Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Chapter 25

I shout from the pain that I felt my arm got dislocated. “I got you, Doodle. I got you.” I said wincing.

“Rackie, let go of me.” Doodle said.

“What’s that drama for, Dood? After I sacrificed my arm for you, I’ll just let you go? No way!”

“Rackie, I can’t hold on anymore, save those dramas later!” Sketch said irritably.

"God knows I'm trying to pull this dramatic actor here!" I replied. I used my other hand to pull him up
which is the one that use for me not to fall but now I’m using my knees as support for me not to totally
fall from the cliff. I was able to pull him up but suddenly the root that Sketch was holding on stretched
out. “Doodle, there’s no time for you to rest.” I command. Doodle hold my feet and I slide down to reach
for Sketch. “Dood, let go.” I said. “I’ll pull Sketch up then help him to climb up there.” Why does Sketch
is heavy? I mean, Doodle is heavy but Sketch is heavier than Doodle.

“Boss, I already saw her.” I heard a man from the background.

"Listen, when you finally get out of this cliff run as fast as you can and get inside the car that was
parked near here. Go and leave this place! Don’t turn back just go! Go to Master’s workplace or Flood’s

law firm or to the hospital but make sure that you won’t get all the attention inside the hospital.” I said to

"Race!" Wolf shouts my name and I panic.

I wasn’t able to control my mouth and shout when I felt my ligaments stretched out from one of my
arms but I bear the pain "Sketch, grab Doodle's hand and get up!" I command. I even helped Sketch to
climb up. “Run!” that’s all I’ve said and the root that I’m holding on broke and I slipped off from the cliff.

"Abstract!" I heard Wolf yelled full of worry.


Sketch and Doodle was able to go to the hospital. Art was able to see them first and check and tend
their wounds.

“Where’s Rackie?” Dr. Red asks. The two avoid their gaze because they don’t know how to say what
they witnessed before they get out of the place. “Sketch, Doodle… where’s Rackie?” he asked again.

Sketch shook his head. “Sorry, it’s my fault.”

Red shuts his eyes from what he heard. “Don’t give me that statement, Sketch. Just tell me where’s

“She fell from the cliff after saving us. We can’t do anything but to get out of that place that’s the last
thing Rackie said before the totally fell.”

Red slapped the door from what he has heard. Wisdom came gasping in the room. “Master called me,
they are now making some search operations for Rackie along with Flood. They are also looking for
Wolf.” He said while trying to get some air.

It’s been months since they tragedy happened but up until now Abstract is nowhere to be found and
Wolframite isn’t showing also. The family of Abstract was able to find out as well because of the news
from the media and police. Sketch and Doodle are still staying at the hospital for some other tests and
to be monitor from the injuries they had.

“Dude, stop that. Do you think Rackie would like what you’re doing to yourself?” Cloud asks to Red
while drowning himself from the beer that he’s drinking inside his house.

“It’s been years now since Rackie is missing, dude. Two years and until now, she’s not found. What if
she’s with that Wolf?” Red said while crying.

“Don’t think like that!” Air said irritably. “Can you knock his head so he’ll think straight.”

“Why so hot-headed?” Sapience, Cloud and Artexerxes asks.

“He’s not helping! Think about it, they didn’t saw Abstract from the end of the cliff and they said that
there’s no sign of a person fall from that cliff that means Rackie is still alive.” Air said.

“Yes, we knew that but the question here is where she is?” Art ask.

"Artexerxes, you’re asking us wherein all of us don’t know the answer.”Sapience commented.

“Flood is here.” Cloud announced.

“Any news?” Red asks Master.

Master shook his head and sat on the sofa. “They said they will stop the search operation.” He said
almost whispering.

“It can’t be!” Red shouts.

“They have asked the town there and the near provinces but still, no news.”Flood said while looking
down. “They even work with the authorities from those communities but no Abstract found.” He added
then sighs.

“Did they catch that guy?” Red irritably asks.

“Not yet.” Master replied. “He should be catch by the authorities so we’ll know where is Rackie. If he hid
her or if she’s with him.” he said clenching his jaw.

“Have you told Wisdom about it?” Sapie suddenly asks.

“Not yet but for sure they are also looking for her.” Master replied.

"I think they have some source to do that." Flood said.

“They really do. Actually, I also ask Glimmer for help.” Sapie said. “I know the Archangel, they will help

“However…” they all ask Sapie.

Sapie sighs. “There’s something in return.”

“Sketch said his brother will help to look for Rackie with his fiancée.” Master said.

"How about Lunar?" Flood asks.

Red and Art shook their head. “He can’t help us right now. He have to prioritized as of this moment.” Air

“What is it?” they asks.

"Family matters." Red replied.


“There’s someone who’s looking for you earlier.” He said worriedly. “I told them I don’t know.” He said
while starting to change the gauze on my stomach.

*My hands were worn-out from holding on the root while swinging me. I can still hear Wolf calling my
name but I didn’t have the energy to respond anymore

"Race, I'll be back! I promise I'll find you.” That’s the last thing I heard from him then only the thing I can
hear is the strong wind.

It’s been hours since I’m holding on but my hands are slipping off the root, it seems like I’m Jane
waiting for Tarzan to save me. My jaw dropped when I noticed that I’m falling and to my surprise it
wasn’t that high and it’s soft.

"Ouch!" I heard a man said. I looked at where I fell. “Are you a fallen angel?” he ask full of confusion.

“Where will you ever see a fallen angel with cast on her arm and leg?”

"Oh! Can you get up?” he asks and I shook my head as a reply. I don’t know if I could trust him but I
had no choice right now.

“Don’t send me to the hospital!” I panicked when I saw that where going in a clinic.

He smiles. "This is my house." He said.

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