Chapter 27

"What do you mean you didn't father my what?" I ask full of confusion.

"Tell them I’m not the father of your children.” He begs as if he was about to cry. I crook my forehead. I
don’t understand what Solar is saying until what happened flashback.

*I felt the car stopped. “Abbie, don’t play a prank!” he shout then turn to look at me. “I’m already in
panic…” he suddenly turns pale when he notices something between my thighs.

I felt the car move again, my eyes are close then my stomach aches again while I feel something is
moving between my thighs and I can hear a baby crying. I felt that Solar near my feet, I want to look at
him but I can’t open my eyes from the tiredness and severe pain.

“Abbie, do what you did earlier.” Solar said to me, I did a long push again and I felt something came out
from me. I heard babies crying, I tried to open my eyes but I really can’t and I can’t understand what
Solar is saying until I felt the car move again. Solar is saying something before I lost consciousness.*

I stared blankly as if my world stops from turning from what I remember. “You mean to say the pain I
felt earlier is a process of labor?” I ask lifelessly while looking into his eyes. He nods as a reply but his
expression changed into worry. I felt something dropped on my arm and I bow down to look and I

realized that my tears are falling. “How come I didn’t know?” I whisper to myself. It’s been long years
after what happened. I panicked. “Where are they?” I suddenly ask.

“In the nursery room, I’ll call the nurse and ask to bring your babies here.” Red replied.

I nod as a reply but I’m nervous. “Don’t worry; they are healthy if that’s what you worry for.” Art said
while smiling at me.

I smile back timidly. That’s one of my worries but that’s not really the main reason why I’m worried.
From all the injuries, I’ve had before, the two of them or one of them might be...

“Does my family know that I’m here?” I ask Allie.

“Not yet. It’s better if they’ll know tomorrow, what’s more important is your health and your twins also
the father of your twins must be here.” Allie said.

I just nod. “Lunar, can I borrow your phone?” I ask. He took out his phone from his pocket and gave it to
me. “Thank you.”

I dialed the number of the father of my children. “Lunar, I’m currently at the meeting but is there news
about her?” he said slightly irritated.

“It’s me.” I said then put the phone on mute. “What room number I’m in?” I ask.

"VIP Room number four." Solar replied.

“Come to the Heart Medical Center now, I’m in the VIP room four.”

“After my meeting.” He said coldly.

Oh, yes! I still have unclear business with him. I wasn’t able to tell him my plans so they wouldn’t be in
danger. “Come now, please…”

“I said after my mee—” I wasn’t able to hear what he was about to tell me because Solar get the phone
from me.

“Come here right now so you will know if she’s okay or not. This might be her last request so come
here right now!” he irritably said then end the call.

"Nurse Eclipse!" Director Art greets.

I notice that Lunar body tensed up and it seems like he can’t turn his head while Solar was staring the
nurse who just came.

“Wow! Mommy is awake now.” She said while smiling at me. I smiled back. “The twins are hungry.” She
said. I stood up to look at my twins. “Don’t worry, you’ll see them.” She said. I frown because I want to
see what do they look like which I’m still in disbelief that I gave birth to them.

"Uhm... I think boys you should leave." Nurse Eclipse said.

Lunar was the first one who leaves while others were pulling Solar out. She smile at me again and
gave a healthy baby girl, I stared at her and I can’t help but to smile when I realized that there’s nothing
wrong with the physical appearance of the baby.

"Mommy, she’s already hungry and she’s awake now you can feed her.” I just look at her, when she
noticed that I don’t do anything she was the one who raised my cloth and put the mouth of the baby on
my breast. The baby cried. “It seems she can’t get milk from you.” She said. She gave the baby to the
nurse with her and looked at my nipples. “Hmm… that’s why she can’t get milk because your breast is
inverted and there’s something blocking it.”

She asks one of the nurses who were looking at the babies to get something and the nurse left the
room. The nurse came back with white tiny clothes and a bowl of water, which is a bit emitting some
heat because of the smoke from it. She touches the water and nods then dip the white tiny cloth in the
water. “Don’t worry; we need to do a manual extraction so your babies can drink milk from you.”

The milk came out of breast after what she did, it was a bit painful because she holds my breast with
her fingers and thumb cupped around my breast in a C shape near my areola but not touching it. She
pressed her fingers and thumb back towards my chest then compressed my breast between her fingers
and thumb, moving them slightly towards my nipple without even lifting them from my breast. She gave
the baby girl again then I heard the other baby cried. I’m carrying my baby girl when Nurse Eclipse
smile at me. “That’s your baby boy.” She said. “Dr. Solar Nguyen said that the baby boy is your second

I look at him like how I inspect the first baby and I feel relieve when I found out that they were safe
during my unknown pregnancy. My body tensed up when the door suddenly opens and the father of my
twins came in. It seems like my world stops after seeing him; I just came back to my senses when I
heard the cry of my baby boy. “Oh, sorry… I’ll just come back later.” He said with panic.

"No, come in, we have to talk.” I said. He just nod, I was a bit surprise when the nurses went out. A
dead silence came over us.

“Are they yours?” he asks. I look at him full of confusion. “I mean, is that your children?”

Is he joking or something? Am I going to breastfeed if these babies aren’t mine? Should I knock his
head? I stood up and stop in front of him. “Hold this baby for a while, I want to pee.” I said then careful
pass the baby to him. I don’t feel ashamed anymore, I don’t care if my breast is exposed. Why would I
feel ashamed wherein he see and touch it all before besides the babies are hungry? Even though it’s a
bit uncomfortable doing the breastfeeding in front of him but do I have the choice? The moment I went
out from the restroom, I saw the baby boy lying down on the bed. “They don’t have names yet, help me
name them.”

He looks at me straight from the eyes. “Who’s the father of these babies?”

I also look at him in the eyes. “You.” I said it with full of confidence.

He smiles bitterly. “Abstract, don’t make me a fool.” He shouts.

I walk towards him and slap the back of his head. “Don’t shout, I’m just regaining my energy but I’m not
deaf.” I said irritably. “If you aren’t sure then do a paternity test, a DNA will prove