Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Chapter 28

I walk towards him and slap the back of his head. “Don’t shout, I’m just regaining my energy but I’m not
deaf.” I said irritably. “If you aren’t sure then do a paternity test, a DNA will prove it.”

"How? I mean, it’s been years since that happened.” He said.

“I don’t know, I’m also confused but they are the evidence. Look at the other baby you have the same
face.” I said referring the baby girl.

He walks towards the baby girl who’s now sleeping. He look at me with full of surprise. “I think, we don’t
need to do the paternity test because she really looks like me, more on my mini me but I need an
explanation.” He said smiling up until his ears.

"An explanation is all we need." I said. I turned my back on him then carried the baby boy and sat on
the bed because my knees are shaking.

He sat on the bed and hugged me. “Thank you. I already thought of their names.” He said happily.

The turn of events was surprisingly fast from the usual reaction I’m expecting. I smiled. “So fast?”

“Of course, it seems Miracle and Grandeur is nice.” He said full of excitement.

I chuckled. “Okay, but let’s add one more name and I’ll think about it.” I said then gave him the baby
boy so I can lie down. “But are you sure you’ll give your name?”

“Is that even a question? I already told you their names.” He proudly replied.

“Yes that’s included but what I mean name is giving your surname.”

“You don’t have to ask.” He replied frowning. “It’s an obvious answer, of course!” he said, I just nod. He
clicked his tongue all of a sudden. “I should have not finished that meeting and just rush here if I knew
this would happen.” He whispered.

I look at him. Everything happens so fast and it feels surreal as if I’m just dreaming. It’s been several
hours after he went home, I even ask him to buy some diapers and other necessities of the twins. I put
an emphasis the color that I want are light blue and lime green when it comes to the colors of the twin’s
things if ever he’ll buy with colors of course including white.

The next day, the moment I wake up all of the people inside my room look at me. “Rackie is awake.” Art
said. “Dr. Solar, start your explanation.” He commands.

Really, I haven’t been fully awake yet. Solar look at me and I just nod to him. “What happened to Abbie,
I mean Dr. Rackie is called Cryptic pregnancy.” Solar started. “Cryptic pregnancy is a condition of a
pregnant woman who is unaware of her pregnancy until reaching labour.” He said.

“How did that happened?” Red asks.

“Usually the cause of this is hormonal imbalance like Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, peri-
menopause which is starting at the early thirty’s which is undetected...” He said then glanced at me.
“Recently been pregnant or breastfeeding which their hormones doesn’t came back to the normal level
before getting pregnant again, very low fat percent that can cause hormonal imbalance especially
those female athletes and recently used or currently using a birth control method like norplant,
deproverta injection or mirena coil which is continuously extracting hormones in the body.” He explains.
“Hormonal imbalance seems to keep the body from completely knowing it’s pregnant so the mother
continuously having a period as well as ovulate and because of continues period, hCG is never allowed
to build up and secrete into the urine or blood because some of it is shed every time she bleeds.”

“Hmm…” Art, Red, Allie and Lunar react as they nod.

I noticed that my mother is looking at me. “Sorry Ma.” I said and I can’t help but to cry. She just nod and
hug me.

I saw my notice with teary eyes but controlling it. “I want to know who’s the father of the twins.” My
father said with full of authority while exchanging look at Red and Allie.

“Not one of them.” I replied.

“Who?” Hue irritably asks.

“Is it Wolf?” the Go brothers ask.

"No way!" I almost shout as a reply.

The door suddenly opened. “Rackie, sorry I’m late.” He said. He stop from coming in when he notice
that everyone’s attention is on him.

“Hi!” he shyly greets and smiles awkwardly to my sisters and my mother.

“You’re always late.” Flood commented.

“I did some errands to buy these.” He said then rose up the plastic bags he was holding. “I can’t find
the colors you want so I bought white besides you’re not going to stay here long, right?”

“Well, I think you should stay here so we can monitor you and the twins.” Art said. “Even though the
twins are healthy.” He said.

“I see….” He said frowning. “Uhm… where will I place the things you asked me to buy?”

“Sent it to the house.” My father said.

“Okay.” He replied with a smile.

“Why did you ask him to buy those things?” Flood asks.

I turn to look at him and we were looking at each other. I sat straight. “That’s his responsibility.” I said.

A dead silence dropped and it seems like all the crows passed through my head. “WHAT?!” they all
ask. “Are you sure, he is?”

“Yes, Master Meander is the father of the twins.” I replied.

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