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Special Chapter 26 Sketch Blacknight Part 1

I almost slipped off from the blood on the floor in the house of Rackie who claim to be a frustrated
writer and just an ordinary doctor but her house made me speechless, just wow! The cars, wow! The
gadgets, wow! Okay, let’s not talk about those things, just the shoes she’s wearing, it seems like it’s the
same cost of a basketball player shoes! I’m not really sure but I have a different vibes with Rackie. I’m
now a bit terrified to her wherein before I’m really annoyed because I have a nice and smooth life.

*"Do you really think I will stop my studies just to stay here?" I said which I almost shout.

"Do you really think I will let you?" she calmly replied.

I’m caught off guard from her accent; she seems to be in the casts of Reign. She looks seriously. “Don’t
tell me you’ll accompany me every now and then?”

"Okay, I won't tell you." She said then look at Doodle. “And as for you, I will accompany you when you’ll
go to work and Master will fetch you after your work.” she said then stood up.

I’m really amazed with her accent. She suddenly look at me, it seems like my tongue was stocked and
all of my irritation became fright from that blank stare.*

“What happened here?” I asked but it seems that the blood came out from me because of my cold
hand. No one answered my question maybe because they’re all worried.

I tagged along with Lunar to send Doodle to the hospital, the car is a bit fast even though Doodle had
his wound tend. “Are you okay?” Lunar asks.

Doodle moans while his eyes are close. I stared at him. “I’m okay but it seems that this bandage on my
arm is a bit tight.” He said.

Lunar clicked his tongue. “Bear with it.” He said. “It seems this is not just a minor injury.” I heard him

My jaw dropped a little. Major injury? I looked at Doodle, base on his expression, it looks like it was
serious. I also noticed that his side that has bandage is bleeding which he is touching using with his
arm that has bandage too. I winced whenever I see him crooked his forehead from the pain.

“We’re here but wait, stay here.” Lunar said then went to talk to some nurse then went back with

Every move they do is fast, after they open the door, they walk in the hallway and I saw Doodle’s face
is now more relax than earlier but his swollen face and eyes are still noticeable. I look at him wholly,
bruises are obvious on his right jaw, left side of his forehead that has bandage, left arm with bandage
and right arm. I frown when I saw him walking slowly. Now, I’m thinking… it is really true that Rackie’s
story are coming true or is just coincidence. If it’s just coincidence, why everything is so accurate? I
looked at Doodle again then winced at the same time frown, and honestly… I don’t know how many
reaction can my face do from the things I can’t explain. We are already in the car, Doodle’s eyes are
close but it seems he’s not asleep. I look at Lunar who’s seriously driving. A realization strike, what I
saw from Rackie’s house is really getting my knees weak. I close my eyes to rest a bit but I just
remember that things I saw in Rackie’s house while she was tending Doodle’s wound earlier. She has
wound on her head or forehead that doesn’t stop from bleeding then she was always touching her side,
she can’t move her arms properly and it’s so hard for her to raise it. I opened my eyes right away then I
noticed that we stopped.

“Why did we stop?” I asks.

“Traffic lights.” Lunar said then pointed at the traffic lights. I blink a few times to see. The timer on the
traffic lights was so long.

“How’s Rackie?” Doodle suddenly asks. I look at him his eyes are still close. “If I had this injuries as a
passenger, what’s more that she’s the driver?”

“But I didn’t saw one of Rackie’s car earlier.” Lunar said.

“We’re using motor when we got an accident. We got home using that.” Doodle replied. “Sketch, we
went to that car shop.”

“Oh, yes! Rackie said that she’ll go to the car shop to make her car checked.” I said when I remember
what Rackie said.

Doodle heaves a long sigh. “I’m worried about Rackie, she has a lot of wound than me.” he said.

Finally, the car move. We stayed silent from the entire trip, I am thinking about what Doodle said. If
Rackie is wounded, how did they got home? No, the real question here is, how did she drive to get
home with those injuries? I can’t imagine but what she did was risky. Lunar parked his car but no one
wants to come out of the car. We all sigh then went out, I immediately went to Doodle’s side to help
him. The floor is almost clean from where I almost slipped. I went upstairs to look at Rackie, I
remember how Doodle is worried about her earlier. I looked at her, she have bandage on her head and
both of her arms, she have bandage from her arms to her palms.

“Why does she look like a mummy from those bandages?” I asked.

“She’s wounded; it doesn’t look good for putting bandages each of her wounds.” Red replied.

I just nod then went down and sat beside Doodle.

“How’s Rackie?” Lunar and Doodle ask while Master is sitting on the receiving area, it seems that was
his favorite spot.

“Still unconscious…” I replied. “What happened?” I asked.

I heard Doodle sigh before he begin to talk but it seems he’s having difficulty how will he start and
when he talks it seems he’s out of words.

“Okay, that’s enough.” I heard Lunar said. He closes his eyes for a while. “It seems Rackie can tell what
really happened.”

We all sigh. We all stood up when we heard noise in Rackie’s room. Lunar and Master went upstairs
right away. “What happened?” Lunar and Master asked.

We just hear the shouting from Rackie’s room but we don’t understand what they are saying because
we were in the stairs. It seems Master, the one who’s making noise inside the room is having debate,
and who was the one Master is having an argument with? Master is about to leave when he came back
then went down stumping his feet on the stairs and went in the kitchen. We all looked at each other
who’re on the stairs; we are all shocked when Art went down in between of us then went in the kitchen
too. We all sat down after the commotion but we’re not at ease so we went to peek in the kitchen.

We saw Master nodding while eating cake. “Are you listening?” Art asks who’s seriously talking to
Master. Again, Master nods. Art crooked his forehead. “You always eat cake, aren’t you health
conscious?” Art confusedly asks. Why would he notice Master that he always eat cake?

“Delicious!” Master happily replied. “I’m okay already, I just got mad earlier but I’ll be the one to say it,
Rackie will be alright.” He said to Art who’s now looking straight through Art’s eyes. “She got an
accident before that was more risky than that but she recovered so I assure all of you…” he said then
glance at us who’s peeking on the door. “….she’s fine and she will be.” He added with seriousness and
confidence on what he is saying while he was looking at our back.

I turn around to look who is he looking. He was looking at Red who blankly staring at Master. It seems
like what I see right now isn’t good, I can sense intensity.

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