Special Chapter 40 Shine Weiner

It’s been weeks since I feel dizzy and having nausea every morning. I’ve asked several times of
absence in my class because I don’t feel well, I guess this is my karma because I’m the reason why
Red and Rackie broke up. If I didn’t do that… their happy and healthy relationship won’t end. I can’t
help but to cry from what happened, I have a lot of what ifs in my head. Since I wasn’t able to go to my
class, I messaged Cloud that I didn’t come to my class. And he might get mad at me because I didn’t
told him… sigh! He’s difficult to please nowadays… he’s been convincing me to marry him but since I
still feel guilty from all the things I’ve done to him and to his friend, I think I don’t deserve to be with him
for the rest of my life.

I was startled when my vibrated. It’s Cloud. “Hmm?” I said on the line.

“Babe, I’m outside the house. Can you stand and open the door?” he asks.

“I can, wait.” I replied. I think he’s thinking that I’m really sick.

The moment I open the door, he hug me so tight. “Do you have something you want to eat?” he said
after hugging me.

I chuckled. “Come in first.”

“No, just give me the key to this door then I’ll buy anything you want to eat.”

I think for a while. “I think I want to eat green mango and I want to dip it on the sweetened mango you
did before.”

He stared at me; I also notice that he wrinkle his nose. “You won’t have a soft po—”

I gave him the keys and pushed him to hurry. “Hurry!” I said then closed the door.

He bought the green mango I said I want to eat but now he still hesitates to do the sweetened mango
as my dip.

“Are you really sure about this?” he asks while his cutting the yellow mango he peeled.

“Of course, I am!” I replied then eat some of the green mango that he put in front of me earlier.

He winced. “When did you start feeling unwell?” he asks then sat on the chair in front of me.

“About few weeks already… I can’t even attend my class because it’s occurring every morning which
I’m so dizzy and sometimes I puke.” I said

He suddenly stood up. “You puke every morning?” he asks. “Then, it’s been few weeks since you felt


He clicked his tongue. “After you eat this, get ready and we’ll go to the hospital, you really must be

“Oh, come on… I’m okay, don’t over exaggerate.”

He glared at me. “We’ll go to the hospital whether you don’t like it or you hate it. If you didn’t get ready
after you eat, I’ll personally be the one who will take you a bath.”

“Okay, fine… we will go to the hospital. You are so worry freak!”

He glared at me again. “It’s better to be sure when it comes to your health instead of ignoring it.”

I just shook my head. After we became okay, he’s been like that. He wants to be involved with my life if
possible especially when it comes to my health. When it comes to me, I really can’t stop him moreover
when I’m not feeling well.

We were in the hospital already and he was right in front of me walking back and forth, he’ll sit then
stand up again.

“Cloud, can you relax a bit? Calm down, okay?” I irritably said.

He said beside me again. “How can I calm down? We’ve been waiting here like forever?”

"Shine Weiner." The nurse called me. I stood up. “This way please…” she said. I followed her and I was
startled when I noticed Cloud behind me.

“Sit down.” The doctor said. “What are the things you feel?”

“I feel dizzy and nausea sometimes I puke every morning.” I replied.

The doctor nods. “Are you staying late?”

“Sometimes because of the work, I have to finish something late at night.”

“When is your last period?” the doctor asks.

My mind suddenly went blank, when is my last period? “From what I remember though I can’t
remember the exact date but it was first week last month.” I replied. They made some tests and we
have to wait for several hours for the result so we went out to eat.

Cloud looked at me while the traffic lights were on a stop sign. “What?” I consciously ask.

“Nothing, it’s just that…” he look at the traffic lights. “Nothing, nevermind.” He said but his ears are so

I chuckled, is he shy? “You’re looking at me because you can’t take off your eyes on my pretty face,
right?” I joked on. He closes his eyes for a while. I was taken aback from his reaction, I didn’t know that
my joke was right.


“Doc, what’s the result?” we both ask simultaneously.

"Well, I'll recommend you to another doctor. That doctor will help you.”

Confused and nervous but we went to see that doctor. “You said your last period was first week of last
month, you’re dizzy and nausea. Well… that’s only normal for your condition.”

I crooked my forehead. “Wait doc, how can it be normal?” Cloud impatiently asked.

“Mr. your wife is pregnant and she’s seven weeks pregnant. Congrats!” the doctor said. Right there and
then, I read what’s written on the table, the doctor were talking to right now is an OB/Gyne. I felt like I
got deaf from what I heard.

She's seven weeks pregnant. This line is echoing inside my head. I can’t believe what Cloud said that
he’ll make a way for me to have a reason to marry him.

“Babe, are you okay?” Oh! Did he really ask me that question? If only he’s not driving I’ve already
slapped him. “Are you hungry? Do you have anything you want to eat?” he asks again.

It seems like every time he’ll ask me if I do have something I want to eat my ears flaps. “I want to eat

“Okay. We’ll buy that, I know where to buy a delicious siomai in a mall. Can you wait for it?” I frowned
but since I’m really craving for that I’ll wait.

We’re inside the mall, sitting in the food court to eat siomai when his phone rang. “Hello, Mom!” he
said. “Yes, that’s right. I did message you, right? Huh? We’re in a mall right now… of course not! Mine!”
he said then laughed. “Okay, yeah… After we’re done here. Mom were just going round and round with
this conversation.” He said irritably. After the phone call, he smiled at me. “You can’t run from me
anymore.” he said smiling at me. “Marry me.” he said in a serious tone with his eyes fixed on