Special Chapter 38 Paint Wrighthood

“Ma’am, is it one whole sheet of paper?” one of my students asks.

If I were an anime character, I have this veins that is popping out of my forehead and fist right now.
“Can you read what is written in the board, please…” I said while I’m busy reading their essay that they
just passed. After Abstract went missing, I can’t focus. Allie is always coming in the house to give us
some news, and few other friends of her come to the house that we just knew and barely knew. The
owner of the car shop where we were asking for repair is always coming too. We were very shocked
when we found out that Ackie was a car racer before that was why she was able to save for her to
study medicine. It’s been a year now since she went missing but still we don’t have any news. Our
mother is worried and even if our father doesn’t show it, we knew that he’s also worried. Mother has
been sleeping in Ackie’s rooms for months now. The bell rang and all of the students knew that it was
the time to go home. I am organizing my things and preparing to go out of my classroom, I turn to look
at the door when I heard a knock.

“Done already?” Wise asks. It’s also been a year since he’s giving me a ride because they are afraid
that there might be some people under this man called Wolframite and we might have the same fate as

"I'm almost done." I shortly replied.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” He said the sat on the chair in front. He’s an Engineering Professor here in
University of Angels. He seems like he became my bodyguard. We don’t talk that much but I can say
that he’s kind. “Come on, let me help you.” He said and get the things I carries. Honestly, I’m not
impressed if he change cars every day. The entire year that he’s doing what he’s doing right now, I
haven’t noticed that he repeat one of his cars. “Can we go to the house for a while; Wisdom forgot to
give Wit’s allowance.” I secretly frown. I want to go home now and I want to rest. “I’m not coming home
today because I need to go somewhere after I send you home.”

“Hmm… can you ask him to come to the house instead?” I ask.


I went straight to my room to change and I don’t want to see the body guards that sent of the man
named Flood to secure our safety.

“Let’s eat!” said the man who’s wearing an apron and cooking on the kitchen after I changed.

I just nod. “Where’s mama?” I ask.

“In Rackie’s room, I cooked already so you can all eat.” He said.

“Oh, Master! Why are you here?” Wise asked.

“I cooked and also to watch over them. I don’t have work today besides I want to hear some news.” He
replied. “There are fruits in the ref, you want?” he asked me.

“I’ll just call Mama so they can also eat.” I replied. To honest, I’m not used to this kind of set up. I’m
hoping that this will end now and we’ll be able to find Ackie so these friends of her stop coming here
because that’s the indication that we found her already.

*"Ma, I’m paying our project today.” I said.

“Oh! We don’t have any extra for today; can we pay it next time?”Mom said. I frowned. “Ask your sister
if she have extra.”

I looked at Hue and she shook her head. “Ma today is the deadline.” I said.

“I’m here!” Ackie said after she came in. She noticed that we’re having an awkward silence. “What’s
wrong?” she asks.

“I can’t pay the project that it’s deadline today.” I replied.

She smiled at me. “Come with me.” she said then we went to her room. “How much?” she asks.

"Five hundred..." I replied.

“Here.” She said then gave me two thousand. “Pay the things you can pay with that money so you have
to pay on the deadline, okay?” she said then changed her clothes and lie down on her bed. She noticed
that I didn’t move on where I’m standing at. “Anything else?”

“Nothing, thank you.” I said then went out of her room.

Everytime I need money and mom can’t give me, she’s always at the timing wherein she’ll come home
and I’ll be able to pay the things I need to pay in school with her help.*

"Ma, come on let’s eat!” I said after I went in Ackie’s room. She shook her head. “How can we see
Ackie if you’ll act like that? Hue will be mad at you. Besides, Ackie might not be coming home because
she doesn’t want us to be involved in any danger.” I said. “She might be just watching us from a far like
a ninja.”

I was stunned when suddenly mom stood up and opened the windows. “I hope she’s just like ninja.”
She sadly said. “Since you and Hue are here we’re making ourselves stronger. We’ll never stop looking
for her even though I’m mad at her for not saying she’s a motor and car racer. All I knew she studied
law then shifted to medicine. I’m also not aware that she’s also a known painter that was why she
always lock herself in this room and Master was helping her to carry her paintings but I miss her, I hope
she’s eating.” Mom said as if she’s giving me a sermon. “By the way, we receive a book, here it is.” She
said then gave it to me.

“I’m not familiar.” I said.

“Read it then ask Hue to read it too.” She commands.

We heard a knock. “Uh, Auntie… come, let’s eat.” Master said. Mom and I went out together.

“What did you cook today?” Mom asks.

“Uhm… sinigang in guava.” Master replied.

“This is Ackie’s favorite.” Mom said smiling. “I hope you can cook the favorites of her sisters.” Mom
joked on.

Master laughs. “Sure!”

Honestly, I do have doubt in this man, he seems like he’s not an ordinary friend of Ackie but it’s okay
that he’s here since mom can ask him about Ackie even though he’s hesitant to answer but we are
sure that he answers with honesty.

“Hurry up and come home, Ackie, we miss you.” I whispered to myself.