Special Chapter 43 Zechariah Archangel

"Riah, let’s stop seeing each other. I don’t want to be tied with you.” Wise said while lying down, panting
and full of sweat.

“No, it can’t be!” I said.

He sat. “Zechariah, I don’t want to be your sparring partner! Have mercy on me! I have lesson plans
that I need to finish, I have work in the car shop!” he complaint.

“Wise, you really wise aren’t you? Your name really suits you well.” I said sarcastically. “Why do you
have a lot of work? Do you have ten children that all of them were your first child that you need to give
them financial support?”

He stood up and went to get his things and didn’t bother to answer me then left. He’s always like that
whenever he didn’t want to discuss thing out, the walkout king.

I heard someone clicking his or her tongue. “You made mad the workaholic Go.”

I turn to follow that voice. I smiled. “Tim, were you there all along?”

“Yes, I got here first before you both practice.” She replied and sat on the bench near her. “Why do you
always tease him? You always even blackmail him but what I don’t really get is you always kidnapped
him. What’s with him?”

“You got the wrong answer, what’s his lacking at?” I replied. “His posture is getting worse and his body
will be weak if that will continue.”

“Yes, we both know that but what’s your real reason why are doing that?”

“It’s so simple, among the three of them, he has a lot of potential, he has the strength and more
flexible.” I replied. “What’s frustrating is... he doesn’t appreciate that!”

Timothy laughs. “You knew that he was just being forced.”

"It will benefit him in the future..." I said proudly then went out the gym.

I just finished taking a bath when I heard my phone ringing. I looked who’s calling. “Hmm... yes?” I said
on the other line.

“What did you do to Wise this time?” Wisdom asked irritably.

“Sparring.” I shortly replied.

“That’s it! You knew that Wise have a lot of things to do yet you pulled him to be your sparring partner.”

Here we go again... he’ll go and have sermon again. “You know what, I’m doing it for him... he’ll thank
me in the future for forcing him.”

He sighs. “Riah, have mercy on him. He has a lot on his plate.”

“He should still have time for physical activities like this.”

“Give my brother a rest.” He said almost begging. “You talk to him in a nice way and ask for his
schedule. Not kidnapping him every single day after his work in the school.”

“Wisdom, if Wise able to hide from me or if he was able to win against me then I’ll stop bothering him.”

“You knew that he can’t hurt you.”

"He can, he doesn’t want to. If he was able to win against me then I’ll stop!” I said then end our
conversation. This is so frustrating! He can win against me even if he’s just using his one hand.

“Where are you going?” Leviticus asked.

"Bar. I’m the DJ tonight.” I replied.

“Take care. By the way, Wisdom asks for help.” She said.

I crooked my forehead. Wisdom, will ask for a help? “I’m out, Levi.” I said then went straight out of the

I’m in the middle of break when I noticed that there’s a commotion outside my office.

"I said I need to talk to Zechariah!" a man shouts.

When I open the door to look, I was shocked from what I witness. My four bouncers are lying on their
stomach and seems like they can’t stand anymore and there’s this man with lean body built who’s
standing behind them and what’s more shocking is when he turn to look at me. “Wise?” I called out in

He walk towards me and pulled me to come in to my office. He sat down on the sofa and desperately
brushed off his palms on his face. “I’m sorry, if they need assistance in the hospital bills let them know
that I’ll provide it.” He said apologetically. He sighed. “I need your help. I’ll be your sparring partner
every day after my work. I’ll volunteer to go to the gym in your house just help me, please...”

I blink several times in disbelief. To be honest, he doesn’t need to do that anymore after what I’ve
witnessed earlier. Those bouncers are well trained but since I want to see if he can win against me then
I’ll help him in exchange for sparring sessions.

“What kind of help do you need?” I asked.

"I need to find Abstract. She's in danger, help me to find her. You were the only one whom I have in
mind that could help me.” He said out of desperation and he looks like he wants to cry so I nod. He
stood up as if he was relief with the burden on his shoulder after he saw me nod. He hugged me that
really made me shocked. “Thank you.” That’s all he said then he left.


"Kick!" I commended. To tell you the truth, it’s more like he’s the one who’s teaching me and not the
other way around. “That Abstract is really good at hiding.” I commented.

“Maybe that guy is hiding her.” He replied while we face each other and getting for each other’s attack.

“Do your posture properly, you’ll lose your balance if you stand like that. Remember, the balance is
important in all aspect of martial arts.” I reminded him. “Until when will you fetch the sister of Abstract?
What was her name again? Pain?”

"Paint." He corrected me then kicked me on the shoulder. I winced from the pain. He stood up properly.
“Are you okay? Does it hurt?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” I replied but the truth if he put so much force there surely I’ll have a broken bones. “Why do
the Wrighthood sisters have those kinds of names?” I curiously ask.

“Abstract told us before but I forgot.” He replied then used his elbow to attack which I was able to avoid.

“You’re still forgetful?” I commented then chuckled and kicked him on his neck.

He was able to catch my foot. “Wrong move, you kick wrongly.” He complaint. “Do you really want to be
injured or you just have this style of kick as a hobby because you were a ballet dancer before?” he
asks and let go of my foot.

I stood up properly and move far away from him. “Let’s practice again tomorrow. Thank you.” I said.
Honestly, I’m annoyed because he’s always with that Paint and what makes me more annoyed was he
opened up the memory that I have forgotten. Before he went out, I did noticed his smirked.