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Special Chapter 35 Doodle Gray Part 2

I stared at her. I talk to long from that long explanation and still she doesn’t get it. “Let’s have a break
first.” I said. “You’re just hungry, snacks time was the last meal we ate.” I said. I’m annoyed but I have
to prolong my patience, this is just hunger. I looked at the wallclock. “It’s already 8 o’clock.” I
commented. “I’ll just cook our food for dinner, you study that.” I said then left and didn’t turn to look at
her. Number eight. 8 o’clock. I shook my head. “She should have said that she’s hungry.” I whispered
onto myself.

“Are you not done?” she asks.

“Come here.” I commanded. I won’t go there to serve her, she have to come here and the food won’t
come to her.

“You made me come here but the food isn’t ready.” She unkindly commented.

“It’s about to. How about helping me? Go and get some rice for the both of us, you’ll never know after
you put the plates on the table this is done.”

“What do you cook?” she asks.

I looked at my phone where I search the recipe. “It says here Tinola.” I replied.

“Really?” she said excitedly. I just nod then look at what I’m doing. What’s the taste of Tinola? It looks
delicious even though I haven’t had a taste of it. I let her taste it first so I will know if it’s delicious and if
not, I’ll put it on the trash. Her nose had wrinkles after she taste it then frown, I immediately stood up so
I can put it in the trash.

“Wait! What are you doing?” she asks, alarmed.

“I’m going to put it in the trash, why?”

“Why would you do that?” she was stunned then get the bowl of Tinola from me. “I just frown because
you cook deliciously!”

I crooked my forehead then taste it. “Am I the one who cook this?”

“You’re overacting!” she commented. “That’s just hunger!” she said between her chuckles.

It’s not because I was the one who cook it, it was so delicious… besides, this is my first time eating this
because in the mansion, no one cooks something like this. From hunger and the delicious food, we

were able to finish it. She went back to the living room even though she insists on washing the dishes
but I said she needs to review so I’m the one who washed the dishes. She thought she could run away
from her assignments.

I crooked my forehead when I saw her leaning on the center table with her head on her arms. “Are you
okay?” I worriedly ask. I shook her and found out that she looks in pain. I stood up. “Captain Sirocco,
this isn’t the time for a joke!” I said.

She crooked her forehead and moaned. I blinked for a while then looked at her and stared at her
intently. I noticed that she’s not in pain, I was able to breathe in relief when I found out that she’s just
asleep. Up until now my heart is pumping so hard from nervousness. I sigh. “You’re just asleep, you
scared me.”

I’m lying down on the sofa, I didn’t know that Capee is heavy. I didn’t expect her weight, I had a hard
time and now I’m having a backache.

"Doodle." I heard a soft voice calling me while gently tapping my face.

I suddenly open my eyes. “What?” I ask and there I recognized Capee’s face.

“Why did you wake me up? I wasn’t able to do my assignments!” she said pouting.

I crooked my forehead then sit. “You were able to do your assignments, you just need to review it so
you’ll know what to do when you’re alone.” I replied. I sat properly. “Wait, I’ll just wash my face then I’ll
send you to your apartment.” I said.

When I came back, she was organizing her things. “I’ll get these things tomorrow, I’ll bring what I need
for today.”

I just nod while quietly looking at her. I looked at the wallclock, it’s already 1 o’clock early in the
morning. Honestly, I want her to just sleep here but since her apartment is near, just in front of my

“You became a statue there!”

“Nothing. Just finish what you’re doing there so we can both rest on our own beds.”

“Sorry for disturbing you.”

“No worries. What I mean is, we need to wake up early later so I want to rest now.”

“Don’t send me out, I can do it on my own.” she said then open the door. “Besides, my apartment is just
in front of yours, duh! Few steps only then boom! It’s my apartment.”

I sigh. “You even have boom-boom… it’s midnight now, hello? There are bystanders on this area and
yes, your apartment is right in front of mine but you have to cross the road. What if you get an
accident? I’ll be forever hunt by my conscience. I’ll send you on your door so I know your safe.”

“No, you can just watch over.”

I clicked my tongue. “No, don’t be stubborn. I will send you whether you don’t like it or you really don’t
like it. You can’t do anything about it!” She clicked her tongue too and stumped her feet. “I always say
yes to your requests but this time, I won’t do that.”

“I can’t do anything anymore, you even carry the things I should be the one who’ll carry it. Now we’re
crossing the road, do I still have a choice?” she annoyingly asks. I just smiled at her.

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