Special Chapter 39 Hue Wrighthood

Ackie is always not around in the house, she’s so busy with unknown reason. She’ll come home to get
some clothes then sleep for one day then she’ll go again. I’m annoyed that she’s doing whatever she
wants and doesn’t care about mom.

“You’re here. Did you eat?” mom asks.

“Not yet.” I replied.

“Paint said we’ll go out.” mom informed.

“And Ackie?”

“She’s in the hospital. You know that sister of yours… we aren’t able to eat with her but she said next

Of course, mom is covering her up. “I’ll just change, Ma.” I said as an excuse but in fact, I’ll call Ackie.

"Hey!" she said as an answer on the line.

“Don’t hey me! Where are you?” I ask. I can hear shouting in the background.

“Hmm? No, just tidy up his bed.” I heard her instructing someone. “Uh, Hue sorry I need to go. If it’s
about the dinner tonight, I can’t come, I already inform mama.” She said then ends the call.

After she left Allie in the house, she didn’t came back home and what we’ll found out is she’s missing.
What’s more frustrating about her disappearance is we don’t know if it’s kidnapped and she’s with the
man named Wolframite o what. No one knew where she is.

"Paint, who’s laughing?” I ask.

"Mama. She’s talking with Master in the kitchen while teaching him how to cook.” She replied.


“Where will I put this?” this guy popped out from the door.

“Just put it there.” I replied.

“Oh, Wisdom you were able to send Uee home.” Master said.

“Yes, for precautions.” He replied. There’s this Master always stay in the house, Wise who fetch Paint
back and forth while Wisdom fetch me back and forth and we have two body guards in the house. Is
this for real? Is Abstract a VIP for us to have this kind of situation in the house and in our lives?

*"Ate, thank you for the gift you gave me. I really like it!” she said happily in my room.

“At least you liked it.” I replied with smile.

She chuckles. “You are the best! You know what I like!” she said then winked at me.

“Clean your studio, it’s messy!” I said.

“When I’m not busy in the hospital, I’ll clean it. One of our VIP patients is demanding and we have to
prioritized his condition.” She said.

“Is that the reason you study again because of that patient?”

“Yes.” She replied. “How about you, are you going to study again?” she asked.

“When you finally can go home properly...”

“That’s impossible. Go and study again, I’ll handle the tuition.”

“How? You and Paint were paying the bills here in the house, right?”

“I can talk to Paint about it, she’ll be a soloist when paying the water, electric and connection bills until
you finish.”

“How about the payment of the house?...”

“Hue, I’m able to pay it and if you’re thinking about the foods, I’ll shoulder it so you can study again.
Well, I’ll have a salary increase so it’ll be okay. You don’t need to worry. Be a full time student, Paint

and I can manage the bills.”*

“You’re here, Hue. Wisdom you still have eat with us.” Mom said.

“Oh, Wit won’t have someone to eat with him if I eat here.”

“I ask Master to message your brothers so they’ll have to eat with us.” Mom said while Paint and I
made to look to each other.

I noticed that Master and Wisdom were talking in their eyes. As if Wisdom is giving Master a warning

"I don't have a choice." I heard Master whispered to Wisdom.

“You’ll be dead to Rackie if she found this out.” Wisdom whispered back.

Master clicked his tongue. “Whatever.” He whispers.

When finally the people we were waiting arrived, we ate with our father. Ackie may be missing but she
was replaced with many guys here.

“Sleep here, Master.” father said.

We all looked at him. “Pardon?” Master asks in disbelief.

“Sleep here, Master.” father said again.

Master looked at Paint and me. “I still have work to finish today.” He said as an excuse.

“Next time bring your things here.” Mom said.

Master panicked a bit. “Uhm… uh…” he said. “It’ll look like I’ll live here if I’ll bring my things here.”

“Uh, Auntie… did you know that Rackie also know how to cook?” Wisdom suddenly asked. “Right,
Wissy, Witty?”

“Yes, she was the one who cooks for us when our parents died.” Wise said.

“The food she cooked is delicious, like you.” Wit commented.

Our dinner ended happily. It’s been years now since Abstract went missing and thankfully mom was
able to be able to cope up with it and she’s not locking herself inside Ackie’s room and now, she always
clean and tidy Ackie’s room and studio.

“Rackie come back.” The Go brothers said simultaneously.

“I’ll be back when I’m not busy with work; I have a lot of things to do.” Master said, he’s obviously
avoiding my parents’ suggestion.

Will Ackie be able to come home? How is she? Is she okay? If she’ll come back, I’ll accept her offer, I’ll
go study again so that she’ll stay here in the house, she’ll be one the who’ll go to the grocery and she
won’t have any choice to give the budget for food that can be bought in the market. “Where are you,
Ackie?” I whispered. “It’s been two years since you’ve gone missing.” I said in the air. “You’re story
Cataclysm is good. Do you know that the publishing company that you are working with is helping to
find you too? You are set to have a book signing.” I said while looking at our picture that was hang on

the wall. “Just call saying that you’re okay, just to know that you are safe and you’ll be back soon. We
miss you.”