Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Special Chapter 44 Ephesians Archangel

Wit isn’t coming to school the past few days, that’s what I’ve heard from the gossips inside the campus.
That guy isn’t aware that most of the girls in the school have a crush on him.

“Shan, do you know why Wit isn’t coming to school?” some of my volleyball teammates asks.

“I don’t know, why did you asked?”

“Isn’t it, he’s your boyfriend?” I heard a guy said behind us. When I turn to look, I saw the arrogant
baseball player who’s hands are on his pocket while smirking.

“Bro, maybe they broke up.” Said one of his teammates who’s also arrogant.

I smiled. “Actually, we’re getting stronger than before. He can’t just contain the feelings these past few
days because I finally said yes to him.”

“Hmm? Who did you answer, Sia?”

I turned to look and I’m stunned when I saw Wit. The arrogant baseball players laughed. “Oh, there’s
your boyfriend.” Wit was just staring at me. “The clumsy boyfriend.”

“Let’s just see who will have the title of being clumsy when Wit play baseball.” He’s friend who look
nerd commented arrogantly.

“Stop! Let’s go.” Wit said.

“Hey, clumsy... are you afraid?” Wit didn’t bother to look at him. “Coward!”

“Don’t be so arrogant if Wit will just spare some time with you... you might beg him to be part of your
team.” Wit’s friend said.

“That’s not going to happened. Your friend is just coward.”

"Game! Tell your coach that I’ll play baseball with you today.” Wit said seriously.

I’m a bit nervous because all I know who knows sports is Wise and all he do that time is to play chess
with Levi before.

Everyone cheers for that proud baseball player, what was his name again? I can’t understand what his
cheerleaders are shouting. I suddenly turn to look at Wit’s friends who’s holding Wit’s stuffs. He’s just

“Why don’t you cheer for your friend?” I ask confusedly. “Earlier you were pushing him as if it’s the end
of the world.”

He look at me and smile at me. I’m a bit taken aback after I saw his teeth with braces. “I’m not the one
who need to cheer him.” He said then looked at Wit.

I got irritated. “Go Wit! If you lose, I swear I’m going to tell Wisdom that you had a fight today! Let’s see
what he will do to you.”I yelled. He just smiled at me. It’s already strike two. “Are you clumsy? If you
didn’t do your best, I’m going to call Wise right now!” I said out of frustration.

I was stunned when he hit the ball and even had a homerun. Everyone who was cheering earlier is now
on a dead silence after what they’ve witnessed. I came back to my senses when Wit’s friend laughs. I
crooked my forehead when the coach signalled him to come down which he obeyed.

“Why didn’t you also play?” I heard the coach asks Wit’s friend after we went to follow him.

“Wit can do it.”

The coach asks his baseball team member to gather near him. “You never run out of tricks, Wit!” the
coach praised him. Wit just smiled. “They were our secret players last year, the all around player Wigee
and the legendary player Astound.” Coach introduced them.

It was so obvious to those arrogant players that they look pale after hearing what the coach said.
“Coach, that’s not the face I remember from the Astound I know.”

Wit and the coach laughed. “Ast, what do you look like when playing?” Wit teasingly asked his

“Another game, you want?” he then asked. “Nah... Maybe next time, we still have class and you all look
tired. Come on, bro.” He said then left with Wit.

I saw coach smiled. “If I were you... just back out, that one is a monster.”

“Coach, cheer us up! Don’t frighten us! That one really looks clumsy.” The coach and the baseball team
members joked on one another so we decided to go.

“Is it really Astound?” I heard my friend asked. I just don’t know which one of Lifeanne and Clarkee.


“Last year, our baseball team always win the game in every district competition. I’m the manager of the
basketball and the names Wigee and Astound is really loud in the baseball sports.” Lifeanne said. “But
what makes me curious, no one knew their faces but whenever they heard their names, their opponent
were shaking in fear.”

“Oh...” that’s the only thing I could say.

After the class, I called Wise. “Uh! Sorry, did I disturb you?” I asked.

"No, why?” Wise replied.

“Aside from you, who else is playing sports?”

“Hmm... we all play sports.”

“What kind of sports?”

"Hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis but Wit has a lot of sports that he plays. Wisdom is
more on indoor sports, me more on martial arts while Wit is more on outdoor sports with his best buddy
Astound. Why are you asking?”

“Nothing, why don’t you play volleyball?”

“Volleyball is okay however they don’t want me to play volleyball with some players because I injure my
fellow teammates.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “Thank you. I have to go we have practice. I hope you can watch the
regional competition. I’ll send you the details next time.”

“Sure, take care.”

I smiled after hearing him, oh my gosh! My heart. Even if it’s Wise voice, he’s so handsome. I always
argue with Riah whenever she makes Wise suffer that’s why we don’t really get along. It’s not obvious
but I had a crush on Wise but since I’m the same age with Wit, I always hang around with him.

“Did you hear the news? Astound will be the next opponent of our baseball team.” I heard from the
student in the hallway.

“Earlier this morning, they play with Wigee as their opponent.”

“Who won? They are the best players of the baseball team this year, right?

“Wigee won. He’s not playing this year anymore, right? He really never fails when it comes to baseball.”

“Wigee’s last game was last year but who I want to see is Astound.” Said one of the students. “I heard
before that Astound had a major injury last year that’s why he didn’t play after that.”

“Then why Wigee isn’t playing too?”

“All I know is, Astound and Wigee are really close.”

I can’t help but to be curious about Wit. The way they talk about him and his friend. Astound who looks
nerd as if they were big stars but if you’ll look at them they look nobodies.

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