Special Chapter 30 Radiance Wilton Part 4

We met a few more time because she always cry whenever she calls me and we always end up doing
the things that we shouldn’t do until I’m the one who come to see Shine.


“You’ll be late in your class, Dr. Red.” Air joked on. I just smiled. “You just saw Rackie, you have this
glow on your face.”

“Stop teasing me, Air.” I said smiling.

“I heard that there are a lot of guys who wants to court, Rackie from different departments.”

I suddenly stopped from taking my things and looked at him. “She’s single?” I asked.

He laughed. “Don’t act you don’t know…”

“I really don’t know.” I reply.

"Well yes, single but not available I think… that’s your fault for hurting her. Now, she doesn’t want to fall
in love again.”

“You make me remember again… I regret it the most until now.”

“Bro, do you still love her?” he asked seriously.

“Of course! It’s not a question that should be asked.”

“Why didn’t you try to win her back before?”

“Oh, whenever I go to their house, she’s always not around.” I replied. “Give way, I’m going to be late.”

"Last question, how can you do that to her?”

I stopped. “I don’t know.” I sadly replied then left.

We always see each other because she’s always in the Neurological Department but she’s always with
the Cardiologic Department that why, I’m stunned when I found out that she took neurology as a
specialization. And I was elected as the Head Department. I think, I shouldn’t be in that position but I
think it’s Art’s revenge because I told dad that I can’t take the director position in the hospital. Everyone
thinks that we brothers were in our positions because we are the son of the founder and CEO of this
hospital what they don’t know is it’s too much pressure for both of us. It’s worst than coming inside the
hole of the needle.

"Dude!" Air called my attention. “It’s not that I discourage you but… do you think you can win her back
after what you did to her?”

I shook my head. I knew that I can’t win her back. “This is all I know, I still love her. My love didn’t fade
and I will do everything to win her back.”

He smirked at me. “Good luck, man! She's tougher than yesterday."

I’m done doing my rounds and I’m in the lobby to double checked the patients I did my rounds for. I
noticed that Rackie is also at the lobby when a nurse suddenly pulled her from the E.R., I followed

“Doc, there’s no doctor here, we don’t know what to do.” said the nurse who pulled her.

She looked at the nurse without any emotion on her face. “First aid.” That’s all she said and was about
to go.

“Doc, we already done the first aid…” the rescue officer said.

She turns to look at the rescue officer. “You should have said in the first place.” she said then went to
check the patient. She stared at the patient. “What happened?” she asks calmly.

"Car accident." the rescue officer replied.

“The bleeding doesn’t stop due to the shock of the veins, the patient can’t be injected for now because
it might be the cause of death.” She stopped the nurse who was about to touch the patient. “Send this
patient to the surgery room.” She suddenly said.

“But we don’t have surgeon right now.” One of the nurses said. They were all shocked when Abstract
suddenly walked out.

“What are you waiting for? To the surgery room, hurry!” she said on the corner while talking to someone
in the phone. “Room 12!” she said. “Doc, the patient have the chance to have a heart attack so it’s
possible to have a cardiac arrest, the eyes are still normal but based on the breathing, it has
abnormalities yet can be normalized. Yes, thank you.” That’s all she said on the line then went out of
the E.R.

Lunar looked at her, she smiled at him. “I’m okay, thank you.”

I crooked my forehead and I won’t lie, I felt jealous but what can I do? I sigh. I was startled when
someone tapped my shoulder.

“Sorry, did I startle you?” Air asks. I shook my head. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

“Whoa! I really don’t know if you’re my friend or what? I’m wounded here and you’ll even pour alcohol,
are you a sadist?

He just laughed. “Just want to remind you, we’re best of friends.”

“I still remember we are however I’m not sure if you really remember. You are hurting my feelings.”


“WHAT?!” Air asked full of shock all over his face. “Why did you do that? I thought you said she’s the
one?” he asked. I wasn’t able to answer. “Man, be thankful that Rackie face you, if I were her, I wouldn’t
want to see you and will even curse you!” he added. Again, my tears started to fall again, he sigh then
tapped his forehead using his palms. “Man, even if you cry blood there, you wouldn’t have the chance
with Rackie.”

“I went again to their house but Aunt said, she’s not coming home.”

Air went near me. “You were able to talk to her mother?” he shockingly asked. I nod. “Wow! Just wow! I
think Abstract is some kind of a saint.” I turn to look at him. “Wow! Don’t look at me like that! You knew
what I mean. If Rackie told her family about your break up and her family isn’t mad at you, that only
means you’re ex-girlfriend is a saint!”


He slapped his forehead. “Is your common sense got out of your system?” he asked. “Red, if I were
Rackie, I will never save you from my parents’ anger! She’s too kind!” he said in disbelief. “Is there a

time that you weren’t the first one who got jealous?” I shook my head. “Did she ever get mad at you
because you didn’t message her you finally got home?” Again, I shook my head. “Red, tell me the truth,
were you both talk in the phone for so long?” I shook my head again. “Why did you do that to her?” he
asked full of confusion. “Man, where can you find a girlfriend who won’t get your half hours on your 24
hours of your life?” he heave a long sigh. “It seems you don’t my point here… you found a girl who’s
not a high maintenance, not clingy, you can still do whatever you want, you can be friends with your
exes that her trust is still on you fully then you’ll turn your back on her for the girl who left you before?”
he scratched his nape. “Does her family knew that you two aren’t together anymore?” I nod. “What did
they say?”

“Nothing but I received a slap.”

He smiled; this is what I’m waiting for. “Whoa! Thank you and there’s someone who did what Rackie
didn’t do!” He’s laughing while saying that then he suddenly became serious and stood up straight.
“Man, you deserved that slap!”