Special Chapter 42 Leviticus Archangel

Honestly, I’m not comfortable after Wisdom left me and now eating alone but I didn’t give a fuss. I didn’t
expect to see my ex-boyfriend Sapi. I really named him that way not only because of his nickname
Sapie also because he seems to be always possessed with something whenever he look at me. Sapi is
a Filipino word, which means possessed. I noticed that he kept on glancing at my place, how did I
know? My peripheral view, which is also my radar that’s why I know and he’s move and glance, are
really noticeable.

*”Is he not here, Wit?” I heard Wisdom asks his brother. Wit shook his head. Wisdom sighs. “I really
can’t depend on the man! Wise, you should buy now.”

"Hi!" I heard the former girl racer of Wisdom. “I do bring some soft drinks.”she said. “Hi Levi!” she
greeted and asked for a fist bumped.

"Hello." I greeted back.

“It’s just you?” she asks and looks around. I nod. “That’s miracle! Did they really let you in?” she
surprisingly asked. “I rarely come in this house, if not only for their workers I wouldn’t be able to come
in just like earlier.” She said as she pointed the door where she went in.

“So talkative, Rackie? Here so you’ll keep your mouth busy.” Wisdom said and gave her a plate of
sliced cake.

“They let me in because it was raining earlier.” I said.

“That’s good, at least not in his office.” She commented. “Wisdy, I won’t be staying long, I’ll just finish
this cake then I’ll be going.”

I hold her hand. “Are you going home?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ll go home. You want me to give you a ride?” I nod. “Okay.”

“You’re also going home, Levi?” Wise innocently asked.

“Not yet.”

Wisdom and Wise looked at each other. “You’re not going home, then where are you going?”

“I’ll date Rocky.”

"Rackie!" they called her. These3 young men are really out of their minds.

“I’ll join you with your date.” Wisdom said with a smile on his face. “Rackie, leave your car here...I’ll just
send you home later. I’ll ask Wise to bring your car in your house tomorrow morning.” Rackie just nod.

We finally went in a cafe shop; I suddenly hugged Rocky from her back. I really can’t take it, I’ve been
holding my tears for so long.

"Can we go somewhere close?" Rocky asked Wisdom.

“Wait, I’ll find a place.” Wisdom replied.

After we sat down, I can’t control my hiccups anymore. “What happened?” Wisdom asked.

“We broke up.” That’s the only words I was able to say and I can’t help but to cry. “I did everything so
that we won’t argue, even though I feel the jealousy all over my body, I hold it back so he won’t leave

me, even though I overly over think because he’s not replying, I acted as if I didn’t care.” I burst it all
out. I don’t know if they understand me or not but I don’t care anymore. “He said he found a new girl at
he proved that he really have a new girl and what’s worst is... it’s his best friend.”*

I noticed myself staring blankly ahead. I called one of the crew. “I want to take these out. Thank you.”

I panicked a little when I noticed that Sapience is coming towards me again. He sat on the chair where
Wisdom is sitting earlier. “Where’s your date?” he curiously asks.

I sigh to calm my nerves. Why do my take out is taking so long? “He has an emergency. The bastard

He crooked his forehead. “They have a bastard sibling?” he whispers.

“He’ll meet Rocky.”

His eyes widens. “Rackie?”

“Yes.” I replied monotony then stood up because the crew gave me my take out.

Now that I’m thinking about it, why did I waste my tears over that man? When I see him my mood
changes not because I can’t accept the fact that he chose other girl over me but because I can’t seem
to let him go out of my system.

"Wait!" he said before I was able to get a taxi.


“Uhm... I’ll give you a ride.”

I pulled my hand from him and pushed him. “I can go home.”

“I’m going to send you home.”

I got irritated and I wasn’t able to stop myself from kicking him. I was startled for what I’ve done and
thankfully his reflexes didn’t fail him, he blocked his arm on his neck. I saw him winced.

"Ouch! The legendary taekwondo girl." He commented. “Thank you to my reflexes or else my neck will

“Don’t be so pushy!”

“Oh... now I found out that you are frightening when someone is pushy but that’s what I’m waiting from
you because when we were together, you never even dare to glare at me, you can’t even roll your

“Oh, so it was my fault that why we broke up? Just because I didn’t even roll my eyes on you...”

“We never had a fight, when I broke up with you I never heard anything from you. Do you know what it
feel like to be unworthy for you because you’re too kind?”

I looked at him; I’m taken aback when I saw his teary eyes. “My! Don’t cry here.” I panicked a little and
wanted to coax him.

"I'm not going to cry. My eyes are teary but I’m not going to cry here. I’ll give you a ride so I’ll be sure
that you’ve got home safely.”

“I don’t want! I don’t want to be the reason why for that Glimmering to break up with you.” I said
proudly. Another statement from him that he’ll give me a ride, I swear I’m going to punch him.

“Oh, so you really believed that Glim and I were together?”he ask in disbelief.

“Of course, I followed you the day you broke up with me and I saw you coming in her house.”

“You know what, if you slapped me that moment I will confess that I’m just lying that I chose Glim over

"Wow! So it was my fault that you’re lying to me before?” I said with my voice a bit raised. “Are you a

“No, but this is the real relationship, getting stronger from the tough moments.” He said and kissed