Special Chapter 34 Doodle Gray Part 1

"You are the only heir of this family, Doodle! Don't disappoint us." This is my parents’ line always, even
my grandparents’ from both sides.

There are many people who’s envious about my life but what they don’t know it’s suffocating. I don’t
have any sibling or cousin because my parents are only child. When I was a child, I obey all they say
because that’s what I think is good but one day, all of those thoughts were gone.

“We have to find the suitable bride for our son.” I heard my dad said.

“I agree, as early as now so they can meet each other.” Mom replied excitedly. After that day, I never
saw them and heard any news because I left the house.

“Hey! Hurry up!” Capee yelled.

It’s been years since she helped me from hiding to my parents even though she doesn’t know who I
really am. “Yeah, yeah…” I replied. She’s the only one who’s excited to come school.

“By the way, did you see if there’s new painting of Abstract?” she asks.

I smiled because that was our favorite painter even though that painter isn’t that famous. I nod as a
reply. “How about you?”

“Yes and I’m saving now so I can buy the painting I like.” She said excitedly.

My jaw dropped from what she said. “How can you save up that amount?” I asked.

“That’s why I’m already saving now…” She said with smile. “…besides, what I want to buy isn’t that

“Hmmm… then how much?” I curiously asks.

“About $10,000 only.” she replied boringly.

My eyes want to popped out. Only? The way she said it seems like a coin to her. The moment I live
alone far away from my family, I learn to value to money that I earn. “Where will you get that kind of

“Part-time job!” she said as if it was a matter-of-fact. I shook my head in disbelief. This talk won’t go
anywhere on how will she gather that amount from the salary she’ll earn on that part time job. “I have to
go, hey don’t forget to have lunch with me later, okay?” she said then waved.

I just nod, what can I do? If I said no, she’s require me and even fetch me in my classroom even
though I said that I’ll be the one to fetch her.

“Argh! It’s so hard to reach my dream!” she said while walking in the bus station.

“What’s your dream?” I ask while I’m busy with my research for the information that I need for my story.

“To be an accountant.”

I sigh. “You’re studying to be an accountant so soon you’ll be able to reach your dream.” I said while
still looking at my phone.

“You knew that I struggle. Struggle is real!” she said with conviction.

I shook my head. “Let it flow so you won’t struggle.” I said.

“I have assignments; I’ll stay in your apartment today. You’re going to teach me.”

I sigh. “Do I have the right to refuse? All I can say is yes, right?”

“I’ll be in-charged on cleaning your apartment this weekend so it’s settled that you’ll help me with my
assignments, hmmm?” she said who’s making herself cute in front of me.

I glanced at her. “Okay.” I replied. We already got in the same building where our apartments are. “Oh,
why do you still follow me?” I ask with confusion.

“That’s because you’re going to help me with my assignments, right?”

“Yes, that’s right but later. Can I changed first before I become your tutor? Besides, you also have to
change your clothes before you come here.” I said then went in and lock the door, it’s too difficult, it’s a
guy’s apartment that he wants to intrude. It’s as if she’s coming in a wolf’s cave for her to be bitten
alive. I shook my head. “I need to take a bath.” I whisper to myself. I just pour the water on my head

when I heard the non-stop ring of the doorbell; I almost slipped on the bathroom to get out. I went
straight to the door to open it. “Is there zombies and you eagerly want to come in?” I annoyingly ask the
moment I open the door.

“If there are zombies I’m al…ready… one… of… them…” she replied while staring at the towel
wrapped on my hips.

I looked at the place where she’s looking at and I suddenly close the door. When I think that it was rude
of me to shut the door, I slightly opened it and put my head out of it. “I’ll just take a bath first and put on
some clothes, wait here.” I said then immediately close the door and run to the bathroom.

After I open the door again , I saw her pouting. “Sorry, it’s your fault that you tap the doorbell nonstop
as if you’re going to be swallowed up of the ground.” I said then open the door wider to make way for

She went straight on the sofa and sat down with her arms crossed on her chest. “Why did you take a
bath? You just said you’ll changed then you’ll help me then all of a sudden you’re taking too long from
opening the door! And then, you’re taking a bath, you should have told me or even a text message
saying hey I’ll just take a bath so that I didn’t wait that long!” she said.

I just looked at her and sat on the sofa in front of her. I sigh first before I replied. “You should have eat
on your apartment first before coming here.” I said. “See, you don’t even bring anything with you.”

She rolled her eyes. “I did! It’s outside. I’ve been coming back and forth every time I ring the doorbell.
After I got the things I needed I see that it’s still outside.” She said as if she wants to breath fire.

I stand up and open the door. “I’m going to tak—” I’m taken aback on what I saw. “Are you planning on
living here? Why did you bring these?”

Instead of answering my question, she just rolled her eyes on me. I just shook my head, I’m very sure
that she’ll ask me to help her to bring back this later to her apartment and I’m certain that I’ll be the only
one who’ll carry these. I’m doomed!

“What’s this?” she asks. I turn to look the one she’s pointing that is number eight.

"Number eight." I replied.

She chuckles. “I know, you’re making me fool.” She joked on. “What I mean, why is it like that? Why

“Uh… that’s because this formula was the one that was used.”

“I don’t get it.”