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Special Chapter 28 Storm Casper Part 1

It’s been weeks have passed after Dr. Rackie sang me a song and until now, I haven’t see her again.

"Did you see Dr. Rackie today?" I asked the nurse who’s checking on me.

"I'm sorry I haven't, she still might be on her leave." she replied then smiled at me.

I frown. I turn to look at who entered my room it was Dr. Red. “How is he?” he asked the nurse.

“He’s doing fine doc, his not having attacks recently.” The nurse replied. Dr. Red just nod then the
nurse left.

He looked at me. “Did you see Dr. Rackie?” I asked.

He crooked his forehead. “She’s not going to work today.” He replied without even looking at me. I
always hear from him that same answer. I frown. "Don't you ever try to throw your tantrums on me,
Storm." He warns. "You're getting better and better, so continue to be obedient by taking up your
medicines, if you happen to have something you feel don't hesitate to say it and call us." He said as if
he’s so bored. He always says that every time he’s coming here. "Don't you ever try to disobey, never
dare or else I'm going to tell Dr. Rackie that you're not taking your medicines and you neglect your

health." I sarcastically laugh at him. "Hep, hep! If you think, she will rush here to look after you then
you're wrong! You will never see her once your condition gets worse."

I pouted from what I heard. He’s good at blackmailing me. He talked to mom then left after a few
minutes Dr. Air came.

"Who's your heart?" he asks.

"It’s not good." I sadly reply.

He looked at my condition then looked at me. “You’re totally fine.” He said.

"No, I'm not. Dr. Rackie isn't here." I said.

"Oh... Well, Dr. Rackie is on her leave and a bit disciplinary leave because she disobey some rules
here but she'll be back." He replied. Dr. Air is good at explaining things than the first doctor who came
here earlier. When will Dr. Rackie take over his place? "Just continue to take your medicines and don't
stress yourself or else Dr. Rackie might be fired because she might break a rule again, okay?" he said
then I nod as a reply.

Argh! This doctor has a nice way to make me obey. He always use Dr. Rackie as an excuse for me to
take my medicines on time. Before Dr. Air left, Dr. Allie came and this doctor is kind of going here
frequently which I barely see before. He just looked at me.

"He needs to have an X-ray. Let me know once he had already one of these days." Dr. Allie said to the
nurse he was with then left first because Dr. Air is talking to mom. Look at that doctor, he’ll just come
and go like a bubble. He didn’t even touch to check on me, when will they change that doctor?

I’m looking outside the window again, thankfully the view here is beautiful and it makes me relax a bit.
I’m staying here for so long, when will I be able to come out again? Far from this antiseptic and this four
cornered room. I heard the door open; I know it was my brother, Flood who’s with sister Windy coming
here after their work. I didn’t bother to turn my head to look at them.

"How's he?" I heard Flood asked.

"He's doctors says he's fine, aside from having X-ray and continuation of taking his medicines they said
he's doing good." I heard mom replied.

"Did that girl visit him again?" Flood asked in monotone.

Flood is talking about Glimmer, his ex-girlfriend. “Yes, she did once in a while.” Mom replied.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Mom? Don't let her visit him."

"But Dr. Rackie says it'll be good for his condition to have other visitors aside from us." Mom depended.

"Mom, do his tutors come here?" Windy asks to blocked tension and the one who always think about
my education.

"Not only his tutors but also his professors." Mom replied.

"Really?" she asked in disbelief.

I knew that Windy was just waiting for mom to answer yes they came because she had a crush to one
of my professors.

"Hey, buddy! You're doing great!" Flood said then sat on the edge of my bed. I turn to look at him then
looked back outside the window again. "Once you’re already fine, we'll go to the beach like we always
do before." He said.

I looked at him then he smiled at me. “With Dr. Rackie?” I asked.

I noticed how he averts his eyes away from looking at me as if he was contemplating what to say. "If
she's not busy, I think she can come with us." He replied.

"I hope I'll be okay soon." I said then looked at the view outside the window again.

Each day, my specialist were coming to check on me twice, more on the nurses are here to often check
on me while Lunar is coming only once and only Dr. Rackie who often come here before she start and
after her work. Sometimes in just a day I can’t count how many times she come to check on me even
when I’m asleep, she’s here.

When she brings her sketch pad, I know that we have an art lesson or she’ll just show me what she

*I heard a three knocks then someone came in. I looked at mom, she fell asleep from looking after me.

"Hi!" she shyly greets then close the door.

I just look at her smiling and coming towards me. She’s holding a camera. "I'm going to show this."
She said then raised the camera she’s holding.

"I already saw it." I snobbishly said.

She pulled the chair on the left side of my bed then sat there. “Do you have your laptop with you?” I just
nod as a replied. “I see… I’ll send it there. I can’t stay here that long because I need to look for the
other patients.”

"Why did you come here in the first place?" I asked while waiting for my laptop to open. She smiled at
me then worked on my laptop. “Not finish yet?” I impatiently asked.

"I'm ready to go. Look at the pictures, okay?" she said full of life.

After a few minutes, she left and since I don’t have anything to do. I look at the pictures she said I
should look at. I looked at the door, I want to run after her to apologize from my attitude towards her
and also to thank her for the pictures she wants to show me. She gave me hope that one day, I’ll be
able to see the world outside this room. It’s raw pictures of parks, beaches and some restaurants. What
I like the most is the picture wherein she’s going out of the garden behind her. I really love the way she

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