Special Chapter 27 Sketch Blacknight Part 2

I turn around to look who is he looking. He was looking at Red who blankly staring at Master. It seems
like what I see right now isn’t good, I can sense intensity.

"Stop this, Red." Art said. Red didn’t answer instead he seems to have an eye-to-eye contest with

Master smirks. “You know what, if only Rackie can see us right now, I’m very sure that we both have
bump on our heads.” He said then eats his cake.

Red lowered his head then smirked while scratching his nape. “I just want to ask what happened to
Rackie after we broke up.”

I stood up straight from what I heard. Red and Rackie were together before? Well, I can say they have
chemistry but why do I feel there’s something wrong? It seems Rackie isn’t Red’s type. What I’m
thinking as partners were Rackie and Lunar before and they can’t move on from each other instead of

“Don’t ask anymore, Red. You wouldn’t like to know.” Master replied while busy eating his cake.
“Besides, it’s better for you not to know, I don’t want Rackie to get mad at me if I said what happened.”

He added while playing his food. “You won’t take it.” He said then looked at Red. “You won’t be able to
take it.”

Red nods. “I will know soon.” He said.

“If I tell you, would there be a difference from what Rackie is viewing things now? Nothing, right? One
more thing, Rackie is already okay without you, she can joke around, she can stare back and she can
laugh again with you. Even if you’ll say what you feel towards her, it won’t do anything… it seems like
you are just punching air. A lot of men tried but no one succeed.” Master said then eat again the cake
that he was playing earlier then stood up to wash his plate.

“Red let us not dig unto it.” I heard Art said then I went to the sofa to sit. I saw Doodle who was also
sitting already.

“Is there always tension here?” I asked when I saw Lunar sat next to Doodle to checked the wound on
his side.

“It was the first time that happened. I thought those three were close because the first time I saw them,
they sleep together here in the living room.” Lunar replied while removing the bandage on Doodle’s
side to change. “Besides, this is the first time I found out that Dr. Rackie and Dr. Red were former
lovers, I thought Dr. Red is courting Dr. Rackie.”

“Uh…” that’s all I can say.

Red and Art passed then went upstairs. It’s so obvious that Red is worried about Rackie, I can also see
through Art’s eyes that he’s worried too, Flood doesn’t seem to care because he’s been sitting here
holding his phone but I can see him that he always glance in Rackie’s room. Lunar is acting normal but
it’s clear that he’s staring at Rackie’s room yet Master is different from all of them, all of us don’t have
the appetite because there’s two patients in the house while he can eat every now and then.

We all looked at him when he sat on his favorite spot while holding a plate with cheesecake. He look at
us then eat. “What?” he asked full of confusion all over his face.

Aren’t he worried about Rackie? “You’re really asking?” Flood asks.

“If you want, you can get in the kitchen it’s on the table.” He replied then enjoyed eating. He shook our
head. “I’m also worried about Rackie but we have to eat.” He said. “Besides, Rackie is awake.”

“Her eyes were close.” Lunar said.

“Not everyone who has close eyes is asleep or unconscious. It’s just that there are times wherein you
can’t open your eyes.” Master said while eating. “That’s what Rackie said.”

I turn to look at Rackie’s room, I’m hoping that what he said is right at least we are just waiting for her
to open her eyes.

"Master, where's Rackie?" someone asks who just popped out from the door gasping some air then
went in with the guys who was with Rackie the first time we met.

What made me stunned was when I saw my former professor, Professor Wise Go. What is he doing
here? It seems he didn’t noticed me because he’s in a hurry. Wait, I do remember my schedule… he’ll
be my professor again! It seems my lungs went out of air for a while. Am I going to introduce myself like
a child again? It’s suffocating me whenever I remember that then I frown after I remember that
moment. Am I going to show myself or not?