Special Chapter 46 Sunbeam Nguyen

“Come back home now, Bea!” grandpa commanded on the other line.

“Grandpa, you know that we can’t besides, Lunar doesn’t want to come back.” I replied.

“Sunbeam, come back home. Solar ran away that’s why we need you to come back here.” Grandpa
seems to be losing his patience.

"Grandpa, we c—" I stopped from talking when Lunar get my phone.

"Don't disturb us, Lo. We're on duty, we can't risk our patients’ health. Besides, if Solar ran away that
means you push something that he can't agree with, like you did to me five years ago." Lunar said then
turn off my phone. He gave it to me and tapped on his tablet. Don't turn on your phone because they
won't stop calling you over and over again. I read what he have shown me to his tablet and just nod as
a reply.

I sigh after he left. Why does he also talk to me in that way? Lunar isn’t like that before, he changed
after he found out that grandpa arranged a marriage for me with the grandson of grandpa’s best friend
that wasn’t able to bloom when he and his best friend when they were young. If I were to be asked, I
don’t care at all but Lunar doesn’t want me to be tied to someone whom I don’t know personally.

*"Are you out of your mind, Sunbeam?" Lunar is holding back his voice to be raise. “Hey! Say
something, Solar!” he said to Solar.

Solar sighs. “What can we do?” he replied to Lunar as if it’s not a big deal at all.

Lunar close his eyes from anger that he feels then went out. We followed him and Lunar went inside
my room. I’m surprised that he get my bag and open the cabinet to get my clothes and things.

"What are you doing?" I ask with confusion.

“I’m going to get you out of this place. Yes, grandpa and grandma were the ones who raised us after
the tragedy of our parents but they don’t have the right to demand who will we marry.” He said while
holding and putting my clothes inside the bag. “I’ve had enough from them demanding the career we
have right now.” He said. “Solar, pack your things, we’re leaving.”

"I'm sorry, I can't tag along. I'll stay." Solar said.

Lunar glared at Solar. Thankfully I’m in their middle, if not surely they have punched each other.*

"Sunny, don't ever dare to go home!" Lunar warned me. “Let them be, I get you out of that place so
they’ll have time to think what they are doing but it didn’t work so they pressure Solar, and now… Solar
ran away and nowhere to be found.”

Lunar have a lot on his plate and there’s nothing I can do about it so I chose to follow whatever he was
telling me. Even though I’m confuse, I didn’t ask him anymore. Before he can’t just pass a single hour
not talking to our grandparents but now, even news about them he didn’t bother to ask. In my opinion,
he was deeply hurt from what grandpa did… breaking his relationship with his girlfriend then he’ll found
out that they have arranged me to someone grandpa chose. Lunar never failed to be overly protective
when it comes to me. When it comes to me, he’s learning to talk a lot with a long sermon. Lunar and
Solar are total opposite. Now that I think about it, where did that guy go? Sigh! Why am I in the middle
of two brothers who’s totally extreme? One is too quiet and one is too hyperactive. If only mom is alive
I’m certain that I’ve already asked what kind of foods she’s eating and why does they name us weirdly.

"Nurse Sunbeam, there’s someone waiting for you outside.” Said our head nurse.

I looked outside the door and I shook my head. He’s like a body guard. I went towards him. “My out will
be later.” He turned to look at me and slightly crooked his forehead. “The nurse who’s on duty next to
me isn’t here yet.” I explained. He walk near me and look around the department.

“What time is your out?”

I close my eyes. “Lunar!” I complained. Honestly, we don’t know who came out first, if it’s Lunar or
Solar that’s why we don’t have this superiority from the normal triplets. All we knew was I was the
second one who came out. Late registered that’s why they forgot who the first one who came out was.
“You’re annoying.” I said then frown. “I have my car, I can go home besides don’t worry I won’t go back
there, my passport is with you, right?”

"I gave it already, you might get deported and will be a problem.” He said. “Come home, I’ll contact
Solar so we’ll know that he’s okay.”

"Thank you. Don't worry, I’ll go home and I’ll just go back there when I’m with you and Solar. Take care
on your way home.” He kissed me on the forehead and left.

“You and Lunar are so sweet…” one of the nurses teased me.

“My brother is just like that.” I commented.

“Are you really brothers and sisters?”

“Of course they are.” One of the nurses replied. “Their surname is both Nguyen.” I knew that he was
just helping me.

“Hmm… just admit it, nurse Sunbeam is your type.”

I just laughed from teasing each other. Thankfully Lunar left already, if not… these two nurses will
receive a long seminar and when I got home I’ll be shower with endless questions. I miss our
grandparents but I can’t leave Lunar alone because Lunar is the most sensitive among us three,
whether it is in a good or bad way.

I’m happy for him that he became friends with Dr. Rackie, thankfully that it wasn’t too obvious that
Lunar see his ex-girlfriend on that doctor but I can see that he’s still afraid of being too attached to any

“How Zeus? I hope he won’t make any noise in my room or else Lunar will find out and surely I’ve
receive a knock on the head and a sermon with a lot of questions.” I whisper to myself while walking in
the hallway of the hospital.

“Did you adopt a pet in your house?” whispered someone behind me. When I turn to look who it is, he
smiled at me. “How are you little sister?” I hugged him tight from overwhelming happiness. “Don’t tell
Lunar I’m here okay? I’ll be living with you next time.” He said while hugging me too.

"I miss you, Solar.” I said without wanting to part.