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Special Chapter 33 Cloud Spiener Part 2

I nod. “You, what are you doing here?”

“Oh… I’m going to teach here, too.”

I stared at her. “Full time?”

“No, two or three classes only.” She replied. I nod. “What do you teach?”

“Secondary.” I replied shortly then stare at her again. “Why?”

"Secondary... why are you in the building of college students?”

"Uh… I went to look for my sibling.” I replied then look at my wristwatch. “I have to go now, I have

“Okay, I’m about to go too.” She said then waved at me.

Honestly, after that meeting, I can’t help but to think of her until we always see each other, I fetch her to
their house.”*

“Hey! Let’s go home, I need to cook for mother.” She said waking me up from reminiscing.

“Can’t we just stay for a while?” I said sweetly. It’s not that I don’t care about her mother but it’s just for
a while, just this one time we stay for a while, get home late. Can’t we do that?

"Please... you knew my mother’s condition and she can’t do any household chores.”

I sigh. “Here we go again… you’re making me feel guilty.” I said slightly annoyed. “Just for today,

She just look at me and honestly, I want to be selfish today even just for today but she can’t give that.
“Okay, if you don’t want to give me a ride, fine!” she said then left.

I didn’t go after her like I always do wherein I’ll say sorry and give her a ride to send her home. Why
can’t she just get a private nurse even just for a moment when she’s not around the house so she won’t
be in a hurry to come home once in a while especially when we’re going out. I’m annoyed because she
can’t give me this day even once a year! I want to be with her for one day in every month but she

couldn’t do it because she need to go home. It’s so hard to be her boyfriend! The moment I want to be
with her but she always have a time limit like Cinderella.

We ignore each other when we accidentally met one of the college buildings when I went to look for my
sibling. Within the five months, we didn’t talk to each other then one day I had this news wherein her
mother was hospitalized and in a critical condition so after my class I went to their house but she’s not

"Babe, where are you?” I asked worriedly.

"In the hospital." She replied crying.

“What hospital? I’m go there.”

"Sa Heart Medical Center, please fetch me here."

The moment I saw her, I hug here tight. “Mom will be fine.” I don’t know why but I brought her home
instead of their house.

"What happened?" my eldest sister asks, worried.

“We were from the hospital, I brought her here because… because she’ll be sad if I’ll send her home.”

My eldest sister just nod then went to her room then she came back with some clothes and towel.
“Here.” She said then gave it to me.

We didn’t talk, we went to the bathroom of my room. “Take a bath, babe. I’ll wait for you here.”

Before I got out for the bathroom, she hugged me from behind. “Sorry.” That’s all she have said.

"Sorry for?" I asked full of confusion.

Her hug tightens. “Because when you were away…” she sighs to give herself time from all the hiccups
she’s having. “…I slept with Red.” She said almost whisper but it was so loud that it echoes inside my

It seems like boiling water was pour on me and got drown in The Great Salk Lake of Utah. She almost
whispers but why do I feel that I got deaf? I’m alive but why do I feel someone killed me morbidly. I
can’t go to Red and punch him, what does he know? He doesn’t know that his ex-girlfriend and friend
were in a relationship. I can’t ask Shine why. What’s my right to ask wherein in the first place, I’m the
one who distance myself from her. Should I blame myself that I should have said to my friends that
Shine and I are together and shout it to the whole world that Shine Weiner is mine!

Then, I realized that we are both wet under the shower while kissing her. “You’re mine, only mine.”
saying to her all over again and again as if I’m chanting it. “I love you, please marry me.” then those
words slipped on my mouth which I want to asked her before.


“Cloud, do it properly! Some of my hair doesn’t have shampoo.” She annoyingly said that made me
stunned. “You’re whispering something non sense.”

“I’m annoyed, okay?” I said irritably. “It should be me you were calling so we can bring mom to the

“You were avoiding me and Red was the one I knew who can help me when it comes to that kind of
emergency because they have hospital.”

I sigh. “But I’m serious to my proposal, marry me.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

I wasn’t able to hold my anger. “What did you say? You’ll wait for your tummy to get big before you
marry me?” I sarcastically asks.

She glared at me. “Cloud Spiener!” she said serious and full of warning.

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