Special Chapter 45 Timothy Archangel

I went home annoyed with myself. I went straight to the boxing area on our gym and I saw my twin
sister doing her practice. “Levi, punch me!” I said.

She punched me on my left cheek; she’s not difficult to talk with. I winced in pain. “You said I’ll punch
you.” She said while avoiding me.

"At least, I'm awake now." I commented while caressing my face.

“Is it about Satirical again?” she ask while staring at me.

"Who else..." I replied. “We almost do it! If only Sketch didn’t come, goodness! We’re about to do it!” I
said with conviction. “Then after Sketch left and we were the only people in the house, I look so
desperate to have him! What is happening to me.”

“Are you that desperate to have a shotgun marriage with him? First, you lied to our parents that you’re
pregnant and Santi is the father then now... that?” she said then flicked my forehead.

I look down. “I lied because I don’t want to marry that arrogant grandson of Daddy’s business partner.
I’m not a person who will save the bankruptcy of that pawnshop in a market place!”

“Now I know why you are so desperate to have a baby with someone’s life suffer. Just in case the
wedding will take long, Daddy will see your tummy growing.”

“What am I going to do?”

“I don’t know. You solve it on your own.” She said. I bow down. She’s not just with the same face with
me but she’s my living conscience. “But since I love you... I thought of a plan on how you will solve

I look up and smile at her. She’s called sweet tooth that everyone calls her and always been thought
that she’s imitating L for Death Note but she’s Levi-the- Strategical-Planner and she plans from A to Z
and it looks like each letter has 1 to 100 from her plans.

“If you can’t have a baby then let’s say you’ll have a false miscarriage.” She said. “But if I were you, you
have to tell Santi the truth.” I closed my eyes. How can I tell the truth to Corinthian? This is stressful.

I called Satirical because this is stressful. “We really need get married!” I said when I heard that he
answered. At least, if we are married we can do whatever we want. “I don’t to wear my gown with my
big tummy and you might deny what happened to us.” I said. May the lightning strike me from lying as

long as I won’t be tied to that arrogant grandson just to save their business. “Uh... so you really deny
it?” I irrationally replied. “Satirical, do you still love me?” I desperately ask. I’m caught off guard from his
reply. “Really?” I almost whisper and I don’t know if he heard me. My knees got weak from his
confession and from that I was encourage to say the true. “Look, I’m not really pregnant and if Daddy
knew about this... he will force me to marry someone else and I don’t want that to happen.” I said. “But
don’t worry, I have a plan... all you have to do is to go with the flow with me, okay?” I smiled from his
reply, I hope that he’ll do his promise. “Okay, let’s take it slow.”

I can’t help but to smile whenever he holds my hand and kiss it. My parents knew that I wasn’t pregnant
after I told Santi to come to the house. Mommy slapped me but he cover and hug me tight then
suddenly kiss me in front of my parents. Since my grandparents’ are present who’s super old fashioned
that’s why Santi and I are happy and getting stronger.

We were all bothered when Sketch suddenly went missing; the brother of Satirical but it didn’t take long
but what’s shocking when Santi said that we should go to the hospital. I saw Wisdom who’s inside the
room of Keith. I pulled Wisdom outside the room to talk to him. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Just getting some news.”

“News for?”

“What Sketch knew about happened to Rackie.”

I was about to ask when I heard Santi shouting.

“Are you out of your mind, Sketch?” Santi yelled at his brother. “You made us all worried then now
you’re going to beg to save the person who was the reason why you are here?”

Wisdom went it. “Excuse me, it wasn’t Rackie’s fault why your brother was hospitalized and from what
Sketch said... the brother of his girlfriend got mad from unknown reason because he doesn’t want to
say.” Wisdom irritably said.

Before Santi rebottle, Keith talk first. “Timmy, please help Rackie. If it wasn’t for her help, we... I’ll be
the one that is missing and not her. She’s severely injured from pulling us up from the cliff.”

I nod. “I will see what I can do to search for Rackie.” I said.

Santi pulled me to talk to me in the corner. “Don’t you dare go without me knowing where you’re
going?”he warned.

“If I do that, what will you do?”

“What the! We’re getting married so don’t do what you did before.”

I smiled at him. “Don’t worry, that won’t happen again.”

I pulled Wisdom to come with me. “Where are we going?” he asked.

“Ride your car, you’ll send me to the house and there we’ll talk about how we’re going to search for

Who I need to talk to is Leviticus to have some plans while I need Zechariah for defence and
Ephesians for spying. For now, our mission is to find Rackie safe and sound.

“I think she’s with that guy.” Wisdom said with anger and he’s obviously holding back his emotions
because he’s holding the steering wheel so tight.

“Chill, we the Archangel Sisters will help. Remember, we can do impossible.” I said.

“Yes, I know. So, what is the payment regarding the help that you’ll be giving?”

“Nothing! Keith, I mean Sketch is going to be a family so I’m going to help as a family. I just don’t know
how my sisters will ask for the payment for their talent fee.” I replied with a smile, all I’m sure about Levi
might help without anything in return.