Special Chapter 31 Radiance Wilton Part 5

He smiled; this is what I’m waiting for. “Whoa! Thank you and there’s someone who did what Rackie
didn’t do!” He’s laughing while saying that then he suddenly became serious and stood up straight.
“Man, you deserved that slap!”

"I know, I know! Air, do you have to torture me? I'm dying already and instead of comforting me and
tend my wound; you only put an alcohol to torture me." I really want to cry aloud from the pain.

He looked at me with disgust. “I can’t comfort you, man it’s okay but what you did isn’t okay. You hurt
her and you made her feel she’s the bad guy.” He sat next to me and sigh, he brush off his hands to his
face then pulled his own hair. “Man, I think you need to know this.” He stared at me. “You cry like a girl!
Are you male? I mean unlike her, she looks better than you.”

"What do you mean?"

He heave a long sigh first then tap my shoulder. “She doesn’t look betrayed. Okay, in other words, it
seems you were the girl who’s crying all her eyes out while she’s so cool as if nothing happened.” I
thought for a while. I need to fix myself for her so when I face her, I’m really ready.

Art and I were staring blankly in his office, his staring at the plate on the table. “What do you think she’s
thinking, bro?” Art asks.

I shook my head. “I don’t know. That girl is unpredictable and unable to read.”

“Yeah, right…” he replied. “Super extraordinarily, no one can really describe her, she’s no ordinary girl.”

It seems like an open secret for both of us that my brother likes my ex-girlfriend. We aren’t that close
before when dad suddenly brought him home. I also receive some physical pain from him when he
found out I cheated.

“Well, we have no choice.” He said who’s still staring at the plate.

“The question here is do we have a choice? Her words were like king’s rules. The moment she said it,
she mean it.”

“I agree to that. Even dad felt her intimidating aura. That’s why mom really loves her.”

I smiled; he’s calling my mom his mom. “Yes, mom really loves her. The sermon I received from her
was terrifying and the slapped I received wasn’t just husband and wife, it’s a clan after I confessed
what the reason why we broke up is.”

He chuckled. “Because you’re a jerk who let her slipped away, what really is missing that time was the
wedding then you’ll do that.”

“I know, that’s what I regret the most.”

“But too late for you, she doesn’t believe any man anymore.”

I crooked my forehead and looked at him. He’s leaning on the chair he sits on then looked at the
ceiling. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I tried to court her? No, I court her years ago but she turned me down.” He sighed then looked at
me. “And that’s your fault!” he said while looking straight through my eyes. I avert my eyes away. “You
made her built a cold wall made of ice and titanium.”

“I’ll go back to my office, I just went here because of those papers.” I said as an excuse.

He laughed. “Bro, you are just running away.”

I smiled. “You got me there.” I joked on. I’m annoyed to myself because I give way those guys to come
near Abstract. I’m really a fool, I chose to make myself filled with the heat of the moment instead of the
future I have with her. I’m holding my phone and put it on my ear, waiting for the one I’m calling to
answer and to ease my boredom, I sing a song.

Can we go back to the days our love was strong?

Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong?

Can somebody tell me how to get things back

The way they used to be

Oh, God give me a reason

I’m down on bended knees

“Did you call me to have a concert over the phone?” I suddenly stopped I was speechless. “Hey!”

“No, not really… you’re slow to pick up, babe.” I said emphasizing the word babe just for me to have
some courage. ‘Rackie, can you do faster? You knew that you’re the only one who can do it.’ I heard
from a guy from her background. It seems my blood boil from what I heard. “Babe, who’s with you?” I
asked with a tone of warning.

“Later.” She replied.

I closed my eyes tightly. Rackie can only do, what? I was startled when I heard my name announced in
the pager.

“Calling the attention of Dr. Radiance Wilton, please proceed to the VIP room number two, please…”

What does that patient needs? Always looking for me, I’m not the she needs, I’m Neurologist not
cardiologist and OB/Gyne to look for her. The moment I went in, Shine hugged me. “I miss you.”

I rolled my eyes; I noticed that her husband was looking at us. That made me stood up like a statue
when he glared at me. “Shine, what do you want this time?” I asked.

“It seems like she just love to look at you, doc.” The husband of Shine said.

“Cloud!” Shine said.

I sigh. “You finally saw me, Shine. I can go now… I have a lot of things to do.” I said as an excuse then
signaled Cloud to get his wife away from me.

“Love, Dr. Red is busy…” Cloud said to give me a way to go out then looked at me and signaled me to
exit. “…and besides, you need to rest. You know, for our baby.”

I chuckled when she frowns but she obeyed her husband. I went out but I wait for Cloud to come out.

“Sorry, Red. She tantrums whenever she wants to see you.” Cloud said the moment he closed the

I sigh. “I don’t know why your wife is like that. Why does she love to see me? Mom said, she always
come to see me.”

He laughed. “Really, godmother…” he commented. “Red, you won’t understand right now but when we
are on the same page, you’ll understand.”

I smirked. “I can’t be sure if that will happen.” I replied. “I have to go now, I have a lot to do.” he just
tapped my shoulder then went in the room. I smirk again. “When will that day will come?” I ask myself.