Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Chapter 23

Wolf pulled me out of the mall. He didn’t bother about Wisdom calling us and the people looking around
us. I just followed him and he even carry me and the moment we finally reached his car, he put the
seatbelt right away then drive away.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Far away from all of them.” He replied.

"This is not the way to your house." I said.

"I know. I will not allow you anymore to use your phone unless it’s your family!" he said while trying his
best not to shout. I can see the veins on his head and his clenched jaw.

“Why does he look so cute even though his mad…” I whispered.

I stepped on the brake and place his hand on my forehead to not reach the dashboard even though it
really won’t reach it.

“Why did you step on the brake?” I asked.

“Sorry. It’s your fault. I’m mad here and you’re saying something crazy.”

“What did I said?” I innocently asked but there’s a tone of being annoyed.

“Well, what you said… Why does he look so cute even though his mad…”

I’m a bit surprised. “Oh… I voice it out?” I whispered. “So, where are we going?” I asked to change the
topic. I got shy.

“Mall but further here, I’m going to buy you clothes, right?”

I just nod. “Are you sure that I can’t use my phone?”

“Why? Do you have an objection?”

“Of course! I do have work besides I can’t avoid them forever. They will soon accept about us.” I said.

He laughed sarcastically. “You really think they would believe us on that lame reason why did you leave
the hospital without saying anything?"

I want to laugh. I was able to make him believe that I won’t leave him, that kind of small lie which is me
being together with him as a long time in a relationship wouldn’t be a big deal. “You know what, just a
few explanations only and they will believe.” I said.


“Let’s say… you are so annoyed because I don’t even look at you because I have boyfriend that time
but after two years of my break up, I answer you. About the date, that was the day of my last
tournament wherein you are my opponent.”

“How can you explain that I didn’t visit you in the hospital that moment?”

I smiled. “Because I told you not to see me whatever happen, you won’t come near me because I can’t
say yet that we are together that time.”

“Okay but what if they don’t believe you?”

“It’s not me who will explain things out, it’s you. Besides, you got mad at me that’s why you shelter me
because you don’t want my family to see me like this.”

He nods. “Okay but tell me the truth, did anything happened to you with that guy?”

I sigh then close my eyes. “Yes, long story.”

"I have all day to listen on that long story, you can tell me." he said while frowning.

*"Rackie, sorry... I didn’t mean to do this, I didn’t also plan it.” Master said to me while he hugs me from
the back and kissing my shoulder. “But I didn’t regret what happened.” He said then kissed the back of
my head. “Rackie, I know you can’t return what I feel for you but I hope you felt how much I love you
even though it’s against your will what happened today.”

Wow! This person is so lazy, I’m having bedsore from my position right now. I slowly turn to look at him.
“Master, you’re not hard to love it’s just that… it can’t be.” I whisper then face him and caress his face.*

“That’s it? You just felt his kiss nice and you let him do it?” he asked irritably.

“Wolf, he was able to wake my desires up.” I said. “Besides, it won’t happen again.”

“That won’t really happen because you are living with me.”

“Are we going to travel that long?”

“Is it taking long? Why, are you hungry? It’s still early.”

“Yes, I am hungry but I want to eat something else.”

"WHAT?!" he asked then step on the brake again.

I closed my eyes from annoyance. “Wolframite, I’m now annoyed to you!” I almost shout. I was
surprised to myself so I look away. “Sorry, I lost my composure.” I apologized then sighed.

"Sorry too, I did mean to stop the car. Let me, are you pregnant?"

I looked at him. "It’s been a year since that thing happened between me and Master!" I said then rolled
my eyes. “It’s not because I’m craving for something that means I’m pregnant. I am just hungry and I
missed the taste of the baby back ribs.”

His jaw dropped from what I said. “Sorry, I just can’t help it.”

We went to a restaurant that he saw because he panicked from my attitude. “Why here? It’s expensive
here.” I complained.

“Don’t complain anymore, you shout at me earlier because you are hungry and now you are
complaining. Just order so you can eat, you’re frightening when hungry.” He said while busy looking at
the menu.

“I want baby back ribs, two extra rice, salad, pizza, and lasagna hmm... mineral water please." I said to
the waiter. “Hey, what’s yours?” I asked him while his obviously shocked.

"Uh, mushroom soup will do and mineral water too. Thank you." He said.


“No, I’m just going to save some so I can give all your needs.”

He’s quiet while choosing some on my clothes. Honestly, I’m having difficulty walking. My foot up until
my knee is cast

“I’m going to buy you a wheelchair.” He said while I’m sitting on the bench in the store we went in.

“It’s your fault why I have this cast on my foot, right?” I irritably said to him.

He came near me. “Sorry, that won’t really happen however the person I ask to follow you is dumb and
have other understanding from what I said.” he said apologetically then kissed me on my forehead.
“What I said is very clear.”

“What did you said?” I asked arching my eyebrow.

“What I’ve said is to follow you, not to frighten you, not to hurt or harm you and most of all if you have
someone with you they have to make sure that they will have a background check.”

“Now I know…” I whispered.

“I can’t watch over you that time because they asked me to come home.” He said sadly.

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