I won't listen." He said harshly. “Go and push them on the cliff where you push
the other one.” He commanded. “Will you stop crying both of you?” he said irritably.

I was surprise when I familiarized his voice; I got nervous when he mentioned the cliff. I know that
there’s a cliff near this house but I can’t move from where I’m hiding because they will see me and I
might be able to save Sketch and Doodle.

To be honest, it’s impossible to drive with a cast on your foot but I don’t understand how did I drive from
Wisdom’s house to here which is a long ride and up until now it’s still confusing me how did I end up
here inside the kitchen. Now I’m confuse how did I go out of the kitchen and now inside the car and
thinking how will I drive to go to the hospital to remove this cast on my foot. I heard some noise outside,
a moan and groan and it seems someone is calling my name. I went out to look and follow that noise
until I notice that it came from the cliff.

“Hold on.” Someone said.

Wait! That’s Sketch! I immediately look on the cliff and saw Sketch who’s holding on the branch of a
tree no, it’s a root of a tree and his other hand is holding… “Doodle!” I shout! I reach my hand without
thinking. “Sketch, can you pull Doodle up so I can reach him?” I ask. He shook his head. “Sketch, you
can do it, what’s that muscles for! Come on!”

“I can’t!” he said.

“Doodle, can you climb up to Sketch?”

"What?!" Sketch suddenly asked.

“What do you want, Doodle will climb up or you’ll pull him up?”

I tried his best to pull Doodle while I kept on stretch my arm to reach Doodle’s hand. “Sketch, a little
more and I’ll be able to reach him.” Doodle, come on reach my hand.” The moment I’m able to hold
Doodle’s hand, Sketch accidentally let go.” Doodle, hold tight! I’ll pull you up!”

I can feel slightly loosening the grip until only the fingers are being hold up tight. I saw that he’s giving
up so I shook my head and use my other hand to pull him up. I shout from the